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High Frequency Words and Common Exception Word Spellings

Can you spell and read all of these words correctly?......


As many of you know from me discussing it at Parents Evening, Year 1 need to be able to spell and read most or all of the 100 High Frequency Words and all the Year 1 Common Exception Words. I did give a list of the High Frequency Words out at Parents Evening but I have added an online copy of both the High Frequency Words and Common Exception Words for Year 1 so you can practice them at home. It is really important that the children continue to practice their spellings, including  reviewing the bands that they have done before, so that they don't forget how to spell them!



In the Common Exception Words Document I have given you the Year 2 words as well as Year 1 as a challenge- if you can spell and read all the Year 1 words correctly challenge yourself and start having a a go at the Year 2 ones!


Remember that you need to be able to read all of the words as well as spell them!

Class Spellings to Practice and Test

Autumn 2 Spellings

Autumn 1 Spellings

Spring 1 Spellings

Spring 2 Spellings

Summer 1 Spellings

Summer 2 Spellings