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Friday 9th July 2021

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Friday 9th July 2021


Good morning, Year 4. Today is the last day of saying 'good morning' to you through a computer, yay! I am so excited to see you on Monday and I hope you are looking forward to returning to school. Well done to all of you for completing just over a week of remote learning. It's not easy to work from home, I know you are all missing your friends. You have done amazingly and I couldn't be prouder.

Today's lessons are listed below in the order of which you should complete them. I have written a short message at the bottom of the page to explain about next week so make sure you have a read!

I hope you have a great last day of home learning and I will see you all very soon! laugh

Best wishes,

Miss Elliott



Before you begin your lessons, please register your attendance for today. If you have any problems with this, please message me on J2Message so that I can mark you here.

Click here to register your attendance today.



Click on the apps below to begin your spelling and CLIC test.

Click 'Summer 2 Week 5' on J2Blast to begin the spelling test.



Considering we are now in the FINAL of the Euros, I thought it would only be right that we did a reading comprehension all about it!... IT'S COMING HOME!

Open the document below to begin.


Today's Maths lesson is all about the area of a shape. There are no worksheets for today's lesson so just watch the video and follow along.

Click on the image below to begin the lesson.


As today is Friday, we wouldn't normally be doing a writing lesson, so I am giving you the choice of a short creative writing task. 

Choose on of the creative writing tasks below (click on the images to enlarge).

Week Commencing 12/7/2021


Next week is Vocations Week, which is the week in which we dedicate to finding our calling in life. We will be taking parts in lots of fun activities, such as dressing as what our vocation is on Tuesday 13th July (a letter will be send out addressing this). Please have a think about what the word vocation means and what your calling from God might be before next week as this will really help you. 

We look forward to welcoming you back next week for the final 8 days of term. 

Have a restful weekend and look after yourselves,

Miss Elliott blush