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  • Please upload any evidence of your learning to the class blog using your bgfl log in. If you are struggling with this or need any support with home learning please email


  • Paper learning packs for the week are available to collect. You can arrange to collect them from the office between 9.15 & 9.30. Please email the school beforehand to let us know you will be doing this. There will be a new pack available at the start of each week. 



Today it’s your child’s turn to tell the story. You might like to have the story map from earlier in the week in front of them to support them. You may also like to cover a chair with a throw and different cushions to make it a story telling chair or to create a reading den for them to retell the story in.


Provide your child with a bag, box, or bucket of objects and ask them to count out a certain number of objects. For example, say, “Show me 5 buttons.” Once the child has counted out the required number of objects, again ask, “How many?” You can extend this activity by asking your child to represent their work on paper. They might draw the buttons or write the numeral or both. You could also try counting out the buttons but saying the wrong total. E.g 1,2,3,4,5 - There are two buttons. If they have really understood they will be happy to correct you. See if they can tell you why you are wrong and show you how they would do it. 

Guess the Instrument / Instrumental Sounds - Phase 1 Phonics