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Important notices

*** Important News***

Online Safety Week 2023 6.2.2023


This week ( Week 6) marks Online Safety Week here at St Rose. This is an extremely important event in our school calendar were each year we aim to raise awareness of online issues and safety online and while using technology. This week, we will be focusing on the theme of ' Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations online.' We are celebrating by putting children's voices at the heart of this week and encouraging them to talk about the online safety knowledge and support they know and receive  and how to use technology responsibly and safely.


To mark this event we will be having an assembly led by The Lighthouse Group and special online safety workshops in the parish hall. The children will also be having online safety lessons in class and will focus on a variety of topics such as cyberbullying, data and privacy, online reputation etc. Please don't forget there will also be an Online Safety Parent Workshop on Wednesday 15th February at 2pm.


By clicking on the image link below you will go to our Computing page. When you scroll down, you will see an Online Safety section, which has lots of resources about Online Safety for both children and parents. There is lots of information, quizzes, resources and games for you and your child to read and enjoy. Please make sure you continue to talk technologically advanced world.



Snacks in Year 3


As the children are now in KS2 they no longer get free fruit at snack time so if your child would like a snack they can bring one in their bag but it must be healthy. This could be...


Fruit snacks

Fruit - apples, oranges, bananas etc.


Cereal Bars

Uniform policy

We thank you as always for your continued support with the uniform policy however this is a gentle reminder that the uniform is a combined school and PE uniform which allows for active moments at any time. The uniform consists of...

Plain black joggers

A white polo shirt 

Royal blue jumper or cardigan

and plain black trainers


The children should come to school in the appropriate uniform for the benefit of our active lifestyle and teaching but it also helps with the safety of the active sessions when the children are dressed in the appropriate clothing. 


Please see the uniform policy below for more detailed explanations about the uniform.