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Important Updates




As you are aware, this half term we are reading 'The Firework-Maker's Daughter' by Phillip Pullman in English. Our first piece of writing was an adventure story all about Lila's (the main character) journey to Mount Merapi. 


Over the next three weeks, we will be planning and writing our own set of instructions based on how to make a firework. In order to plan for this, we will be making our own fireworks and writing down the steps we have taken to do this. These fireworks will be made out of recycled materials, such as: toilet roll holders, pipe cleaners, cans, tins, etc. We will then be using coloured card and paint to decorate them. 


Please could you encourage your child to start brining materials into school with them from Tuesday 22nd September ready for Monday 28th September when we will start making them. I have attached a photograph to show examples of what we will be making.


Thank you for your continued support,


Miss Elliott





As of September 2020, we are getting rid of biscuits and juices at break time and instead allowing your child to bring in their own healthy snack. This is just a small something to keep them going until lunch time so does not need to be anything huge or special. As our school policy states, children are not allowed to bring in chocolate and crisps. Here are some examples of appropriate and inappropriate healthy snacks.


Appropriate healthy snacks:

a biscuit, a piece of fruit, a cereal bar


Inappropriate healthy snacks:

a chocolate bar, a cake bar, a packet of crisps, a Dairylea Dunker


We also expect your child to bring a healthy packed lunch with them, unless they are eligible for Free School Meals. This should include healthy foods that will energise your child for the rest of the day. We only have 15 minutes in the classroom to eat our lunch so it might be worth providing a smaller portion of food to ensure your child eats all of it in the time. 


Your child should also bring in their own water bottle labelled with their name.


Thank you for your continued support,


Miss Elliott & Mrs Ainsworth


In Year 4, we do PE on a Tuesday afternoon. Your child should be wearing the appropriate uniform to partake in this without getting change. Due to the new time table, we do not have time to get changed before and after our PE lesson, therefore your child should be wearing plain black jogging bottoms and trainers for school.


In Year 4, your child is expected to play Ukulele. We have an external teacher, Mr Aaron, who comes in on a Thursday afternoon to teach this. Due to the current guidelines, the children aren't able to play the ukulele in these sessions. We are hoping this will change in October sometime. Instead, the children will be learning vital music skills to enable them to play the ukulele when they are able to. Further on in the year, the children will be allowed to take a ukulele home with them in order to practice. More information about this will be given out nearer the time.

Start and end of the school day


Monday - Friday Year 4 children will arrive through gates A & B at 8.55am


Monday - Thursday Year 4 children will depart through gates A & B at 3.10pm.


Friday Year 4 children will depart through gates A & B at 12.40pm.


Children with younger siblings will bring them through gate B.