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Summer 1 English Focus





Our class novel for Spring 1 is Flat Stanley. This is a fiction book based on a boy named Stanley who is involved in an accident but the accident helps him to do things he could never do before. This is a very exciting book that we shall enjoy reading in class. 

Within our lessons we shall be looking at all of the VIPERS skills in our lessons. This shall include reading and reflecting on passages that we have read and then we shall use the skills of Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval and Summarising and Sequencing to extend our reading comprehension. 




This half term we are reading One Christmas Wish. This is a book about magic, adventure and friendship. 

WC 23rd November

This week in English we shall be reading over the stories that we have created so far based on One Christmas Wish and we shall be editing them to see if we have made any errors and also challenging ourselves to see if we can make our stories more exciting by adding more detail. One of the ways that we can do this is by adding an expanded noun phrase. See the challenge below which includes expanded noun phrases and could get you some housepoints. 


To get 2 housepoints, complete this extra challenge.

Create 3 expanded noun phrases about any of the characters that we have met in the story so far e.g. the Tin Soldier, the Angel, Theo, the Rocking horse, the Robin, the Princess Doll.


WC 16th November

To get 2 housepoints, complete this extra challenge.

Describe Theo and the Babysitter using 5 adjectives each. 




This term in Year 3, we shall be starting our reading studies by reading and analysing 'George's Marvellous Medicine' by Roald Dahl. This is a lovely, imaginative and engaging book and we shall share our work on the class page for you all to see! 


5th October 2020

This week in Year 3, we shall continue to use our Viper skills as we read George's Marvellous Medicine. We are very close to finishing the book so we cannot wait to see what the ending has in store. Within our writing lessons, we shall also be finishing drafting and editing our medicine recipes. The children have worked really hard with this and have come up with some amazing ideas! We shall finish these this week with our final draft and then our masterpiece to follow. 


If you would like to complete an extra task and gain 2 Housepoints, please draw a picture of one of the characters from George's Marvellous Medicine and around it write as many adjectives (describing words) as you can to describe the character and then upload to the blog! Thank you!

28th September 2020

This week we will be using our class text to continue practicing our VIPERS skills: 






Summarise and sequence 

We shall also be planning and drafting a recipe for a Marvellous Medicine which we shall writing up in our final write next week. Please check out the homework grid for our English homework as this will really help the children to come up with ideas for their marvellous medicine. 


21st September 2020

This week the children have been exploring our class text even more and they are thoroughly enjoying the story. They have also been working really hard to write a story based on our text for their masterpiece work and we are very excited to see what they have created. Well done Year 3 for all your hard work! 



WC 14th September 2020

The children have been working extremely hard with their reading comprehension tasks in lessons and have been very engaged with our class text. I think the best bits so far have been when George read a rhyme about all the perculiar items he was going to use in the medicine and we have also enjoyed discussing Grandma and George. This week, the children shall be planning and drafting a masterpiece writing based on the story but with some little changes for them to use their own imagination. They shall be writing the final version next week. We are so excited to see their wonderful creations!