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As a Catholic school, we believe that faith, prayer and meditation should be a daily focus to ensure our mental wellbeing and link to God are strong. 

Please visit this page regularly for different prayer ideas and things you can discuss and share as a family. 






Each week we will have a different prayer theme that we can focus on.You can either use my prayer to pray or write your own prayer on the theme. Don't forget to add your prayers to your class blog so I can see your wonderful work. I will be giving awards on j2stars for those who write a prayer. You have until Thursday next week to submit your prayer onto your blog. This week's deadline is Thursday 16th July.


This week I ask you you to write a prayer for the wonderful community police who look after us and work so hard to keep us safe. With restaurants and pubs reopening they are working harder than ever to keep us safe and this nasty virus under controlled. They have an extremely difficult job, where people are not always respectful to them so it is important to think of them and give them our love and support. I ask you to write to write a prayer for them, thanking them, showing them your love, support and kindness, and asking God to bless and watch over them. Tell them in your prayers how much you value them, and ask God to keep them safe and healthy. Make sure to post them on your blogs and I look forward to seeing your fantastic prayers!



May- The Month of Mary


Don't forget that May is the month of Mary and during this time when we should take time to think about Mary and reflect on how she is the Mother of Jesus and Mother to us all. During this month we should take time out from our day to reflect and pray to Mary, especially when we are all living through such new and uncertain times.Pope Francis has also asked for us to take special time this month to say The Rosary. This is especially important in the uncertain times we are living in at the moment. I have added a Month of Mary link page in our ' Creative Afternoon Ideas's section below which includes a range of prayers and different activities which relate to Mary our Mother. There are lots of different ideas for which you can do during this special month of May to support you with thinking about her and praying to her. It would be lovely for you to upload photographs or pictures of you completing your Mary activities or praying to the Rosary to the class blog. You could even draw a picture of Mary or the Rosary beads. 


A Meaningful May Calendar- it suggests a different meaningful activity everyday during the month to keep you reflective and calm.




Father Gary has been working hard over the lockdown period to make sure that as many people as possible as still access the services of Mass. He has been live-streaming them and will continue to do so.  You can find masses as well as many useful videos,  meditations and prayer reflections that Fr Gary would like to share. Please see the information below and click on the link to access the web page needed.


Don't forget, you can watch Father Gary conduct the Holy Week masses via the parish's YouTube Channel and you should visit the parish website for more information.  Click here to access the website.


 There is also a link below for the Catholic Life of our School Page which has lots of information about other  services and useful information to do with the parish and Catholic Life of our Community.


Weekly Worship with Dan and Emily


Dan and Emily from One Life Music have kindly recorded a liturgy for schools and home. This will be a weekly event from now on and you can access them on the website by clicking on this link.


The videos are only ten minutes long and it is a great time for you to be reflective and meditative during your time at Home. Dan and Emily are hoping that you will sit with them and join in as they sing and pray.

6.4.2020- Cheska's Wonderful  Holy Week Prayer


On Friday I asked all of Year One to write a prayer over the weekend thinking about Jesus in Holy Week an the events that led to his death. I asked you to write a prayer showing your love, comfort and support to Jesus or giving your love to people in this strange time of uncertainty.


Cheska really listened to the brief and wrote a lovely prayer which she posted on her blog this morning. I have given her lots of points on j2stars for her thoughtful and meditative prayer and she will have a special reward when she comes back to school. Well done Cheska- I am so proud of you! You can see a picture of her fantastic prayer below.


Cheska's Prayer





Reflecting on Holy Week- 2020


As this is an important week for us all, here are some activities that you can do that will provide you with an opportunity to reflect on Holy Week. This is a very special time for all of us so please sure you are reverent, reflective and take time to prepare and do some of the activities below. You could write a story about Easter or paint some pictures using the resource park, you could make a palm leave , do a reading comprehension or even do a creative or crafty idea from my website link and PDF document. Make sure that you post anything you can do to our class blog so i can love you lots of js2 stars, points and rewards!

Holy Week Resource Pack ( PPT, Sequencing, Wordmat

Holy Week Activities for Children