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Friday 15.01.21

Fabulous Friday!

Well done Year 3, you have made it to the end of the 2nd week of home learning. A few more lessons to go and then you are ready for the weekend!

Keep up the great work!


Before you start your work, make sure to register by clicking the link below...





Maths 5 a day

Please complete the 5 a day below and then check for the answers from yesterday's SPAG 5 a day.


Answers from 14.01.21 SPAG 5 a day


Today we are going to start part of our new topic: length. 

Please watch the video below and then complete the worksheet.




Please complete the worksheet. For Question 2 - measure your home learning book or measure a book that is by you. You will need a RULER for this worksheet.






Read the text below and answer the questions.


It's Friday so we are going to do our spelling test...please go onto J2Blast on your BGFL homepage/dashboard and then by clicking the 'have a practice island' icon at the top of the page you can do the spelling list for today under the 'shared' tab and 'week 2'. This will let me know your scores! 


On a Friday we also do BigMaths, please log into Big Maths by clicking on the link below and adding in your details.


Please find your details in a J2 message from me which can be found on the BGFL dashboard/homepage. 

It's the weekend!!

You have all worked so hard over this week! We are very proud! You deserve a good rest. If you still want to do some work over the weekend you could play some educational games, go out for a walk or play in the garden or watch some of these videos to relax.



Roald Dahl, The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me. Free audio book

Audio book: Roald Dahl, The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me.Read by Nick MartinFor children

Here are some links to some fun learning videos:


The Aquarium are doing a session where you can learn all about their amazing animals and watch some experiments at 1:00pm-1:20pm today! 

They are also getting a mermaid to read a story at 1:30-1:45pm today!

If you would like to watch any of these, please click the link below...

Paignton Zoo are also doing a video about living things and their habitats, this will be a nice video to learn all about animals (we are learning about that next half term so would be great!)

'School From the Zoo' Habitats (KS2) Online Lesson

Our first 'School from the Zoo' lesson will be on Habitats, aimed at KS2 pupils.This lesson will be around 15 minutes long with additional short tasks.Includ...