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Important Information

Important Information


Advent - 27th November - 24th December 2020


As we enter the season of Advent, we take the time to pause and prepare for the coming of Christ. We make it our priority to give to those in need and help them during this special time. 


In light of this, each Friday in Advent we will be having a charity Friday to raise money for those around us in need. For each Friday the children will be allowed to wear their own clothes in exchange for a small donation. Below you can see the dates of our Advent fundraising, what wonderful charities we are supporting and how you can help. It would be wonderful if we could all get involved in this special time of Advent to help those less fortunate than us.


Friday 27th November - Local Food Bank



On this day we would like you to bring items to support and help your local food banks who are in real need of our support right now. For this day, in exchange for wearing your own clothes we would like you to donate food items.


The items the food bank needs are the following:

Dry Food Items  Cereal, Rice, Pasta, Lentils, Beans, Pulses, Biscuits
Tinned Food Items  Soup, Pasta Sauce, Tomatoes, Vegetables, Fruit, Meat
Drinks  Tea, Coffee, UHT Milk, Longlife Fruit Juice



Friday 4th December - CAFOD World Gifts



On this day we would like you to bring in a donation of £1 to CAFOD. This money will go towards 'World Gifts' to help those around the world who need it the most. As a class, we have decided we will raise enough money to buy a goat and an emergency supply of water for a family in need.


Click on the images below to find out more information about the gifts that we are hoping to purchase:



You may wear your own clothes to school as a reward for donating £1.



Friday 11th December - Christmas Jumper Day



On this day we will be asking for £1 donation for Birmingham Children's Hospital, who do a huge amount of work for people in our very own community. We will be joining them in their Jolly Christmas Jumper Day on 11th December. If you are wearing a Christmas jumper today, please ensure that you bring in £1 donation.



Friday 18th December - Father Hudson's Society


On this day, we are asking for donations of £1 for Father Hudson's Society. This is a charity that we would normally support during Lent/Easter, however we were unable to this year due to COVID-19. We have therefore decided to support them during the season of Advent. We won't be collecting money in the money boxes as usual, we will simply be donating the money we raise for wearing our own clothes.



Please find below the school times and arrival gates for Year 4 for this Autumn half term.



*The school day finishes after lunch time on a Friday to allow the school to be deep cleaned for the following week.



If you have multiple children in the school, they will be dropped off and picked up with the child that has the earliest time. For Year 4, your children should come in and out of Gate B with their siblings.



Please could you ensure that your child does not wear jewellery of any kind on a Tuesday prior to their P.E lesson. Spending time taking jewellery off can often shorten our lesson, so to avoid this please can it be left at home. Not only for this reason but it is safer left at home than in school. 


Also, for any girls that wear earrings; can they be taken out before coming to school as I am aware some of the children can't take them out themselves.


Thank you for your co-operation.


Miss Elliott & Mrs Ainsworth



As of September 2020, we are getting rid of biscuits and juices at break time and instead allowing your child to bring in their own healthy snack. This is just a small something to keep them going until lunch time so does not need to be anything huge or special. As our school policy states, children are not allowed to bring in chocolate and crisps. Here are some examples of appropriate and inappropriate healthy snacks.


Appropriate healthy snacks Inappropriate healthy snacks



cereal bar

chocolate bar




We also expect your child to bring a healthy packed lunch with them, unless they are eligible for Free School Meals. This should include healthy foods that will energise your child for the rest of the day. We only have 15 minutes in the classroom to eat our lunch so it might be worth providing a smaller portion of food to ensure your child eats all of it in the time. 


Your child should also bring in their own water bottle labelled with their name.


Thank you for your continued support,


Miss Elliott & Mrs Ainsworth