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Although we are not doing any Art lessons at the moment, you may still want to get creative and do some of your own Art at home. There are lots of videos out there that help you with Art and teach you how to draw. However, as we would have been looking at tone, shade, light and shape in Art, I have uploaded some appropriate lessons for you to have a go at whilst learning at home (if you want to).


Please find the lessons below in order of how I would teach them.



Usually, we would have one PE lesson per week at school and therefore you should be aiming to do the same at home. This PE session doesn't have to be long but 30 minutes of exercise each week could make all the difference. As of the first lockdown, Mrs Lay created 'PE at Home Cards' which are great for helping you with exercising at home.


Please find below this half term's PE at Home cards.


PE at Home Cards - Spring 1


The Commonwealth Challenge is a great way of keeping active each day whilst trying to win FREE sports equipment for our school!


It's super easier to do:

Step 1 - Get active for 15 minutes at home. Find examples of ways of doing this below.

Step 2 - Cross off the relevant day to get you one step closer to winning FREE sports equipment for your school and a LOVE2SHOP voucher for you and your family.

Step 3 - Once completed, submit this to