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Friday 5th February 2021

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A Message from Miss Murphy....

Good Morning Year One! How are you all today? Well done to reaching the end of another week of lockdown and learning from home. I know you must all be very tired now but we only have one more week left until half term now- YAY! We have had a great week celebrating Mental Health and it has been so lovely seeing lots of your wonderful activities and mediations on the blog. It is really important for your well being that you rest this weekend and take some time to chill out! I spoke to my final few parents yesterday and once again, it was so lovely to speak to you all and find out the fantastic work you are doing at home- you are all superstars! 


For your final day of learning this week you will finish of your Length Unit in Maths, read all about going to the Moon in English and then you have 'Free Time Friday' where you can choose what lovely activities you want to do. We have a whole range including Outdoor Activities such as Forest School and Spade to Fork, DT Ideas, Art and Music Lessons, Science Videos and Computing Activities and Missions. I hope you enjoy these wonderful resources but make sure you get your morning work completed first please!


Have a fantastic Friday Year One and a wonderful weekend! Make sure you rest up!



Basic Skills

Basic Skills PPT 5.2.2021

Star of the Week


Please click on the star picture to access the Star of the Week video for Friday 5th February.

Collective Worship


Please click on the picture to go to the Collective Worship we are doing in class this week.

Keeping Fit and Active


Can you complete the Joe Wicks Workout for Children this morning? Click on the picture of Joe above to begin!


Lesson ( oy) Sound

Please find our Phonics Lesson and Sound Video for Today. ENJOY!



Then play a Phonics Games off the Phonics Games Website below. Click on the link to access the games and HAVE FUN!


Phonics Games Website



Maths PPT Lesson 5.2.2021

Maths Lesson Worksheet 5.2.2021

English- Reading


Complete the reading comprehension from the PPT below about Zoom to the Moon. Read the text and answer the quick read questions. There is also a writing challenge for you to complete.

English- Writing


Complete the following writing activity from the PDF document below. Read or listen to the story and then complete the writing activity.

English Writing Activity 5.2.2021

Friday Spelling Test


Please complete your weekly Friday spelling test using J2 blast which you can go straight to if you click on the picture. You should have been practising our spelling all week and you can complete the test on here and play lots of fun games! I will also be able to see your weekly score on here and see any spellings you have got wrong ( if any.)You can also find a PDF document below if you want to practise your spellings by hand. I will be announcing those children that have got 10 out of 10 on their spelling test every week in the Spellings and Big Maths Leaderboard Folder which is at the top of the Year One Remote Learning Page. 


Big Maths

Beat That and CLIC Tests


Please now go onto the Big Maths website and complete your CLIC and

Learn it Tests online. You have been practising them on paper all week but if you do not complete them online I can't see your scores! You have all had your logins sent home in the plastic wallet pack and if you click on the picture it will take you straight to the Big Maths website. I will be announcing those children that have got 10 out of 10 on their Big Maths CLIC or Learn it's every week in the Spellings and Big Maths Leaderboard Folder which is at the top of the Year One Remote Learning Page. Good luck!



Daily Mile- Get Moving!


This is your daily reminder to have a break from your work and to keep healthy and active! You need your exercise so make sure you now run around your garden for 15 minutes or go on a 30 minute walk.

Online Work 


It is time for you to practise your Maths and Phonic Reading Skills online. Click on the pictures to go straight to the websites.


Story Time

🌴Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak I StoryTime with Miss Randall I Kids Book Read Aloud

Every day I will be uploading a brand new 5 minute story for you to listen to to finish off your day of learning. Click on the youtube video below to watch our end of the day story for today. I hope you enjoy it!

Guided Meditation for Kids | RIVER OF RENEWAL | Mindfulness Meditation for all the Family

Each day this week, you will be finishing the day with a Guided Mediation to celebrate Children Mental Health Week. Take this time to reflect, be at peace with your inner self and enjoy!

Friday Afternoon- Free Time

WELL DONE- YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR 5TH  WEEK OF REMOTE LEARNING FROM HOME! Normally on Friday afternoon we finish at 1pm so there will be no afternoon subject set today. This is your time to have your free time and to rest and relax after a busy week of home and remote learning! There is extra work below if you are a keen bean and want to do more- we have outdoor DT ideas, Music, Art and Computing Resources as well as some fantastic Science videos to watch. Remember you can also always

use your online work to challenge yourself. However, if you just want to have a break

and rest that is absolutely fine too. Make sure you spend some time outside this weekend in the fresh air outside and away from the computer so that you feel refreshed and ready to go on Monday Morning. YOU DESERVE AND NEED A BREAK! Have a lovely and relaxing weekend and thank you for all your hard week this week Year One!

Extra/ Challenge

Art Video Lesson with Miss Elliot- See Video Link Below

Weekly Forest School Card 5.2.2021

Weekly Spade to Fork Card 5.2.2021

Weekly DT Card 5.2.2021


The National Marine Aquarium are releasing brand new videos every

Friday afternoon to teach children at home about Aquarium life and experiments. Today there is a KS2 video at 1:00-1:20pm and a  second session at 1:30-1:45pm today for / KS1/ Early Years. Click on the picture to go straight to the website


Wild Planet Trust have also made a completely free, new live lesson series

via Youtube. There are brand  new Home Learning Youtube live lessons every week including videos from Paignton Zoo. The videos are suitable for all children children and talks about Living things and their habitats. Click on the picture to go straight to the website.


This is a fantastic Computing resource you may want to us at home.

On the website there are learning together activity lessons, interactive games to play and mini missions to help with Computational thinking. There are also projects and interactive learning games all based around Computational Thinking and Skills as well as downloadable resources, worksheets and activities which are all absolutely free. Click on the picture to go straight to the website.


This is a fantastic website which has lots of completely free

Art Lessons based on lots of different topics. There are free lessons, templates, free resources and document PDFS to download as well as lots of visual images and pictures top help you. I know a lot of you enjoy Artwork and Creativity in Year One and so thought this was a fantastic resource for you all if any of you are keen for more Art! Make sure you post any wonderful work or masterpieces you do on our blog so I can see them! Click on the picture to access the website.


This Music website has lots of free nursery rhymes aimed at younger

children. You can sing along with your favourite stories and rhymes or learn some brand new ones! There are so many different songs to learn on this website and there are fun and interactive videos too! Click on the picture to go straight to the website.



PE At Home Athletics PDF File