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Friday 5th March

Friday 5th March 2021


 Message from Dr Gould

Hello Year 2. We have made it... the last day of remote learning. On Monday at 8.55am we will all be back together in the classroom. Mrs Woodley and I are excited to see how much you have grown, how many teeth you've lost and to hear your news. Today is the World Day of Prayer and we have been asked to say thank you to God for all our services. This means that when you say a prayer today we thank God for the people who are in our family, our friends, those who care for us and those who keep us safe. 


I hope you enjoyed The Masked Teacher, yesterday, as part of World Book Day. It was lovely to see Evelyn dressed up (and her bookmarks) Robyn as Sleeping Beauty and Eros' Wolf pancakes on the class blog. I can tell a lot of fun was had. So far no-one has guessed which one was me but I'll be giving extra house points for those that do so why not guess on j2message?


God bless and see you Monday.


Have you been completing the DT cards at home? Miss Mapother would like to know so please fill in the questionnaire below.


Star of the Week

Who is the star of Y2 , this week? Click on the star symbol to find out.


For the children in blue group and who do Direct Instruction with Mrs Woodley.

Today's lesson is a review of the past week's sounds.


Today is the last lesson on graphs. I have been impressed with the effort with this topic, this week.

Friday is Big Maths Clic/Learn It's Day. 

Big Maths Tests to be completed on line, please. Click on the link and it'll take you to the log in.

The class password for Big Maths is Strose2 and the school pin is 0333. Your personal username log in details are inside your reading diary. 


Today is the last day of Captain Cook. The text is slightly different and the questions are a selction of different VIPER styles. 


Today is writing day. Using your plan,  from yesterday, write your information text. Can you use an expanded noun phrase as I've challenged you?

Creative Afternoon

It's Friday afternoon and School's out for the weekend but if you still want to do something different then look at the choices for this week. Click on the link below to start the lesson.



Forest School at Home

Today it's an opportunity to build a den in your garden. Sounds a lot of fun. Click on the link below and if you have a go please upload to the blog as it would be lovely to see you enjoying yourself before school on Monday.

PE at Home (Week 7) - Dodgeball

DT Card for this week 


Spade to fork for this week (to link with our rainbow in English).