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Spring Homework

As we enter a new term, you have a new set of homework tasks to complete throughout the Spring term. 

The essential tasks that must be completed before we break up for Easter are highlighted in red and have been allocated as homework on J2 Homework.  These are the tasks you MUST do!


You should complete one task per week and either submit it for review using your files on BGFL, upload it to the blog or bring your homework book in to mark.  If you are bringing your homework book in for review, make sure it is brought in on the Monday so that I can return it to you by the Friday.


Please make sure you mark the homework as completed in the J2 homework section of BGFL.  I will review the homework you have completed each Monday which gives you the weekend to complete it. 





Finding files on BGFL

If you need to find a file that I have allocated to you on BGFL, simply follow the steps below after you have logged in!

Read Theory Homework


Each weekend, I would like everybody in Year 5 to log on to Read Theory and complete as many quizzes as you can from Friday 1pm until Sunday evening.


Your login details are on the laminated sheet that I gave you at the beginning of the year. Click here to visit the website.  When you have completed the homework, mark it as complete on the homework section of BGFL.


Please be aware, this is an American website so you may notice some differences in spellings.  If you spot any spelling differences, let me know and I'll award you with some 'SuperSlueth' housepoints.


Read Theory is a wonderful website to help you improve your reading understanding.  I will be expecting EVERYONE to go on this weekly and will be monitoring it so please make sure you log on, read the text and answer the quizzes.  I will see the results so please make sure you try your hardest.


Good luck Year 5!

Our Christmas Carol

This week, we will begin learning the Christmas Carol that has been chosen for Year 5 to perform - O Little Town of Bethlehem.

It is my all time favourite carol so I am delighted this has been given to us by Miss Hand. I've put the lyrics below so that you can also practise it at home.  


If you're not sure how it sounds or would like to have some backing music to help you practise, please click here.

Half Term Computing Project


Over the half term, I would like you all to try to complete a computer project on 3D modelling.  The task will involve you using a website called 'Tinkercad' which you can access by clicking here. 


To complete the challenge, simply click on the link below and follow the instructions in the lesson set by 'The Oak National Academy'.  Once you have completed this and followed all of the steps, see how creative you can be with 3D modelling, take pictures and post them on the blog or email your work to me!


I look forward to seeing your creative work!



Autumn Term Homework

For the moment, all homework should be completed in your homework book and this must stay at home.  Sadly, we cannot have books in due to the current COVID-19 situation.  Instead, please take a photo of your work and post it, along with a short description of what you have done, onto the Year 5 blog.  Once I have read and published it, I will award your housepoints for all of your hard work.


NEW: If you have any homework that you cannot post on the blog, you can now email it to me at


The homework grid for Autumn is as follows:

Instructions for posting on the Year 5 blog

Parachute homework - Monday 21st September 2020


Today, we attempted to make parachutes in our science lesson using very limited resources.  Whilst they worked ok, they didn't look great and weren't really able to show us about air resistance.  In light of this, I am setting you a 'parachute challenge.'  


Your challenge is to create the best parachute that you can make.  It should be well designed, well constructed and be more adventurous than the plastic ones we made in the lessons.  I'm giving this a project that can be completed between now and when we come back from the half term holiday.  If you take your time and produce an outstanding parachute, I will award you 50 housepoints so don't rush it as there are a lot of points up for grabs!


Happy designing Year 5!

Collective Worship Homework - Friday 11th September


As we are unable to have masses and assemblies, our collective worship will take place within the classroom for the time being.  I'd like this to be a whole class effort where we will be able to share thoughts, readings and meditations together to bring us closer to God and enhance our faith further.  In light of this, your 'collective worship homework' is to think about how you can contribute towards our collective worship.  This could take the form of:

  • A prayer that you have written,
  • A bible reading that you have found that you would like to share,
  • An inspirational quote that you would like to talk about,
  • Something linked to our half term's Catholic Virtues of 'Curious and Active'.


I would like to start the collective worship next week and would love to start using some of your thoughts, prayers and inspirations during the week.  If you would like to contribute, please do this and bring it in on Tuesday so that we can put them together and select 2 for the week.  Any others will be used in collective worships during the remainder of the weeks in the term.


I look forward to hearing and sharing your thoughts and ideas.



World Homeless Day and World Mental Health Day -
Saturday 10th October


As we think about two special days this weekend, I would invite the children to take time to reflect on those who may not have a home to call their own or who may be struggling to see the good in things.  It's really important that we consider these people as we go about our daily lives and I have asked the children to make this the focus of our collective worship next week. 


In addition, we are ALL going to try and perform an act of kindness this weekend and then blog about it using #pledgekindness.  It doesn't have to be anything big because 'No act of kindness, however small is wasted.'  A smile at someone who doesn't appear happy really could make their day.


So let's spread some kindness this weekend Year 5!