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Spreading my wings from Year 2 to Year 3

WEEKLY WRITING CHALLENGE     w/c- 13th July 2020 

Complete the booklet  (attached above) in readiness for your new class teacher in September. Please put page 6 on the class blog and I will let your new teacher see it.



Thursday 16th July


1. What does Tamara dream about being?

2.How does she 'hear' the music?

3. What made Tamara feel happy?

4. Describe Tamara's dancing.

5. Why do you think Tamara's mother is sad?

6. How did Tamara cheer her mother up?

7. What does Tamara sign to her mother?

8. How does Tamara feel when she dances with her mother?


Instructions to follow...



Wednesday 15th July

Watch the cartoon story 'Tamara' but at the different parts stop the clip and answer the inference questions off the sheet below. Then describe what happens throughout the clip (using the second sheet). (click on the picture to get it to work).

Watch the clip again and then using the planning from yesterday (14th July) write a diary entry as Tamara.

Here is an example of a diary extract and will help with your writing.

Challenge is to use full punctuation (including a question mark) and expanded noun phrase.


Tuesday 14th July 2020


Watch the clip and plan a diary extract based on your answers.










 Read the story about 'Staying Home' by Sally Nicholls.

I'd like you to then write your own version of the story based on your experience of staying at home. Please draw pictures to match too. It could include seeing Mass on line, doing your school work in one of your rooms, baking with your family, outdoor learning and anything else you have been doing. 


Click on the picture for the story. If it doesn't work the link is


Friday 10th July - Reading Comprehension Day

There are two different extracts to read today. The fiction one is from 'Pippi Longstocking' by Astrid Lindgren and the second is a non-fiction text on Mary Seacole.

Read  both extracts

  • What is special about Pippi Longstocking?

  • What pet does she own?

  • What did she use to buy her house?

  • Who lives next door to her?


Pippi Longstocking is the main character in this story and we can describe her in many ways.


  1. Think about how you would describe Pippi to somebody who has not read the book.

Here are some words that you might use:

  • determined
  • embarrassed
  • resilient
  • frightened
  • excited
  • brave
  • creative
  • proud
  1. Choose two of the words, or think of your own, and find some evidence from the extracts that supports your choice.

You could organise your ideas in a table like this one:

What Do You Know About Pippi Longstocking? What Is Your Evidence From The Extract?

 (if clicking the picture doesn't work).

The Clock Tower

Thursday 9th July

Watch the cartoon story 'The Clock Tower' again and then imagine somewhere who lives in the village and why they let the balloons off. 

Then imagine the character, you have created, writes a thank you letter to the ballerina and attach it to the balloon. Why is your character thanking the ballerina? What is the town like when the clock stops? 






Wednesday 8th July

Watch the cartoon story 'The Clock Tower' again and then write a description of the clock tower. 

Describe using four of the senses. What can be seen? What can be heard? What can be smelt? What can be touched?  Explain the change of colour and the reason why. 

Every sentence opener must be included.








Tuesday 7th July




Monday 6th July

Watch the cartoon story 'The Clock Tower' but at the different parts stop the clip and answer the inference questions off the sheet below. It's a lovely story. The second part of the work is to imagine the conversation that is going on (as there are no words). You will need to watch the clip a second time for this activity.








Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

Listen to the story and then summarise the story in five events. You can do this through choosing to either write five paragraphs, draw five pictures (with an explanation) or write five verses of a poem.


Friday 3rd July




Thursday 2nd July

Today I want you to do a reading comprehension about Oceans. Read the passages  and answer the questions.

Challenge -  create a poster about the different animals that live in the different layers of the oceans.




  • A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z.

We often sort letters and words in alphabetical order. This means to order them as they appear in the alphabet.

Ordering words

Activity One 

Take a look at the different lists of words below and re-write them, placing them in alphabetical order.

  • badger, bear, bobcat, bluebird, buffalo
  • pear, plumb, pineapple, pumpkin, papaya, pomegranate
  • Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday, Monday, Thursday, Wednesday
  • January, April, March, August, June, September


Activity Two 

Remember, when the first two letters are the same we look at the third letter to order alphabetically.

  • Andrew, Alice, Alexa, Ayesha, Addison, Ayden
  • sauce, talk, hazard, target, sale, handle
  • jacket, noble, java, fault, newspaper, faith
  • heptagon, crescent, hexagon, cross, heart, cylinder


Wednesday 1st July

A Cloudy Lesson

Watch the cartoon again below and then a poem about clouds. You must be prepared to share the poem with the class.





Tuesday 30th June



Monday 29th June 2020






The Bridge

Using the cartoon of the Bridge to write the story in your own words. The challenge is to include the moral of the story too. 

Friday 26th June

Using the story of 'The Bridge' I'd like you to make a poster for the missing bear. Remember to describe what he looks like and his personality. Don't forget to add the characters talking.



Thursday 25th June

Using the story of 'The Bridge' I'd like you to make a comic strip of the story. Remember to get the moral in on the last section. Don't forget to add the characters talking.





Wednesday 24th June

Read the follow information on Helen Keller and answer the questions below.

1. Which country was she born in?

2. What happened to her at 19 months old?

3. What did the illness cause?

4. Name two things about Helen when she was young.

5. What did Ann Sullivan for Helen?

6. What is braille?

7. What happened in 1904?

8. How many books did she write? What is an autobiography?

9. What does communicate mean?

10. Summarise Helen's life in twenty words.





Tuesday 23rd June

The Bridge 

Watch the cartoon again and then sequence the events in the correct order.  All the time concentrate on the characters behaviour.





Monday 22nd June



Use the compound words in your own sentences.


WEEKLY WRITING CHALLENGE     w/c- 15th June 2020

La Luna


Watch the Disney short “La Luna” . I want you to write a short diary entry about the star crashing into the moon. as it links with our Space theme in the extra curriculum packs.


Friday 19th June

Today you are to watch the two clips from this story, answer questions from the clips and then summarise what you've learnt about Spike.

Using the book Spike: The Hedgehog Who Lost His Prickles you will learn how to summarise a character and to write a prediction.

Watch TV presenter Naomi Wilkinson read an extract from Spike: The Hedgehog Who Lost His Prickles

Think about the following:

  • What happens to the sock?

  • Do you think that Weasel is kind to Spike?

  • What does Spike find attached to Mole’s door?

  • What do you think will happen next?

Then after the first clip watch the second clip and answer these questions


Then watch Naomi read a second extract from Spike: The Hedgehog Who Lost His Prickles and think about the following:

  • Did you expect the balloons to carry Spike into the air?

  • How do you think Spike felt?

  • What do you think he saw when he travelled twice around the world?

  • What did you think of the ending?


Then complete the summarising activity from 





Thursday 18th June

Today is a non fiction reading activity on the theme of Pythons.




Wednesday 17th June

Re watch the cup full of butterflies again

Write your own description of what happened. There's a word bank and some suffixes to help you.








Tuesday 16th June

Cup of Butterflies 

 Read the instructions below to stop at various points of the film and write your response.




This lesson  is on proper nouns and is one to have a go at as that was where we were revising when we stopped in March.


Monday 15th June

It's a non fiction article about butterflies.


 Can add information about real butterflies?





Can your child rewrite the events from​ ​Every Bunny Dance​ as a newspaper report? I love all the interactive musical instruments in the book and I am hoping to see some reference to them in your report. 


Reading Challenge 

There is some excellent activities today based on extracts from the book above on Y2 Bitesize. I hopw that you will do this as well as the writing task below.

Friday 12th June

Well done with the circus writing. Today it's to write a description about a magic wood. Don't forget to read the paragraph in the picture and then carry it on. I'm looking for an expanded noun phrase, the use of 'crunch' and an exclamation mark (!) in your work.

If you want to turn it into a longer story then I'd love to read them on the blog. 

Thursday 11th June

It's a writing activity today. Read the paragraph below and then finish off the description of the circus. Use the prompts to help with the task. I can't wait to read your work. Don't forget your punctuation and challenge yourself to an expanded noun phrase.



Wednesday 10th June

It's Non-Fiction reading this week and we start to consider what an Octopus is like and how it lives. Read again the text and then complete the  comprehension questions. . There is also  work on summarising the key information and vocabulary worksheets to complete if you haven't already.



Comprehension Questions


1. Why is an octopus different to us?

2. How is an octopus similar to humans?

3. Why do they hide in the sand?

4. What does camouflage mean?

5. Explain why an octopus shoots ink.

6. Describe how the octopus can look like a sea snake.

7. What is unusual about the octopus' arms?

8. What is venom?


Tuesday 9th June

Vocabulary Activity


Monday 8th June



In the Pentecost Tab there is the larger version of the pictures below.

The activity is to write the Pentecost story in seven paragraphs using the different picture to support. Please put your finished work on the class blog for j2stars.

Friday 5th June

Dr Gould Challenge

Write a Haiku poem based on the theme of Pentecost. Use the Oak National Academy resources (Thursday and Friday) to support.


Thursday 4th June

Read  again the story 'The Closet Creature' and then complete the writing activity about how the cat felt about being locked in the closet. I'm looking for extended noun phrases and descriptive sentences. Monday's work was comprehension, Tuesday's was on the vocabulary and Wednesday looked at parts of the story... if you haven't had a go then you can do the others too. 





Wednesday 3rd June



Tuesday 2nd June


Monday 1st June




The answers to each of the Daily English Challenges I am checking through the blog and I'm letting you know how many you got correct. So upload the answers to the blog and I will respond.

Friday 22nd May (Poetry Week)


Read the Poem and answer the five questions. The Super Challenge is then to write your own 'No Place like Home!' poem using some of your experiences of Lockdown. Extra j2stars for this!



Thursday 21st May

Raccoon Rex Poem 


Wednesday 20th May

Synonym means similar.


Tuesday 19th May

Find the answers to the  Raccoon poem.













Monday 18th May



Friday 15th May


Thursday 14th May

Write the whole sentence out and underline the change of work. This is like the drafting we do!


Wednesday 13th May



Tuesday 12th May


Monday 11th May



Thursday 7th May



Wednesday 6th May


Tuesday 5th May 2020


Monday 4th May


Friday 1st May 2020

Thursday 30th April 2020

Wednesday 29th April 2020


Tuesday 28th April 2020


Monday 27th April 2020



Friday 24th April 2020

Captain Tom Moore Challenge


Thursday 23rd April 2020


Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Tuesday 21st April 2020


Monday 20th April 2020







Friday 17th April 2020

What book are you reading at the moment?  Use this book to complete one of the activities below.  You can always come back to complete another activity on another day.


Thursday 16th April 2020

Meet Cliff.

What is Cliff like?  What would you say to him if you met him?

What does Cliff enjoy doing?

Why is 'Cliff' a good name for him?

Can you make up any of your own characters following this theme?  e.g. a girl called 'River'


Wednesday 15th April 2020


Tuesday 14th April 2020

Can you write a story about 'Stanley and Clive'?


Think about which of the characters is Stanley and which is Clive.  How do they know each other?  What has happened to them?  What will they do next?



Friday 10th April 2020

Thursday 9th April 2020


Wednesday 8th April 2020


Tuesday 7th April 2020


Monday 6th April 2020

Questions to answer:

Which dragon do you think is the most dangerous?  Why?

Which dragon do you think is the friendliest?  Why?

Which dragon do you think could survive in cold temperatures?  Why?



Friday 3rd April 2020


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Creative writing task:

Write a short story as if you were the girl.  Describe an adventure you had with the dragon.  Post the story onto our blog for a special star award!


Wednesday 1st April 2020


Tuesday 31st March 2020

Read the text below and use it to answer the questions next to it.  I'll give you the answers tomorrow!




Monday 30th March 2020

Use the picture below for a bit of creative writing or simply answer the questions below using your inference and prediction reading skills.

Creative writing

Who are the characters and what happens to them?  Write a story about them

Inference and Prediction skills

What do you think is happening here?

Why does he have his foot in a bowl?

How do you think he is feeling?  

Why are there flies around him?


Resources obtained from 'Once upon a Picture' or Twinkl.

Daily English Challenges ANSWERS

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