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Please scroll down to find information about remote learning and help to access apps and websites that we will be using. If there is something you wish to see on this page that isn't already on here, please let me know and I can add it.

'Seeing AI' app from Microsoft

'Seeing AI' is a really clever app that you can download to help read pieces of text at home. This is particularly useful at the moment whilst you are home learning.  You download the app onto a phone/tablet and then scan pieces of text, images, people and handwriting and the app will then read it to you. 

Below is a little Youtube video explaining what it is:


Every Friday you will need to do your CLIC and spelling tests. I will record your scores and put those of you with 10/10 in both in the Big 10 Club! As you know, at the end of each half term, those of you in the Big 10 Club will win a prize bought by myself! Last half term, the winners received their very own Harry Potter Stationery set... I wonder what it will be this time? There is everything to play for so make sure you're practising your spellings daily and completing the daily Big Maths worksheets specific to your CLIC stage!


From now on, we are going to be using on app on BGFL 365 called 'J2Blast' to practise weekly spellings. Some of you have expressed your concern about this as it does not say the words in a given context and so (especially when practising homophones) it is unclear as to which word the app is asking you to spell. I have now rectified that and it should read out/show a sentence with the word in. I am also going to be setting up a quiz on Microsoft Forms for you to do your spelling test on which should be easier for you to do. I will post a link to this on Friday. 


Click on the image to find a video explaining how to use the app.

How to access and use JIT in BGFL 365

A lot of you are using J2Bloggy in BGFL 365 to post your work from home and show me what you are getting up to. Miss Murphy has shown you another way to do this on another app in BGFL 365 called 'JIT. This is very similar to J2e5 that we use in KS2. I have added a link to the video that Miss Murphy has made incase you want to use JIT instead. As Miss says in the video, it is absolutely up to you how you post your work - this is just another exciting and creative way of doing so!

How to access and post on the class blog...

You will need to upload your work to the class blog each day so that I can see what you have been up to. Please click on the link below to find instructions on how to access and post on the Year 4 class blog.

Click here to visit the blog.


How to create and share a file on BGFL 365...

Alternatively to putting your work on the class blog, you can share it with me on BGFL 365. Please click on the link below to find instructions on how to create a file on BGFL 365 and share it with me.

Click here to go straight to 'BGFL 365'.