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Forest School - Wednesdays in Spring 1



There are only a very small handful of Year Two children in school at the moment- only Year 2 key worker children are in class and are now in a special bubble. From now on, every Wednesday afternoon for 1 hour the children in the Year 2, 3 and 4 Bubble will be having a  'Forest School' session as part of their enrichment timetable. This will involve being outside and working in whatever weathers so the children need to be dressed appropriately for the environment they will be working in and the changing weather conditions. 


Therefore, for these key worker children, every Wednesday they must come to school NOT wearing their school uniform. They need to wear the following:


  • Old, warm clothes that you do not mind your child getting dirty e.g. an old pair of tracksuit bottoms, warm jumper or sweatshirt, woolly hat, gloves and a scarf.


  • Old, warm waterproof coat


  • WARM clothes e.g hat, scarf, gloves, jumper, thermals, trouser bottoms, tights, warm woolly socks, boots or wellies etc


Please also ensure that your child comes into school with a labelled plastic carrier bag containing a pair of wellington boots and a pair of warm long socks.  These can be kept in school if you would prefer.


REMEMBER: This is just for the handful of Year Two children who are in school and in the bubble. If you are working from home this does not apply to you but don't panic- you won't be missing out! All of Year Two will be doing a Forest School Session every week in the summer term... so we're not going to be missing our slot.