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Please find resources that hopefully will help with handwriting at home. smiley Please remember that we have a cursive writing policy at our school. In Reception we write pre-cursive letters. This means that we still practise the cursive letter formation, but we do not join up the letters in a word. The children will do this at a later stage in school.


1. Cursive letter formation rhyme sheet 2. b and d confusion - bed (click images to enlarge)

Uppercase and lowercase letters (click image to enlarge)

1. Uppercase and lowercase handwriting. 2. Handwriting - This sentence uses every letter in the alphabet, so this is really useful!

Mister Teach cursive handwriting videos


Click on the link below to see a range of handwriting videos. There are shorter videos for specific sounds that you can look at, e.g. a video for just 's'. Perhaps if there is specific sound that is tricky to write, it might be worth looking at one of these videos to help. smiley

In addition to this. There a lots of other videos on the Mister Teach page to help with phonics, cvc words and counting too!



Cursive handwriting (short version)

Cursive handwriting (long version)

Precursive 'Jedi Writing'

You can download all of these documents at the bottom of this page. smiley


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