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Important Notices

Important Notices


In this section of the class page, i'll add any important information that I think you need to know about Year 5.  Please make sure you check this regularly to keep as up to date as possible.  Thank you.

Science Experiment

ase remember that we will be carrying out our Science investigation on thermal conductors and insultators on Monday

For this, you have agreed to bring in the following items to carry out the investigation with your partner.


Tia - Tin foil and a scarf

Valentina - wrapping paper and a sock

Lisa - Tin foil and wrapping paper

Alex - a sock and tin foil

Roisin - a sock and cardboard

Chris - Bubble wrap and tin foil

Seth - Toilet paper and tin foil

Alicja - A scarf and toilet paper

Lily - Tea towel and tin foil

Mahdiyah - Bubble and wrap and a mini blanket

Dion - Tin foil and a sock

Ryan - Kitchen cloth and a sock

Katie - Cling film and paper

Logan - Tin foil and toilet paper

Antonia - Scarf and a bandana

Jamie - Sock and toilet paper

Maisie O - Cling film and tin foil

Oneli - Tin foil and plastic wrap

Yna - Sock and a cloth

Maisey R - wrapping paper and toilet paper

Jonathan - paper and a sock

Leilah - Tin foil and cling film

Gibril - toilet paper and a sock

Corran - Toilet paper and paper

Jarred - Tin foil and plastic

Ali Jay - Tin foil and a sock

Jake - Paper and a scarf

Karys - Tin foil and a scarf


Parent Consultation Phone Calls

It was wonderful to speak to so many of you this week during our parents consultation afternoon on Wednesday.  For those of you who were unable to book a slot or I could not get hold of, please do not panic as Mr Carroll will be sending out another link with an alternative date for you to book in on.  This will be one of the evenings after school.   As soon as I am aware that the link has been sent out, I'll let your children know accordingly.



Children in need - Friday!

This Friday is an 'own clothes' day to help raise money for Children in Need.  

Now, more than ever, charities need our support so we are going to try and raise as much money as we can by bringing in a £1 donation.

October half term


After almost 8 weeks, the October half term is almost upon is and it will give us all a wonderful opportunity to rest and recooperate before we return for the second Autumn half term.  Please be aware of the half term dates as follows:


Break up:  Friday 23rd October at 12.30pm

Return:    Tuesday 3rd November at 8.45am.

NEW Start and Finish times for Year 5 - w/c 19th October


Please note, there has been a change to the finish times for Year 5 from Monday 19th October.  We will continute to leave the school via the gates on the main car park so please make sure you bring the children to these gates each morning.  If your child has a younger sibling in the school, please bring them to the Year 5 gate and we will take them to their correct class.


Start of the Day

Start time Gate C (main car park gate) Gate D (main school gate)
8.45am Year 5 children who have NO siblings Year 5 children WITH their siblings.


Home time collection (Monday - Thursday)

Home time Gate C (main car park gate) Gate D (main school gate)
3.10pm Year 5 children who have NO siblings Year 5 children WITH their siblings.


Home time collection (Friday)

Home time Gate C (main car park gate) Gate D (main school gate)
12.45pm Year 5 children who have NO siblings Year 5 children WITH their siblings.



Harvest Festival - Wednesday 14th October


This year, we will celebrate harvest festival in a very different way however, the importance of the festival remains the same.  Each year, we collect tinned and dried items as part of the parish to help those who may be struggling to put food on their table.  Under normal circumstances, the number of people needing the assistance of food banks is great but, as a result of COVID-19, this number has increased dramatically.  As we continue to follow in Jesus' footsteps and work in the image and likeness of God, it is even more important that we try to support those who need it most.  In light of this, we will once again be asking for donations of tinned and dried foods (nothing fresh) so that we may give these to local food banks. 


We will be celebrating Harvest Festival on Wednesday 14th October but any donations can be brought into our classroom before then.


Thank you for your support.

Technology survey for Year 5


Please could you ensure you complete the technology survey for year 5 ASAP by clicking on the link below.  This is really important as we need to have an understanding of what technology you have available to you at home, just in case our class has to work from home.  Please click on the link, select your child's name and then complete the survey.  Many thanks.


Year 5 technology survey - please click here!



School photographs

Your child has had their annual school photograph taken today (Monday 21st September).  In their bag, they have been given a QR code that enables you to order copies of their photograph.  Please ensure you take this sheet out of their bag and follow the instructions on the back.  Many thanks.

Year 5 email address


I now have an email address set up for any communication regarding Year 5.  As it is more difficult to talk to us now because of the guidelines with regards to social distancing, this email address can be used for any queries relating to your child and the classroom.  Should you need to send me an email regarding your child please do so at and I will endeavour to get back to you.



Cold, Flu or Coronavius?

I found this table the other day which I thought would be useful for you, particularly as there are lots of cold bugs around at the moment.  I hope it is of some assistance to you.

Flu vaccination letters

A letter has been sent home today regarding flu vaccines.  These take place in October and need to be brought back to school by Friday 2nd October.  Please take the time to talk to your child about this as these vaccines are especially important this year.  Many thanks.

Science Resources for Monday 21st September


We continue our forces next week and will be looking at gravity, falling and air resistance.  As part of the lesson, each child will need to make their own parachute to test air resistance using different materials.  Given the current circumstances, we cannot share the resources in the classroom so each child will need to bring a plastic bag in order to complete the experiment.  Please can this be brought in on Monday ready for the lesson in the afternoon.  


Many thanks

School PE Uniform


This year, we are trialling an update of our uniform policy to ensure that the enriched, active, engaging and all weather curriculum we want for our children can be realised.


We are embracing the 'Daily Mile' alongside out weekly PE lesson and outside learning in Year 5 which mean the children can be in the classroom one minute, and outside the next.  The children therefore need to be in active wear to enable this to happen so that every minute of the day really does count.  In light of this, children should wear trainers (shoes) and joggers instead of trousers and skirts or dresses BUT they must all be plain black.  


The School PE uniform is therefore now:

  • Royal Blue V Neck sweatshirt or cardigan with the school badge and gold stripe.
  • White polo shirt (preferably with the school logo on it).
  • Plain black joggers.
  • Plain black trainers/shoes - suitable for all weathers and for running the Daily Mile.


Our PE lesson takes place each Thursday afternoon and the children will be involved in a 'Spade to Fork' session each Wednesday.  Combined with our 'Daily Mile', these physical activities will help us to achieve our class wish of having 'active bodies' as well as 'active minds.'


Spade to Fork - Autumn Term


This term, Year 5 are very lucky to be having a 'Spade to Fork' session each Wednesday afternoon as part of their enrichment timetable.  This will involve being outside so the children need to be dressed appropriately for the environment they will be working in and the changing weather conditions. 


In light of this, each Wednesday please ensure your child comes to school wearing the following:

  • Old, warm clothes that you do not mind your child getting dirty e.g. an old pair of tracksuit bottoms, warm jumper or sweatshirt, woolly hat, gloves and a scarf.
  • Old, warm waterproof coat.


Please also come to school with a labelled plastic carrier bag containing a pair of wellington boots and a pair of warm long socks.  These can be kept in school if you would prefer.