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Due to the current Government restrictions, we will not be sending out or receiving paper homework. Homework books will be given out to keep at home and record homework however we will not expect this to be in school. Homework grids will be uploaded every half term to the class page. Pupils should do this at home in their homework books and photographic evidence should be uploaded to the class blog. If you are unsure on how to access the blog, you can find instructions on how to do so below.

Our Christmas Carol:

See Him Lying on a Bed of Straw










This year, we are unable to do our usual Christmas Carol Concert. So, instead, each class are going to be learning a Christmas Carol to film that can then be put together as a Carol Service for you to watch at home. Our Christmas Carol is See Him Lying on a Bed of Straw.


We are practising everyday during class, however due to COVID-19 restrictions we are only able to do this for 15 minutes. Therefore, it is really important that you are practicing at home to ensure you know all the lyrics for when we film it (Monday 30th November 2020).


Here are the lyrics and a link to the video that we are using to practise with in school: 


We also need to learn this prayer to say at the end of our carol: