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Cyberbullying Internet Safety Workshops- 10th February 2020


Today we were very fortunate to have a lady come in to do some Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety workshops with us. This was another brilliant idea from Digital Leaders who in a brainstorm came up with each class having a workshop from a visitor to help us improve our knowledge about Cyberbullying and Safety Online.She worked with Year 1, 2 ,3, 4 and 6 and showed us how we can be safe online and protect ourselves from harm. She also showed us the importance of being kind to others online and not being a bully ourselves. =


In the lower years they were working on being cyber heroes! They learnt about being a hero online by always being kind to others and learning what to do if we see unfriendly pop ups or if somebody is rude to us. The children were brilliant at identifying that they needed to tell a trusted adult straight away who could then help them to make the right choice.


They also learnt about being internet savvy and not just clicking on adverts that they  liked as they may give our computer viruses or take us to harmful websites.


The older children in KS2 discussed many current issues such as using social media and internet gaming- many of the games such as Fortnight, RoadBlox and Minecraft may be popular but they actually have an age limit for an older age group! It is worth as parents checking what games your child is playing online and whether they are appropriate to your child's age group-  children of this age should not be playing games which are 12, 15 or 18+ 


The lady who led the workshop was fantastic with engaging all of the children from all age groups into the internet world. She used different resources such as props, freeze frames, games, role play and drama to immerse and help the children learn.


In this current climate it is so important to be safe online and to use the internet safely and responsibly. The internet is a wonderful thing but God wants us to use it sensibly and for the good of others and not do harm. We can learn a lot of information from the internet when we use it safely and properly. Thank you to the Digital Leaders for your brilliant ideas and advice for having these workshops- all your hard work and efforts have really paid off! 

E Safety Week- 3rd February- 7th February 2020



This half term has seen us have E Safety Week in school. The Digital Leaders had a big part to play in this by helping me come up with ideas for how we can get the most out of our day. They decided that they wanted each class phase to focus on a different topic of Cyber Safety so that everyone would learn someone different. Each class had had an afternoon where they have focused on an aspect of E Safety- Year 5 and 6 have looked at social media, Year 3 and 4 have looked at online identity and Year 1 and 2 have looked at the basic features of being safe online and personal information. Many of the year groups learnt about all the different hobbies and interests we can have online and spoke about our own digital footprint and identity. They also learnt about  personal information and that we should never give out information online about our names, school, address, phone number or age because this is our own unique information which is personal, secret and special to us. We should only share it with family and close friends and never with strangers. We also spoke about how it is always best to be with a trusted adult while  using the internet and  to tell them if we see anything strange or that upsets or worries us.  The upper years also focused mainly on using social media and online games sensibly and for the right reasons- they also learnt about how to deal with any unwelcome cyber bullying either online or through mobiles. They also learnt about what apps or programs were age appropriate and suitable for them- they were surprised by how high the age limit was for many things!


We then finished of E Safety Week with Cyber Workshops where an outside visitor came in and worked with each year group to teach us how we can be the best version of ourselves online and how we can use the internet safely and sensibly. The workshops were interactive, fun and engaging and really helped the children to learn new facts and to consolidate their knowledge. Year One have really embraced the topic and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the key ways that we can stay safe in an ever changing and rapidly developing technological world.  God wants us to be curious about the internet and technology but also to use it wisely and to the best of our abilities to make the internet a safer and kinder place.The children knew so much about Computing and Online Safety and they were even able to teach us a few things- well done St Rose! A big thank you to the Digital Leaders for helping us organise this amazing day and giving us lots of idea-s they also helped the classes and teachers when they delivered their E Safety lessons.

3.12.2019- Learning about Cyber Bulling!


The last two weeks the Digital Leaders have been learning all about cyber bullying. They have completed the module training and have gained knowledge about what cyber bullying is and how to deal with it effectively.


To consolidate their knowledge the children then created their own drama scenes about cyber bullying in groups. They made their own scenarios of children who were being cyber bullied and created their own resolutions. This included talking to friends, parents or child line and finding ways to combat the problem such as blocking or saving the messages as evidence, and reporting the bully online or to our parents.


Well done Digital Leaders- you truly are becoming informed about how to deal with those nasty cyber bullies and are doing so well in your training!


Please see some fantastic photos of the children acting out their fantastic drama pieces below.



16.11.2019-  Digital Leaders Working with the School!



This week the Year One and Year Four  children have been working with the Digital Leaders at lunchtimes. The older Year Four and Five children have been helping them with their typing and word processing skills and with how to make games using the program Scratch. The Digital Leaders used their Tuesday after school session to plan their lesson for the younger ones and to write down ideas for what they were going to teach them and how they would do it.


The digital leaders then worked with the Year Ones and Fours over two lunchtimes supporting them with their typing and programming skills. They were truly  fantastic Computing teachers and champions for the school- I am very proud of them for the patience and enthusiasm they had when working with the younger children.


The digital leaders  have said how much they have enjoyed working with  the younger children- I have watched them working together and all children have been so  keen and eager to learn.


Well done to all children who took part- it is lovely to see you helping and supporting each other!



14.10.2019- Finding out our roles!


This week the Digital Leaders were very excited to find out the roles that they had been given within the team. The teams have been chosen as follows:


KS1/ EYFS Team: Lucie, Mollie, Lamis, Kiera,

These children will be working with children from Reception to Year Two to help them with their Computing skills.


KS2 Team: Olive, Given, Mikaela

These children will be working with children from Year Three  to Year Six  to help them with their Computing skills.


Parent Team: Freddie, Harvey F, Nathan

These children will be communicating with parents about the jobs and responsibilities we have as Digital Leaders around the school. They will also be informing parts of any important information about Computing and e safety etc.



Well done to all the Digital Leaders- I know you will all be fantastic in your roles!

27.9.2019- Who are our new digital leaders for this year?


The digital leaders club is for children in Year  5.  They are a strong, confident group of children who are keen and eager to learn new skills within the field of technology whilst also helping to educate others about the need to stay safe online. 


In order to become a digital leader, these children were required to complete an application form and were all interviewed for the position. They also demonstrate a real commitment to becoming leaders within the school and are keen to start learning so they can share this with others.


The digital leaders meet every Tuesday after school  and set their own targets to help them become more confident in their role and have an impact on the school. They also work  with other children in the school in all key stages to support them in Computing and help them develop their own skills in aspects such as word processing or internet skills or using programs such as Scratch.


Your digital leaders for 2019-2020 are:


Year 5:       Given, Olive, Nathan, Harvey F, Lamis, Lucie, Mollie, Nathan, Freddie, Mikaela, Kiera



Keep checking back to our page for new information about what the digital leaders have been doing.




Our new Digital Leaders 2019-2020 27.9.2019


This year, the Digital Leaders will be working on the Childnet Digital Leaders programme.  This programme is designed to teach them the core skills to become digital leaders whilst also enabling them to earn badges and awards for completing different modules.  Once they have completed the programme, they will then be able to use these skills and teach others in the school about digital literacy and e-safety.


Good luck digital leaders!