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Week 6 - Friday 14th October 2022

Week 4 - 30th September 2022

How to Access Online Homework


This half-term, the children will not be expected to do any homework. However, we are expecting all pupils to spend 20 minutes per day on Times Table Rock Stars, independent reading and spellings/handwriting practice. These are basic skills that are vital in supporting your child(ren) to succeed and make excellent progress.


Please see further details below...



Each day there will be a Garage session for the children to complete. As the teacher, I will be able to set different tables and track their progress. All pupils across the school are expected to complete this each day and therefore if they do not do so at home, they will be required to at break/lunch time. If for any reason they are unable to get onto TTRS at home then they are able to take a paper copy home that I will mark the next day. This is vital that the Year 4 children, especially, do this each day as they will be required to sit a multiplication test at the end of the year which will determine whether or not they are competent in their times tables.



We are continuing to use Go Read again this year, however it has now changed its name to Boom Reader. The children will have an allotted day/s (stated in their homework book) in which they will be read with by a member of staff and change their book if necessary. However, it is very important pupils do extra reading at home with parents/carers or independently and add comments to Boom Reader so that they make good progress throughout the year.



Each Friday, the children will take a spelling test and be given a score out of 10. Most of these words are specific to Year 4 and pupils are required to know how to spell them to be secure in SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar) at the end of the year. There is also a big focus on handwriting and presentation this year as it has slipped somewhat since lockdown. Therefore, we ask that the children focus on their cursive handwriting whilst practising their spellings as it will help them to improve more quickly. There is an example of cursive handwriting in their homework books for them to follow. 


Please find a summary below of daily home learning tasks. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me and I will endeavour to solve the issue.


Many thanks for your continued support, it means a lot.


What?When?How Often?Date Sent Home?

Times Tables Rock Stars

(IMPORTANT: play in Garage!)

During the school day / after school at home Daily Friday

Boom Reader 

(Formerly known as 'Go Read')

After school at home *Daily Day assigned to pupil (Check in homework book)
Weekly Spellings After school at home Daily Friday