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Friday 5th Feb 2021

Friday 5th February 2021

Fabulous Friday! 

"First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare." - Walt Disney


A message from me...

Good morning Year 3, we cannot wait to hear you say "good morning" in class when we are altogether and we can hear your lovely voices. We miss you but we are SO impressed with all of the work that you are completing. Today is Friday which means that you have fabulously completed Week 5 of home learning! All of the work that you are creating is AMAZING and we love seeing your posts on the blog so please keep it up. I hope you have got something nice planned for the weekend (not that we can go to many places), maybe you could play in the garden, have a picnic in the living room or go for a walk. 

Whatever you do, please be safe and take care! 

Have a lovely day everyone! 

Miss Mapother and Mrs Hawkins laughx


Remember...before you start your work for the day, register using the link below...

Basic Skills

Please complete all the work in the document below, including...

  • 5 a day
  • SPAG
  • Word of the day
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Spellings

PE with Joe

Get ready to do a PE workout with Joe Wicks, click on the link below to take you to his YouTube page where he will be starting the workout at 9am. 

Star of the week!

It was so hard to pick a star of the week this week (just like it is every week) because you are all working so hard but keep up the great work everyone!

Click on the link below to watch today's assembly...


For today's lesson, you are going to be learning about how to find non-unit fractions of quantities. Please click on the link below to take you to the page and remember to complete the quizzes, watch the video and complete the worksheet below...



Today we are going to continue to look at Flat Stanley. Please read pages 22-30 (but only up to the bit where it reads "they found Arthur lying on the floor near the bookcase" until you have answered the first long answer question). Please open the questions PDF to answer the questions alongside the text.

Please find the links below...


For today's lesson on the Journey to the Jungle, you are going to plan writing your own Jungle Log. Please click on the link below and complete the worksheet.

Big Maths Test

Please complete your Big Math's tests online. If you cannot access online there are some paper copies on the links below for you to complete and blog to me instead. If you are completing the paper copies, please make sure to look at the tables below to check which Clic and Learn its you should be creating.


Please complete your spelling test by going onto J2Blast and clicking on the shared tab named 'Year 3 - Week 5 'dis'. Let's see if you can get 10/10. 


Olly, Sophia, Riley, Logan and Mikey - please complete the spellings named 'Week 5 Group B spellings' on J2Blast. 


Stay up to date with the news and read the news article for today and complete the reading comprehension questions. Please click on the link below to find the article...

Well done you have made it to the end of the week and you have completed some amazing work during the week! 

Now it is time for free choice Friday...

Please pick 1 or more activities to complete this afternoon from the extra curricular activity list below...

Well done! Your day is done, we are so impressed with all of your work and we hope you have a restful weekend!

Make sure to upload your work to the blog before you log off!