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High Frequency Words

 Reception High Frequency Words 

 Who has moved up the rocket and reached the moon? 



We're working really hard in Reception to learn how to read and write our high frequency words. These are words that we use all of the time when we are speaking, reading and writing and so they are very useful. The 45 words are split into 5 bands (9 words in each band).

We have reading and writing rockets on display in our classroom and the children are moved up the bands on each rocket once they know how to either read or write the words in a band. 

Once a child knows all 45 words for reading/writing they 'land on the moon' and can choose prizes from the prize box. Many of the high frequency words are 'tricky' words which you cannot 'sound out'. They are 'sight' words which your child will learn to read.


Congratulations to the children below who can already read all 45 words and have landed on the moon!

What superstars!



Reception High Frequency Words

High Frequency words - Bands 1 - 10

High Frequency words - Bands 11 - 20

High Frequency words - Bands 21 - 30