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English in Year 5


We have lots of fantastic books to read this year that will help us develop our reading and writing skills through the Year 5 curriculum.  This page will help you understand what we're learning and inform you about the book we are reading during each term.

Spring term book

After the success of 'The Nowhere Emporium' (which has had us gripped right up until the very last page) it was time to think about what book we would begin in January.  The children voted for the book they wanted to study next term and the vote was almost unanimous.  So, next term, we will be reading 'Stitch Head' by Guy Bass.  It looks very different to the Nowhere Emporium but we're all looking forward to diving in and exploring a new story.

Year 5 Writing

At the end of the week, we will begin researching for next piece of writing.  Our next text will be a non-chronological report on... the History of Magic.


Whilst we will be researching this in class, if you would like to do any research at home to support your writing, please feel free to make notes and bring them in on Monday so that you can start planning.


Year 5 SPAG

This week (w/c 23rd November) we'll be revising our understanding of prefixes and relative clauses.  If you still feel a little unsure, why not have a look at the lessons below at home.


Prefixes lesson Relative Clauses Lesson


The Nowhere Emporium


This half term we are reading a book called 'The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie'.  Winner of the Scottish Children's Book Awards and the Blue Peter Book Award, the book tells the tale of Daniel, an orphan living in Glasgow, who comes across a shop called the Nowhere Emporium.


To begin with, we've used the rooms included in the book to write our own setting descriptions and we are now moving on to writing a biography of one of the main characters, Lucien Silver.

Year 5 and 6 Spellings

Writers Gallery


Our writing is developed over a period of three weeks, during which we explore a specific style of writing.  The writing gallery below showcases some of the children's work for each style of writing.  Take a look at the wonderful work Year 5 are producing this year.

Setting descriptions from Antonia, Lily and Chris