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Friday 5th February 2021

Friday 5th February 2021

Happy Friday, Year 4!

We have almost completed week 5 of the first spring term and also of remote learning!

You are all doing so well and both myself and Mrs Ainsworth are really proud of how you are getting on.

We have our Star of the Week assembly to watch this morning and I have recorded an Art lesson for you to do this afternoon if you would like to! Don't forget to do your CLIC test through the Big Maths site and your Spelling Test by clicking on the link further down this page. I will be announcing the Big 10 Club members at 2pm.

Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend before we start our final week of the first spring term on Monday!

Miss Elliott x



Please click on the link below to sign today's register. You will need to login with your BGFL 365 to do this and then submit your name so that I know you are working today.


Star of the Week

Please on the star to watch today's assembly. Well done to ALL OF YOU who have been working hard, whether it be at home, in school, online or through the home learning packs. You are all doing amazingly and we are incredibly proud of you!


Today's Lessons

Basic Skills

Please open the PDF document below to complete today's basic skills. Don't forget to do your CLIC and Spelling test by clicking on the links below. You will need to do both of these before 1pm today as I will be gathering results and announcing the members of the Big 10 Club at 2pm!



Click on the image below to watch today's lesson. Once you have finished this, please complete the worksheets by clicking on the documents below.



Today, we are summarising what read of Stig of the Dump on Monday. You do not need to do any extra reading today but if you would like to refresh your memory of the first chapter then feel free to go back to Monday's page to re-read.



Please open the document below to begin today's writing lesson. Make sure you upload your work to the class blog so I can see and assess what you have done.


Collective Worship

Please read the collective worship for today on the following screen. I hope this provides a reflecting and mindful end to your week of remote learning.



I have filmed myself teaching you today's Art lesson if you would like to watch it this afternoon. You will need to pause it as you're watching it so that you can do it along with me. Please make sure you take a photo of your artwork and upload to the class blog. Not only will this make me really happy, but you will receive 10 green housepoints for doing so!

Click on the image to watch the lesson.



Watch chapters 9 & 10 of Michael Morpurgo's Butterfly Lion. If you would like to challenge yourself, perhaps you would like to summarise what you have read so far of this book.


The Butterfly Lion Chapters 9 & 10 | Michael Morpurgo


I hope that you have found these meditations helpful and relaxing this week as part of 'Children's Mental Health Week 2021'. If you would like to continue with these, subscribe to the YouTube channel by following this link: New Horizon: Meditation & Sleep Stories


Mindfulness Meditation for Children | MINDFUL SMILE