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Books Bingo



Below I have shared a Books Bingo resource with you which I think you may enjoy as I know how many of you love reading. There are many activities for you to try based on your favourite books- they include drawing a story map or a scene, writing a letter to a character or asking the author some questions about the book. Not all the activities are appropriate to Year One but there are a lot I think you can benefit from- have a go at some book bingo activities and make sure you blog about it so I can give you lots of j2stars points!


Feeling a little bored?


Learning doesn't have to always be about Maths or English.  Why not learn a new skill whilst you're away from school?


Below I have added some Spring colouring sheets which you can click on, print and complete at home. I know Year One love colouring so this will hopefully be a lovely activity for them to complete. If you scroll to the bottom of the page I have also added a few Music and Cooking resources which you can have a go at in your spare time. You could even post some pictures on your class blog of you trying them out!


I also found lots of images below which has lots of fantastic ideas , videos and classes online to keep you busy this week. If you are feeling stuck for things to do you will love these great activities- you could watch a free class hosted by some of our favourite celebrities or watch a zoo video! They have lots of different subjects for your child and are fun and completely free! 






Magic with Ben Hanlin


Join Ben Hanlin, who recently starred in Dancing on Ice, for a daily Magic workshop live every day at 3.15pm on his Facebook or Instagram page (Monday - Friday)


Music Resources


Services for Education



Services for Education have a fantastic website which has lots of resources for all different instruments that you can use. It would be wonderful if during lockdown you could take the time to learn a new instrument and get more creative.  There are hundreds of videos, lessons and tutorials which will help to get you started and you can learn to play so many different instruments such as keyboard, guitar, percussion and many more. The website is completely free and St Rose has it's own login to enter the website which I have put below. I really encourage you to look at the website and have a go! To access the website click the green link below:


Username: ourladyan


Password: CKhXHMxa



Ex Cathedra Singmaker




Every Monday a professional vocal group called Ex Cathedra are posting fun, sing-along songs aimed at EYFS/KS1. I know Year One love singing and the videos are fun and engaging. Take a look at the youtube link below. To access the videos and Youtube channel click the link below:






As a project I thought you could start preparing for the VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations. There are plans for as many people as possible to take part in a stay at home street party and I thought you could start making your decorations early. Be as creative as you like but you must use the colours red, white and blue. Don't forget to post what you do on your class online blog to get lots of extra jstars!



A Meaningful May Calendar- it suggests a different meaningful activity everyday during the month to keep you reflective and calm.


Using your Art Skills


The first resource I want to share with you is an image from the Primary Art Skills website. It has lots of different ideas and drawings for you to try to develop your Art skills. I know Year One love drawing and being creative so I have uploaded the image below. I have also put it in a document format below  entitled Year 1 Art Skills so you can see the image more closely.





The second resource is from the Twinkl website where they have an art and design and crafts section. There are lots of different and fun objects you can make and create at home. These include making a solar system model, creating a moving skeleton and even constructing dinosaurs!  I would really encourage you to have a go by clicking on the link below:



The Wild Art Sessions channel on Youtube has weekly Art and Drawing sessions aimed at children who are at home and are suitable from ages 5-12. The sessions should take around 30 minutes and have a natural world theme, focusing on drawing  different animals and landscapes. It allows the children to tap into their creative side and I know Year One love drawing so I think they will really enjoy it. Click on the link below to access the site and make sure you post some pictures of your amazing drawings or paintings onto your blog so I can give j2 stars!


Year 1 Art Skills

Abc Home Learning



This is a great website which has lots of fun home learning ideas that your child can try at home. The activities range from making worry dolls to making a bug house to making marble painting. I think the  children will really enjoy doing these creative activities so get stuck in and have a go! To access the website click the link below:

Barefoot Computing ( Home Learning)




This is  a brilliant website called Barefoot Computing which has lots of interactive activities and games that you can do linked to computing and programming. It has a range of activities to keep you entertained such as mini missions, interactive learning gamed and learning together activities. The resources and  games are fun and support you with using your Computing and problem solving skills so click on the link below to access the website and get started!   

Twinkl Life Cycle Story Stones


Twinkl have launched a set of resources for making Life Cycle Story Stones. I have sent the link at the bottom of the text which will take you to the resource page- it has many different life cycles you can try such as a butterfly, frog, or a sunflower. I thought you could get really creative and even paint the images onto stones you find at home as a bit of Art Work to keep you busy! I have sent you some pictures below as a bit of inspiration to get you started!




Home Ideas and Activity Grid


Below is a document with lots of fun and exciting activities for you to try at home. It has different activities such as MindfullNess, Art, Music and even building a den. It is a fantastic resource so make sure you check it out and try some of the ideas. Don't forget to post anything you do on your class bloh for extra j2 stars!

Home Ideas and Activities Grid

Drawing Art for Children - Youtube Channel



Art for Kids Hub is a really  good website that allows you to draw along with a video.  It allows

children to draw lots of fun and funky characters or objects and is a fun and creative activity for children to try at home . Click the link below to access their page



Classroom Secrets Activities and Resources


I have sent a link below to a fantastic website resource called Classroom Secrets. They have been releasing lots of online home learning tasks to keep you all busy- it has lots of fun games for Year 1 such as Phonics, Spelling and Maths but also has a variety of other activities. It has exercise lessons, science investigations, baking activities, building activities and much much more to keep you busy so make sure you check out the website below. It also helps you with how to keep a structured learning routine every day.


Activities to keep you Brainy, Busy and Entertained!


Storytime with David Walliams

Every day at 11am, David Walliams will read a story on his website.This is free to access and his stories are often very amusing so go to the link below to listen to his daily story.


Go Noodle


This is a fantastic free website which has thousands of movement and mindfulness videos created y child development experts.It inspires all kids to be active and mindful with a wide range of offerings that appeal to kids' different ages, interests, skills, and abilities. The videos help to fuel learning by getting kids focused and ready to learn and supports children in identifying their emotions, to build relationships, and be mindful.



Free Daily Activities and Resources for Children



Can you build the Lego Challenge?


Online Cooking Resources


Jamie Oliver Keep Cooking and Carry On

Jamie Oliver is providing regular recipes at 5.30pm on the Channel 4 website so click here to see what he's cooking today.

Online Music Resources


Fancy doing a spot of music during your time at home?  Here are some online resources to help you!


Music with Myleene Klass - updated twice a week -  Click here to access her YouTube channel 


Classics for Kids - this website has lots of other links to help you with your music learning online -