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The Daily Mile



Every day in school Year One run the Daily Mile and it is really important that you keep up this wonderful fitness while you are at home for the net two weeks isolating. I love running and am going to try and incorporate this into my daily routine by running in my garden every day. This will keep me fit and healthy as well as helping my mental health. I would love all of the children to join in with me so I am going to set them a special active challenge over the next two weeks.  I challenge all the children to try and run or walk a mile every day in your gardens. Running is so good for your body and fitness and it s a completely free activity to do, plus I promise you it makes you feel so good after! Just make sure you either  post photos or videos on your blog of you running your mile so I can give you lots of house points- I really encourage you to try and run the mile but if you are struggling, you can walk, as long as it is a brisk pace!  ! To find out more about the daily mile program and to see their challenges for each week click on the link below:

PE at Home


One of our PE co-ordinators, Mrs Lay has  launched a brand new initiative called 'PE at Home.' Mrs Lay has been very busy working with other PE teachers to create PE lessons that you can complete at home! She has set up a Twitter account and she would love to see you completing some of the challenges! Each week, she will upload a new PE resource card that you can use at home.  This is very exciting and provides you all with another way of keeping active. I have added these to the website so that you can access them to help you keep fit and healthy- they will be found underneath this text.


However you can also download the packs and resource cards yourself. If your parents use Twitter, get them to follow @PEatHome1 and share photos of you doing the activities so that Mrs Lay can see what you've been up to.  I know she'd love to see you using the resources that they are providing for you.  To encourage you to get active and to share, I am offering 20 HOUSE POINTS for anyone that posts photos and videos of Mrs Lay's PE lessons  on the Y1 Blog!


Let's get active Year 1!



Keep yourself Fit and Healthy with Change 4 Life Website


 I had a look at some more online free resources that you can use to keep yourselves fit, healthy and well. I found this fantastic website where I have given all the links below if you just scroll down on the webpage. and click on the dark green wording.


Kids need to be active for 60 minutes a day and on this change 4 life website there are lots of different information about active sports and hobbies, quizzes and fun 10 Minute Shake Up games. It has everything you need to get you and your family moving and you can have lots of fun while doing it!


Try one of the activities and post it on your blog so that you can earn a fitness award star and points from j2stars!


  • CHANGE 4 LIFE OFFICIAL WEBSITE A fantastic website giving children lots of ideas and activities to keep them fit, healthy and moving while at home!

  • CHANGE 4 LIFE WAKE UP SHAKE UP ACTIVITIES This is a fantastic webpage with lots of different 10 minute activities and games based on children's favourite Disney films! The activities are quick, fun, engaging and help you keep you moving and fit!

  • CHANGE 4 LIFE A-Z SPORTS ACTIVITIES Here are many different sports and activities that children can do. There are a range of games and sports with instructions of how to do them safely and healthily!