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Keeping Active


It's important you keep active, especially when you're at home.  Here are some different ideas that you could do to keep your body moving and keep your mind active and healthy.



Did you know the Commonwealth Games is coming to Birmingham in 2022?  I know this might seem a while off but it'll come round really quickly.  Just like the London Olympic Games, they are looking for a Mascot for the Games and have a competition to look for the best design.  I know many of you like your art so why not try designing your own mascot and entering the competition?

CARIO WORKOUT (13 minutes long)

Fancy a change from Joe Wicks and Yoga?  Why not try a different cardio class this week and increase your heart rate this week. 


Click here or on the video to take part.


This week, the Youth Sports Trust and Sky Sports have teamed up to mark National School Sports Week this week.  As we won't be having a sports day this year, this would provide you with an excellent chance to do some sports challenges at home.


You can register as a family to take part and see the different activities that you could get involved in.  Click here or on the picture to find out more.


You might decide to take part in the 60 second challenges.  These include air balloon, bean bag throwing, squat challenge or the star jump challenge.  Click here to find out more about the 60 second challenges.


There's a challenge sheet that you can complete to show your achievements.  Click here to download it.



As the weather forecast looks a bit better for this week, I'd like to start the week by encouraging you all to start walking or running a mile each day.  Had we been in school as normal, this is something that would have been on the timetable so you've got the perfect opportunity to start training ready for when school returns back to normal.  I started doing this with the year 6 children last week and discovered that 1 mile =  19 laps of the playground. 


Daily exercise is not only good for your heart, lungs and your overall fitness but it is also good for your mile and walking doesn't cost a penny.  If you try to beat your time every time you do the mile, you'll be able to see how much fitter you're getting.  I started off the week walking 19 laps in 19 minutes but, by the end of the week, had completed it in 17 minutes 24 seconds... still by walking but just by walking at a quicker pace.  The aim is for us all to running it so this really is a good way to get your training started before we do it in school.  To find out more about the programme, click here to find out more about the programme and to see what challenges they are setting this week.


Set yourself the target to walk or run 1 mile each day this week and record your times each day - I wonder who will be the quickest walker in Year 3?  So far, you've got 17 minutes and 24 seconds to beat!



Name Date Walk or Run Time completed
Miss Neville 11.6.2020 Walk 17 minutes 24 seconds
Miss Neville 15.6.2020 Walk  14 minutes 56 seconds




Yoga for Kids

A good way to get ready for a meditation is to do some Yoga.  Yoga is an excellent exercise to stretch your body and calm your mind.  Not only does it make you feel calmer but, if you keep on doing Yoga, your muscles will become more flexible.  Try this yoga session before trying the meditation below.  Click on the image or click here to take the class.


Samba Challenge

Fancy trying a different dance style?  Imoves has created a Samba dance challenge for you that I think you'd love.  Click here to learn more about how you can take part and get those hips moving to the Samba beat.


Birmingham School Games

Miss Arnold has asked us to all to let you know about the Birmingham School Games which is now up and running. The aim of the challenge is to get you taking part in different activities where you aim to achieve a personal best.  The games is a virtual portal where a new challenge is set each week.  All you have to do is complete the challenge and upload your personal best.  There will be a prize for the people who end up in the top 5 for each challenge and, once the challenge has been completed, if you remain in the top 5 you will receive a virtual Schools Games Value Badge.  Once normal school resumes and it is safe to do so, you will then receive a physical badge.  As you won't have a sports day this year, this would be a great way for you to represent and compete for the school. 


Click here to visit the portal and our school area code is: shenley.


The Great British Children's Challenge

This challenge would also be a good way to keep your mind focused during your continued time at home.  The challenge for June is to complete an hour of exercise each day.  If you sign up for it and pay the challenge fee then you'll receive a medal at the end which would be a wonderful keepsake to remind yourself of 2020.  Click here to visit the website to sign up and let me know either on your blog or via email about whether you're going to join in (whether you sign up for it or not).


As there was a space launch at the weekend, I thought you could do a space Yoga class.  Head over to the Cosmic Kids Yoga channel by clicking here to have a go.



Super Yoga

This 'Super Yoga' session is by Cosmic Kids and is in a similar style to a Just Dance session.  Lasting only 5 minutes, it's a great way to get fit and flexible.

Click on the picture to have a go




I've started to do yoga each day as a way of winding down each evening so I thought you might like to have a go too.  Cosmic Kids Yoga provides excellent classes that have a story theme but I've found a class that links with the Rainbow that we see so often now during these difficult times. 

Click on the image, have a go and let me know what you think!




Steps Challenge

Join the Ramblers Association and take part in one of the steps challenges this week. 


Maybe you could start of slowly and try to do enough steps to have virtually climbed Scafell Pike and then move up the mountains.


Click here to find out more.


Need a step tracker to help you count the steps?

Click here to find out the apps you can download to help you.






Gymnastics at home

Want to try some gymnastics at home?  Visit the BBC website and see some useful videos showing you some key gymnastic moves that you can try.

Click here to visit the website.


The Maze Game


My sister set the children the task of completing a maze that they had drawn out in the garden.  Millie and Jacob had to work together to complete the maze and then drew out their own maze for my sister and brother in law to complete.  It took a while, made them think and work as a team but was certainly a great activity to do out in the sun.  You can draw it out in chalk in your back garden.  Why not ask your parents if they'll do one for you and then you can have a go too!  Don't forget to take lots of pictures. 

Click here to visit the website that this idea was discovered on.  





Morning workout with Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks has become the PE teacher for children worldwide.  Go to his YouTube channel each morning at 9am for a live workout - we'll all be doing it with you!








Dancing with Oti Mabuse

As you know, keeping healthy is really important so today's recommendation comes from the Strictly Dancer Oti Mabuse (@otimabuse).  Every day she will be doing a dance class at 11am live on facebook and Instagram but you can also access this at any time during the day.  You can access the live workout and videos on her Youtube Channel by clicking here.


Yoga with Cosmic Kids

Fancy something a little calmer?  Head to the Cosmic Kids Yoga page to join in with different themed yoga classes.  Click here to access the page.