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Important Notices and Events

Summer 1

Year 1 Maths Inspire Workshop

Wednesday 25th May 2022

Dear Year 1 Parents / Carers,


I would like to warmly invite you to a parent Maths Inspire Workshop on Wednesday 25th May 2022 from 9am to 9.30am. The meeting’s focus is Maths and will be focused on key information on how to support with Maths and Number at home.


There will also be an opportunity for children to show some of the Maths activities we do in class and I will also be holding a quick question and answer session included where parents can address key queries or concerns. This is an opportunity for me to give you extra support in Maths and to give help and advice or resources where needed. Packs will also be given during the session with key information about Maths for your child in Year 1 and into Year 2.  


Maths is such an important part of the Year 1 curriculum and we would love to see as many of you there as possible I am hoping that by giving you plenty of notice arrangements can be made with work, child care etc where parents can be able to attend. I also hope you will also find it very enjoyable!


I hope you are able to attend and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 25th May.


Kind Regards,

Miss Murphy

Important Dates for Summer 1 

The next half term for Summer 1 is only a short time but it is still very busy! Here are the important dates you need to remember for the next 5 weeks.

DateEventImportant Information
Monday 25th April 2022School reopens for all children at 8.45am
Monday 2nd May 2022Bank HolidaySchool closed to all children
Thursday 5th May 2022Voting DaySchool closed to all children
Tuesday 10th May 2022 Choir ConcertConcert for parents in the hall 3.45 - 4.15pm
Friday 27th May 2022Break up for half term at 1.00pm




Spring 2

Half Term Project

Mardi Gras Masks

To celebrate Lent over the half-term, we would like the children to have a go at making a Mardi Gras mask for our very own parade at school. The Mardi Gras colours – purple, green and gold all have a special meaning. We would like the children to bring their masks in on the first day back – Tuesday 1st March.  Please click on the image above to go to the official page to find more information on the Mardi Gras masks and to see some photo inspiration of ideas. We look forward to seeing what they create and we hope they will enjoy taking part in the parade.

World Book Day

Thursday 3rd March 2022



On Thursday 3rd March 2022 we will be celebrating World Book Day at St Rose. You can find a poster below with information about all the different things that will be happening. There will be lots of exciting events happening on the day and all week. On the 3rd March we are asking all the children to dress up as their favourite word from a book to encourage language and vocabulary. We want to see what amazing words you can come up with from your most loved books! There will be many reading activities in school throughout the day- we will be taking part in a 'Drop Everything and Read' challenge where the ball will ring continually throughout the day. When this happens the children need to stop whatever they are doing, choose a favourite book from the classroom and sit and read it for five- ten minutes. This is to encourage reading for pleasure and to give children time to enjoy their favourite stories and to immerse themselves in books and reading.


We will also be hosting an extreme reading competition here in school. We would like you to take a picture of you reading in the weirdest place you can find. Take a photo of yourself reading in an 'extreme ' place ( without endangering yourself!) Be as creative or imaginative as you like! We look forward to receiving your photos when you bring them into school and we will be choosing winners for the most creative and extreme places we find. The best photo from each class will win a prize and the competition will be judged by the school council. When you send us your photos remember to state your name, the title of the book you are reading and your location. You can also add more information or a comment about the book explaining what it is about, what you enjoyed etc. The photos must be in before World Book Day and some examples and the winners will be shared in the whole school assembly. You can see more information on World Book Day by clicking on the image above at the top of the page.


Finally, we will be having a book fair here in school from Wednesday 2nd March- Wednesday 9th March. This is a great opportunity for you to buy great quality books suitable for your age group and interests. The book club will be held in the school hall from 3.30-4pm on Wednesday 2nd March, Thursday 3rd, Monday 7th March, and Tuesday 8th March. Parents can make a payment either by cash, card or by scanning a QR code into their phone at the fair. They can also pay ay home from an online link. Make sure you ask your parents to come and you might want to start browsing what books you want to buy! Please click on the links below to browse the book fair collection and to see how you can pay for books online at home. By clicking on the World Book Day image at the top of this page you can also go directly to the World Book Day official website where you can find lots of fun and engaging reading activities to try out at home.


Make sure you start planning your outfits- we can't wait to see what amazing ideas the children come up with and to see you all dressed up and ready to read on Thursday 3rd March. 

World Book Day Resources

World Book Day Poster

Book Fair Resources

Book Fair Poster

Spring 1

Safer Internet Week-

Monday 7th February Week 6



In Week 6 we will be celebrating Safer Internet Week. This week will have a focus on E Safety and staying safe while online and using different technologies. There are lots of different and exciting events happening this week!


There will be class E Safety Workshops in the Parish Hall for Year 1-5. KS1 will be participating in the 'Into the Screen' workshop whereas KS2 are looking at 'Being Kind Online.' We are so excited to have visitors come into our school and work with us on using different technologies safely! The School Council will also be leading a Whole School Assembly on e Safety on Thursday 10th February. They have created this assembly themselves so we are all so excited to see what they come up with and to learn from them!


Year 5 and 6 are taking part in an amazing opportunity this week also. On Thursday 3rd February Year 5 and 6 will be taking part in an online webinar form Amazon.  It is a virtual tour of Amazon’s workshop and will be from 2pm-3pm. The older children are so excited to find out about Amazon's warehouses and how they use wonderful types of technology on a daily basis and I am sure some of them even hope to work for them someday! There will also be a variety of classroom lessons and activities on E Safety. Each class will receive lessons from their teachers on  Online Bullying and Health, Well Being and Lifestyle and we look forward to seeing the super work they will produce! Perhaps they can bring it home and show it to you afterwards?


To get you excited about E Safety and keeping safe online I have created a page with lots of fun and active activities, games and resources all to do with online and internet safety. You can find the page by clicking on the picture or link below.



4th February 2022

On Friday 4th February 2022 we will be having a whole day devoted to all things Maths. As a school, we will be raising money for the NSCPCC and raising the profile of Maths. On this day children can wear their own clothes and are being encouraged to dress up. They could dance as dress as their Numbots Robot or Times Table Rockstar character, clothes with numbers on or something else 'maths' related. The Year One children love Numberblocks- perhaps they could come as one of those?!  There will be house points and certificates for 'best dressed'. Please remember that if you come in your own clothes, you should bring a £1 donation for the NSPCC charity.


On this day, each class will be doing elements of Practical Maths in their classrooms. In Year One we are going to be focusing on Time and Money on this day and photos will be put on the school website- keep your eyes peeled! It is important that the children enjoy themselves and see that Maths is more than just paper and pencils. There will also be Times Table Rockstar Tournaments where we will complete against other schools over a week which is so exciting! We will be having a complete day of Maths and the children and I are really looking forward to it! 


Make sure you start planning your outfits and we can't wait to see the children on Friday 4th February dressed up for Maths and Number Day


Aston Hall Y1 Trip

Thursday 3rd February 2022


On Thursday 3rd February 2022, Year One will be going to Aston Hall as part of their History topic for Kings and Queens. We will be spending the whole day there and travelling by coach. The children will be in uniform as normal and letters have been sent home about requiring packed lunches and asking for parent permission. If you need a school lunch please fill in the form and send it back to us or children can alternatively bring their own packed lunch from home. Please ensure you child has any inhalers or medication in school for that day so we can bring it with us. If children want a drink for the trip they may bring a bottle with them but it MUST be water only.


We are really looking forward to the trip and can't wait to take your children there- we are so excited!  



Autumn 2

Advent- Charitable Giving 

November and December 2021


In the last 4 weeks of term the following advent charitable giving will take place this year and the children will be allowed to wear their own clothes for the remaining Fridays of this term. There is also a link at the bottom of the page where you can find more information.


Friday 26th November- own clothes

CAFOD World Gifts - £1 per child.



Friday 3rd December - wear it purple day!


SVP - Gift of Warmth - £1 per child

Friday 10th December -wear a Christmas jumper!


Birmingham Children's Hospital Christmas Jumper Day - £1 per child.


Friday 17th December - own clothes

This will not be a fundraising day but a reward for the children helping with the following acts of kindness.



To find more information on our Advent charitable giving please click on the picture below.



Our Common Home

15.11.2021 Week 3




Next week is our Common Home Week and there are lots of exciting things happening at our school! These include dressing up for Children in Need on Friday 19th November, taking part in a Theatre Day and attending assemblies about our common home. Please click on the links below to find some information on everything you need to know about the week. There are also some exciting ideas for costumes that you can wear for Children in Need- the theme is to come as something from God's Creation. For the theatre day we are asking for donations of single use plastic such as bags and bottles, as well as toilet roll tubes. Further information can be found by clicking on the links below and looking at your text messages. We are so excited for our common home week and we can't wait for you to get involved with us!








Homework Year 1 Autumn 2 2.11.2021



Today the children have been sent home with the Year 1 Homework Challenge for Autumn 2 Term along with the new homework grid.


I would like to remind you that the children’s homework books are only for homework given by school from the homework challenge and that your child should only be doing one activity from the homework challenge every week.


Whilst it is lovely that some of you do additional homework with your child, could I politely ask that you refrain from including this in the school homework book. The homework book we supply should only document evidence from the homework challenge we set from the grid.  This could be through pictures, photos, writing etc. This work will then be marked and returned to you.


If you do any extra work at home, please feel free to do it in your own separate book and bring it in to show us but sadly, this work will not be marked.


I hope this makes sense and thank you for all your hard work and support.


Autumn 1

Harvest Festival Donations

14th October 2021


In Week 7 of Autumn 1 we will be celebrating the harvest festival as a school. The celebration will be led by the Liturgical Group who will make class posters and promote the event, as well as deciding where the food donations will go to. 


On Friday 15th October 2021 there will be a whole school assembly led by the Liturgical Group to the rest of the school all about The Harvest Celebration. Before the assembly we are asking all children to bring in something for the harvest as we are hoping to show our  a display of harvest food donations from the St Rose children. 


Food donations must be bought in  no later than Thursday 14th October, so that they can be shown for the assembly. All the food will then be donated to people in need in our local community and parish in Weoley Castle and Birmingham.


 Please ensure the children only bring food that will keep for a while  e.g tins, cans, packets, biscuits, pasta etc. Letters will be going out to all children and parents next week  so start thinking about what you could bring to help those in need. Don't forget  that the deadline for bringing in food donations is Thursday 14th October.


Please see a helpful wish list below of what useful food items to bring for the harvest.


Thank you for you co-operation and we are so looking forward to seeing what variety of food the children bring in!

Harvest Wish List Ideas for St Rose October 2021


Macmillian Own Clothes Day

Wear it Green

Friday 1st October 2021

On Friday 1st October we are having an own clothes day to raise money for the charity 'Macmillian Cancer Support'. We want everyone to come in wearing green that day to support Macmillian. You can dress in green clothes, wear a green costume, dye your hair green or even paint your face green - the greener the better! We kindly ask that if you wear your own clothes next Friday you please bring in a donation of £1 for this fantastic charity. As a school we want to raise as much money as we can for Macmallian so, if you do come in your own clothes, please do bring a £1 donation. 


Important Notice- Using Go Read 



When using Go Read online diaries please do not mark or tick your child’s reading book as completed. When you do this it means that teachers or teaching assistants can-not leave a comment for your child when they read  to them at school.


Even if you have finished a book, please do not mark it as complete on Go Read. We ask kindly that you let only the teachers at school mark a book as complete and this will ensure that you can see our daily comments, when we read with your child at school.


Thank you for your co-operation.


Miss Murphy and Mrs Lynch

School Photographs

Monday 20th September


On Monday we have the photographer in  to take the photographs for the new academic year.  Please ensure your child is dressed smartly ready in their uniform and that they arrive promptly for the start of the school day. Photos will be taken of individual children and siblings and will be sent out you in a few weeks time.