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Friday 5th February

 Friday 5th February 

Daily register

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Answer the register with your child's name. Thank you! smiley


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A message from Miss Hand...

Good morning Reception!
How are you all today? I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. It was so nice to get to speak to some of you and your parents yesterday. Mrs. Barnett and I miss you all, but we really enjoy seeing your photos and messages on the blog. If I couldn't get through to you, I will try again today. smiley

Thank you, as always, for all your hard work at home.

Please remember to complete the daily register - I would really love to see more of your names on the list -



Take care, Miss Hand and Mrs. Barnett smiley

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Star of the week


Hi Reception! Please click on the link below to take you to the star of the week video! 


Star of the week video - Friday 5th February 2021

Morning routine

We always start our morning by talking about the date and weather. We sing the days of the week song and we discuss the date - what day was it yesterday, what day is it today...tomorrow?

If yesterday was the 4th, what is today? What is one more than 4... Perhaps you can talk about the date and weather at home. There is a youtube link of the days of the week song and the months of the year song below. smiley

Days of the Week song

Months of the Year Song

Basic skills

1. High frequency words - I wonder if you can practise reading/writing some of the high frequency words. I've put the Reception high frequency words and the other sets if needed (bands 1-30) in one document below. There are also flashcards for the Reception high frequency words. Have a go at reading the bands and see which band you're working within.  


2. Simple sentence - I wonder if you can write something about the picture? I wonder if you can think of your own sentence or perhaps you could write another ‘I can see’ sentence. I can see... 

It is up to you! If this is a bit tricky, you could have a go at writing some sounds/words.


3. Word of the day - Take a look at today's word of the day and have a go at the activity if you are able to. 


4. J2blast spellings - Click here to take you to the website/app where you can practise the words.

Collective Worship

Please click on the document below to see Friday's Collective Worship.

1.) Daily devotion. 2.) Hymn practice (youtube link below).

The Servant King - Graham Kendrick

Literacy - The Three Little Pigs

Today we are continuing our new story of The Three Little Pigs. I have added the story powerpoint below and all of the other resources that you will need in one document.

Today I would like you to read the story and then have a go at some writing. There are two different templates.

1. Fill in the missing words in the speech bubbles. -  use the pictures and the story word mat to help you.

2. You might like to have a go at writing a sentence or two about the story or some sounds/words/simple sentences about some of the pictures. Use the word mat to help you with tricky words. You also have a sound mat and a high frequency word table to help you.

Think about what you'd like to write - what sounds can you hear in the word? Can you write them down? 

If you want to write a sentence, think about what you would like to write. How many words are in your sentence? Count them using your fingers...What's your first word? Have a go at writing it down. Remember to start with a capital letter, remember finger spaces between each word and a full stop at the end of your sentence. 

 Snack time and this week's Nursery rhyme...

Oats and beans and barley grow

Maths - Adding more

This week we are continuing with our learning about the numbers 6, 7 and 8!

Take a look at the lesson resources below.

1.) Lesson video - Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 5 - Session 5 - Adding more

2.) Lesson activity card.

1. Lesson video

Phonics review/games - A few options...

1. I have added the alphabet song. It's always good to practise saying the names of the letters and the sounds too!

2. I have added two short videos for you to watch which are linked to the sounds we have been learning this week. 

3. You can have a go at reading all of the sounds we have learned so far - a quick review. 

4. There are links to websites which have a number of phonics games to explore - click on the picture to go to the website.

5. Phonics activity mats for this week's sounds - oi and ear

6. There are also a few home learning challenges that you might like to look at (see below). Enjoy! smiley

1. Alphabet Phonics Song

2a. oi sound

2b. ear sound

3. Review the sounds we have learned so far.

4. Phonics games - click on the images to go to the website.

Alphablocks Phonics Bloom Phonics Play Topmarks phonics Teach your monster to read

5. Activity mats - oi and ear

Little Big Maths

Please take a look at this week's Little Big Maths powerpoint (resource below). These are basic skills to practise throughout the week.

End of the day story


Today's end of the day story - While we can't hug! I hope you enjoy it! smiley

There is also an animated version of the story which you might like to watch too.

While We Can't Hug

While We Can't Hug - animation video

Free time...
Miss Elliott has Kindly created an Art lesson video for you all. This video is all about texture. Why not watch the video and have a go at some of the activities. Please click on the image below to view the video. I have also add some challenge cards below for you too.

Enjoy! smiley

 Miss Elliott's Art lesson

Challenge cards - D&T, Forest School, Spade to fork - Click to enlarge