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Friday’s home learning tasks - Please complete these tasks and upload a photo or description to the blog. It would be lovely to see some more blog posts. I've really enjoyed seeing the ones that have been posted so far! If you need your log in details for BGfL please email


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Days of the week and the weather


 You can then talk about what the weather is like out of your window. We sing a simple song about this every morning that your child might be able to teach you! - Sing this through and discuss what day it is today.


 Collective worship – Here is a simple prayer activity you might like to try as a family.


PE – Please choose at least one activity from the PE@home sheet below. Obviously you are free to do as many as you would like. You might also like to try this Cosmic Kids yoga adventure



Phonics – Here are a range of phonics game to help with sound discrimination. Sound discrimination means being able to tell one sound from another. We need it when we are reading to be able to tell that letters sound different from one another.