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Daily Phonics Lessons for Home Learning


Below is a picture and link for a fantastic Phonics resource which has Daily Phonics Lessons for your child, which you can use while home learning at home or for extra Phonics practise when we are back at school. They have different ages for Phonics depending on your child's ability- most children in Year One will be working on the Year One sounds and there are both daily lessons and videos all based around Phonics. I have also uploaded some videos on this page for parents on learning about using Phonemes/ Sounds and on how to blend words. I encourage you to use all these brilliant resources- I will be also putting up a Daily Phonics lesson every day( which you can find if you scroll down to the bottom of this page)  but feel free to do more and explore as many sounds and lessons as you want! Don't forget to post your Phonics work on your blog- I will be giving  20 j2stars for children that complete a daily Phonics lesson.





Resources and Videos for Phonics

Resource PDF For Daily Phonics Lessons

Daily Phonics Lessons for Year One