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Daily Maths Tasks



For the next two weeks ( while Year One are self isolating) I will be uploading a different Maths problems or lessons every day from the White Rose Home Learning website. If you scroll down on the web page I have also shown you how you can go to the website yourself and find many more problems to try. Each Day there will be two Maths tasks below. The first will be a picture or questions and  is a shorter, compulsory task, which should take around fifteen minutes and is worth 5 j2stars. The  second task will be in a document format and is more of a challenge and is a proper Maths  Lesson, which will take around an hour, being worth 50 j2stars. You do not have to do the second task but you will get more j2stars if you do. Remember to upload your Maths challenges to your blogs to get the points! Try and do at least one maths problem from here every day and remember to have fun!



Friday 16.10.2020

First Task- Compulsory (15 minutes.)



Friday 16.10.2020- Second Task (Challenge and Optional)- 2 Hours Maths- Days of the Week and Months of the Year ( Worth Double Points/ Stars!)

Previous Maths Tasks


Thursday 15.10.2020

First Task- Compulsory (15 minutes.)



Thursday 15.10.2020- Second Task (Challenge and Optional)- 1 Hour

Wednesday 14.10.2020

First Task- Compulsory (15 minutes.)










Wednesday 14.10.2020- Second Task (Challenge and Optional)- 1 Hour

Tuesday 13.10.2020

First Task- Compulsory (15 minutes.)



Tuesday 13.10.2020- Second Task (Challenge and Optional)- 1 Hour

Monday 12.10.2020

First Task- Compulsory (15 minutes.)




Monday 12. 10.2020- Second Task (Challenge and Optional)- 1 Hour

Friday 9.10.2020

First Task- Compulsory (15 minutes.)


Friday 9.10.2020- Second Task (Challenge and Optional)- 1 Hour


Thursday 8.10.2020

First Task- Compulsory (15 minutes.)

Thursday 8.10.2020- Second Task (Challenge and Optional)- 1 Hour

Wednesday 7.10.2020



Tuesday 6.10.2020


Maths at Home- White Rose Learning Hub



Every week White Rose Maths are putting on online home learning for all year groups to help with child learning. Their Maths  lessons are great and link to what we learn in Year One in class so I really urge you to try them out, particularly for your child can-not attend school for any reason e.g sickness, self isolation etc. There are brand new lessons every week with interactive videos and  built in activities. Please put any work you do onto the Year One blog for extra class house points! Please follow the links below to find each week lesson for Maths.