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Friday 15th January 

Happy Friday Year 6!

You have made it to the end of week 2!

Thank you so much for your hard work these past two weeks.  I know it is a very strange situation that we are all in.

PLEASE make sure that you are logging on everyday and signing the register or at least sending a 'good morning' message on J2Message.  I also need to see some of your work.  Thank you to those who are already uploading work.  Please send work through either the blog, BGFL myfiles or to my email


Please be aware that the work that I have set you is NOT homework.  It is CLASS work that we would have been doing had you been in school.  This means that I DO expect a high level of effort.  Some children are uploading one word answers or only parts of work completed.  Please put 100% effort into this work.  Also, with the reading lesson, the 'have a think' questions still need to be answered in your book/on paper as well as the 'main task'.

Thank you Year 6.

I hope you are staying safe. I miss you all so please make sure you say hello!!

Mrs Richardson

Basic Skills


Click here to watch the video to help you further.




Daily News

National Marine Aquarium

Click here to watch a live lesson from the National Marine Aquarium starting at 1.00pm.




Have a safe weekend Year 6!