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Friday 12th February 2021

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Hello Year One! WE MADE IT- HAPPY HALF TERM! Today is your last morning of learning and then you can go and have a whole week's break! I have a very fun day planned for you today- as it is ' No Screen Friday' there are no normal lessons but I have attached some documents and ideas below which you can try out today. All of the activities are creative, outdoor, phyiscal or just plain fun and none of them involve any computers, ipads or tablets. There are a lot of activities and ideas so please don't try to them do all- just pick a few of your favourite ideas or things you are interested in and do them well! Today is all about having a break from your normal work, trying something different and having fun! There are a range of activities such as Mindfulness Cards, Forest School, DT and Spade to Fork Activities, Scavenger Hunts, Walks, Yoga Poses and many more.


Make sure you post all of the wonderful learning you do today on the blog before you log off for the final time before the holidays. I will be having a break too over the holiday so don't worry about blogging or posting. You have all worked so hard so make sure you completely switch off from school work- you thoroughly deserve a well-earned rest! I look forward to seeing you for more Online Learning on Tuesday 23rd February 2021 which is when we return to school remotely. Even though you will still be learning from home there will be plenty of learning and lessons to keep you busy! Have a Happy Half Term Year One- rest up, be good and most importantly stay safe!


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Weekly Forest School Card 12. 2.2021

Weekly Spade to Fork Card 12.2.2021

Weekly DT Card 12.2.2021




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