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Daily English Challenge


Each morning (Monday-Friday) a new English challenge will be uploaded to this page so keep checking back and have a go.

The answers to the English challenges will be published the following day so check below to see how many you got correct.

w/c 18th May: Image Tasks

This week, I will give you a series of different images that I want you to look at and use the image to either produce a piece of writing or answer some questions.  Email your answers to me by the end of each day and I'll respond by the next morning.


Friday 22nd May - Thimbletack

Introducing 'Thimbletack' a Common House Brownie.

I would like you to take a close look at Thimbletack and think about what he's wearing and what he's holding.  What job do you think a Common House Brownie does? 


Your task today is to write a 'Day in the Life of Thimbletack'.  What does he have to do each day, where does he live, who does he work for, who does he work with (if anyone) and who does he live with?


Thursday 21st May - Fall

What a stunning image this is!  It conjures up so many different things for me so I hope it does for you too.  So, my task is a thoughtful task today.


Look at the old lady  and the shadow.

What is the shadow? 

Why isn't it the same silhouette as her?

How does she feel as she's looking at the shadow? 

What might she be remembering?

Think about the world events she might have lived through.  What could she have seen? 

What would her happiest memories have been?



Wednesday 20th May - Power

Today, I'd like you to use this image called 'Power' to delve into your prediction skills.


Look at the picture and tell me what you think happened before this picture was taken and what happens afterwards.


Optional inference questions

1. What is the girl doing?

2. Why is she holding the book like that?  What does her body language suggest to you?

3. Why isn't she wearing any shoes?

4. Why is the book glowing?  Does it have a special power and, if so, what could this be?

5. Is she attacking or defending herself?


Tuesday 19th May - The Dragon's Ring

Today's Task - creative story

I would like you to use the image today to write a creative story about 'The Dragon's Ring' and how it has changed the little boy's life. 

Look at the image - what changes has the boy already been through, how would the boy have felt as he was transforming, how much more does he change and what happens to him then?  Let your imagination run wild!



Monday 18th May - The Jar Wizard

Task 1: Missing Jar Labels

Help!  The Jar Wizard's jars are missing all of their labels.  Please write labels detailing what the jar contains and what it can be used for.  Be sure to include any safety warnings!


Task 2: Blood of original fish

He held many secrets in those enchanted jars of his: mysterious crystals, odd nick-knacks from unknown cultures, ancient coins from civilizations long dead, and the preserved remains of creatures believed to be long extinct. But there was one jar, smaller and rounder than the rest, that contained a dark liquid that he seemed most proud of. “This,” he said with an unsettling gleam in his eye, “is the blood of one of the Original Fish, the creators of all magic. I pray I never have cause to use it….”


What do you think happens if he uses the 'blood of one of the original fish'?

Wednesday 15th April Challenge Print Out