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English in Autumn 1 Term-9.9.2020



For Autumn 1 in Year One, we will have 'The Enormous Turnip' Story as our Reading focus. We will be reading the text and using it to answer reading comprehension questions whilst also getting to know the story very well and writing the story as part of our Big Write, We will also be focusing on using this story as part of our Grammar, using capital letters and full stops, as well as finger spaces between our words. This is a wonderful story which is simple and repetitive, but also fun, which is needed for Year One at this stage in the year. Please ask your child about the story they are learning  in class- I am sure they would love to tell you and please feel free to practise retelling or writing the story with your child at home.




Active Learn is a tool for reading and the children have been allocated stage appropriate books that they can read online and then answer questions.  Click here to access the website
 Audible are allowing children free access to their children's books.  Click here to listen a new story through Audible.
Enjoy listening to David Waliiams reading one of his own storybooks.  Click here to visit his website and to listen to a new story every day.
The BBC Bitesize website has some useful information and games to help with English.  Click here to access the website.
The Sir Linkalot website is a useful website to help you learn and practise a wide variety of spellings.  Click here to access the website and to sign up for your free code.
 The Collins website has released lots of resources for you to access at home including online books, times table practise, songs, worksheets, activities and much more.  This would be a great website for you to have a look through.  Click here to access the website.
ICT Games has a range of English, Phonics and Maths games linked to the Year 1 Curriculum which you can try out and have plenty of fun with. Click the link to access the website-

 The Grammar Aquarium is is a wonderful grammar website that teaches lots of grammar concepts from all the year groups based on the national curriculum and objectives. On Year 1 it has lots of difficult and tricky grammar concepts such as question and exclamation sentences, letters and capitals and singulars and plurals. The website is taught in a fun and interactive way with lesson activities and quizzes which can gain you rewards and certificates.  I would really encourage you to have a go by clicking on the following link:

The e Literacy Shed Plus  has lots of free literature resources for KS1. They have many pictures and images of text for you to look at along with free activity packs that you can download and use to help aid your inference, reading and understanding skills. Some of the pictures and stories are really beautiful and I think you will really enjoy them, plus it is so important to keep practising your comprehension skills! To access the website click the link below


Octopus 8 Club

In Year 1 all children need to be writing using the cursive style with some children joining these letters.  Handwriting is therefore a crucial part of their curriculum and will help them as they move through the school.  The Octopus 8 club looks for 8 children who are trying really hard with the presentation of their work in all of the lessons.  Each week, we look for 8 new members who will wear their Octopus 8 badge with pride.  The top 3 children at the end of the half term will receive some special golden time!