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Life and Learning in Year One

Autumn 1

Art Week


Week 8 19- 20.10.2021



For Art this week the Year One children have been learning all about colour. They have explored primary and secondary colours and used these to make Mondrian and Van Gogh style paintings. They have pained different squares in red blue and yellow and then mixed yellow and red to make orange for Van Gogh's sunflowers.


The Year One children have also explored warm and cool colours and how these can present themselves in Art. Cool colours can be greys, greens and blues and tend to have a calming atmosphere, whereas warm colours can be firey and include the colours red, orange and yellow.


They have even learn about how tints and shades can be used in colours to give our work depth. We can make a colour lighter by adding white and darker by adding black. The children then used their knowledge of tints and shades to create wonderful paintings of a stormy sea.


The children created some beautiful pictures of Art and you can see pictures of them working = below. Well done to all of Year One!

RE- The Rosary

Week 8 18.10.2021



We are in the month of October which is a very special month. This month is all about the month of Mary and to celebrate this the Year One children have been learning about the Rosary.


In class they have listened to a PPT about why we have the Rosary, and how the beads help us to remember the prayers that we say. The children learnt about how we start with the Sign of the Cross and then say the Our Father, The Glory Be and the Hail Mary.


After listening to why we have the Rosary the children were given beads and held them on the carpet. They talked about how the beads made them feel and what they are used for. The Year One's then coloured the Rosary beads in the correct colours and labelled some of the first, simpler prayer parts. Please see their photos below and well done Year One!

Celebrating the Harvest

October 2021  

This week we have been celebrating the Harvest Festival in Year One and across the school. All of you bought in fantastic food donations on Thursday 14th October which we will be giving to the wonderful Saint Vincent du Paul charity. They work on helping to support and give food to families in Poverty in both Weoley Castle and the surrounding community.  


The children also listened to an assembly on Friday given by the Liturgical Group. They organised all of the chilldren's food items into a display and performed an assembly to the whole school on Friday 15th October all about the Harvest.


They explained why we are celebrating this festival, where our food is being donated to and what this celebrations mean for us as Christians.  All of the children at St Rose were brilliant at bringing in donations on Thursday 14th October- thank you so much for your fantastic support! All of our donations will be going straight to the Saint Vincent Du Paul Society and to families who need our help.


Please see photos of the Liturgical Group's assembly and our food donations as a school below. Thank you again for your amazing donations!

RE- Baptism

Week 7 14.10.2021



To finish off their families and celebrations topic the Year One children have been learning all about baptism. They have been sequencing the events of Baptism, understanding what happens at a service, and have discussed what they symbols mean. The children know that a baby wears white to show purity, and that holy water is used to wash away any sin. The children also understand how a baptism ceremony welcomes a person into God's family and the church. 


The children also enjoyed acting out a baptism service- we had different children act as parents, godparents and the priest. They were super at their different roles and have really understood the importance and symbols of baptism. Please see their photos below and well done Year One!

Science Clouds and Weather

Week 7 12.10.2021


This week we have gone back to our Science topic where we have been learning all about the Seasons. This week the children have been learning about different ty[pes of cloud and what they look like such as cirrus, stratus and cumulus. The Year One children found out that cumulus clouds are fdluffy whereas cirrus clouds are thin, wispy and curly.


They then moved onto looking at and exploring weather forecasts. The children then spoke about what the different weather symbols mean and how meteorologists make scientific guesses and predicitions about the weather. The Year Ones then finished with looking at weather report videos and then had a go at being their own weather reporters. They were given weather cards and a map and had to work in pairs to create and say a weather report based on what they were given.


The children have been so fantastic in their Science work this week and we are so proud of them! Please see pictures of their weather reporting below.

DT Week- Making Windmills

Week 6 7.10.2021



This week we have had a fantastic week full of DT! Our project this week has been to create and build a turbine windmill for a mouse. We began by designing our windmills for mice, creating a door, windows, flowers, signs, a garden, bits of cheese etc. Year One coloured and decorated their templates to make them unique and special for their own mouse and their interests.


 The children then cut out their templates for their structure and their turbines, ensuring that they own cut along the thick lines and not the dotted ones! We then made our structure using paper to create a cylinder which we then stuck to card. The children finished our windmill by putting holes through our cylinder and then feeding a stick through with a paper turbine on. They made their paper turbine by folding the paper over from their template to create a turbine shape and then putting a stick through the model to hold it together. We used carboard and straws as stoppers and axels to help us to ensure our paper turbine stayed in place. 


The children were so excited and proud of themselves to find that their turbines really did work all by themselves. Whenever the turbines were blown on by the children or placed near a fan they began to go around and create wind energy! The children have taken their fantastic creations home today and we really encourage you to ask them about the windmills they bring home. Ask them how they made them and let the children show you how fantastic their turbines are by blowing on them! Well done Year One and please see photos of our DT below.

Learning about Black History 

Week 6 6.10.2021


This week we have been focusing on black history and it's importance. To celebrate this we have been reading and discussing a Newsletter in class all about Black History, which was bade by our own children in the St Rose School Council. The newsletter speaks about important figures throughout black history such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parka, and explains why these people were important. In class, we have spoken about who these people are, why they are important and what this means for us and our attitudes and values at St Rose. You can find a copy of the School Council newsletter below which you may want to read at home with your child. The Newsletter has both bits to read and questions to answer for your child.


The School Council have also made a St Rose News video all about Black History and why we are celebrating it. Year One have watched this video in class this week as part of their ' What's in the News' weekly session on Wednesdays. You can find the link to the St Rose News video below if your child wants to watch it at home again.


The children were wonderful at learning all about Black History and were keen to discuss and reflect on how we can all improve our own attitudes to understand and learn more about such important matters. In Year One, we aim to learn about a range of topics, which cover a wide and diverse range of people and cultures throughout History. Well done Year One for being so fantastic and being so interested in learning all about important Black History! You can see photos of the children learning in class below.









Collective Worship- Mass

Week 6 6.10.2021

Today the Year One children went to Mass for the first time. It was the first time the children had been in the church for a service and Mrs Lynch and I were so impressed with how the children sat. They were extremely reverent during the service and were excellent at listening to Father Gary and his homily. As the children had been in the church looking at objects a few weeks ago, they were able to understand the Mass better and see what these different objects were used for. They understood the importance of the altar, pulpit, lectern etc and how these could be used during the service. We are so proud of Year One for their excellent behaviour at Mass and you can see some photos of them belo

1st October 2021

Wearing Green for Macmillian


Today all of St Rose wore green to show support for the fantastic Cancer Research charity, Macmillian. The children all came to school wearing fantastic green outfits and Mrs Lynch and I were so impressed with the generosity of our children. Everyone bought in money for wearing green and some children even bought in more than £1!


We would like to say thankyou to the children and their parents for your fantastic support and you all looked so amazing today. Please see pictures below of the children's wonderful green creations and outfits. 

Science Week

Weather and The Seasons

Week 5 30.9.2021


This week has been Science Week in Year One! We have been learning all about the seasons and weather part of our topic. The children have been identifying and describing the 4 seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and have been discussing the weather in each season, the clothes we wear and the activities that we can do.


The children then moved onto exploring and looking at  different weather tools that help us to measure different weathers such as thermometers, rain gauges and weather vanes. We then learnt about how we can measure different weather types using charts and graphs, and how to show data such was rainfall using this device.


The children then finished off the week by learning about different types of cloud that we have in our sky. There were some big words to learn- the children discussed and used vocabulary such as cirrus, cumulus and stratus clouds and how they differ in terms of their appearance and features.


Mrs Lynch and I are so proud of the children for all their had work in Science this week and we have even made a weather/ seasons chart that we will be using throughout the year. Each half term, the children will reflect and discuss the season we are in, and the features of his season such as weather, clothes, activities etc. We will come back to our Seasons topic in a  few weeks and exploring the different weather and time of year is something the children will continue to focus on throughout the year. Well done Year One for being such super scientists!


Seeing the Objects in Church

Week 5 27.9.2021



As part of their new RE topic of families and celebrations the Year One children have been exploring the different objects in Church this week. As a class, we went to our local church at St Rose and walked around the different parts, discussing the different objects and artefacts. The children were brilliant listeners as we e3xplained what the different objects meant or were used for. They got to see the organ, the font with the holy water, identify different statues, see the altar and even stand at the pulpit and lectern! The children also wrote about their experience of church in their RE books and all the amazing objects they saw. Over the coming weeks will continue to explore and reflect on what these different objects symbolize and how they are used for different practises in Mass. Well done Year One!

PE Dance Week 5


Learning Our Friendship Dance


This week in PE we carried on with our Jungle Book theme in PE and the children learnt a special friendship dance based on the partnership of Mowgli and Baloo the Bear. They watched a video clip from the film and chose special poses and actions that they saw and wanted to include in their dance. We discussed and shared them together and then made a dance using five of our favourite action poses or moves.  We then practised and perfected our dance moves and then put them to music. It was a real giggle creating our dance and the children had so much fun learning and putting it to music. Maybe you could even ask them to show you the dance at home or one of their poses- I am sure they would love to show you!

Music-Listening and Responding

 Week 4



This week the children are taking part in their Music week as part of their Knowledge Based Curriculum. We have been learning all about listening and responding to different music and instruments. They have been learning all about lots of different vocabulary such as orchestra, conductor, and composer and have discussed these terms in detail.


Year One have listened to different pieces of music and explored the different instruments they can hear such as flutes, guitars, pianos and violins. We have also spoke about people who make or write Music and lyrics and how different songs can be composed by different people like Tchaikovsky and Roger and Hammerstein. 


 We are so proud of the children's Music knowledge and how well they have listened this week to all the new and key terminology. You can see pictures of their fantastic Music lessons this week below.

RE- Families and Celebrations

 Week 4



This week the children have started a brand new RE topic of families and celebration. They have been thinking about the different special times we have with our families such as sharing meals together, playing together celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. The children discussed the wonderful things they did with their family and then drew and wrote about them in their RE books.


On Thursday they then moved into learning about celebrations in Church such as Mass, Easter, Christmas, baptisms and weddings. We spoke about what different celebrations we had been to in church and what happened at these different events. The children then labelled different pictures of church celebrations with the different words. The children did so well and we are looking forward to learning more about Mass and Church next week. You can see pictures of their fantastic work below.

PE Dance 

 Week 4 20.9.2021



This week the children have been continuing with their Dance topic as part of their new PE topic for this half term. Today the children watched the beginning scene of The Jungle Book film and looked at the movements created by Mogali and the wolves.  


We discussed the different movements we could see together and came up with different positions such as sleeping wolves, waking up and stretching, crawling and rolling, playing, sniffing and licking etc. We also looked at how Mogali walked through the jungle, swinging his arms.


The children then got into groups and acted out their three favourite movements in their ' Jungle Journey' dance sequence. They were so wonderful at watching each other's performance and supporting their classmates on.  Well done Year One! Please see pictures of the children in their PE lesson this week below.

English- The Enormous Turnip

 Week 3 16.9.2021



This week the children have been learning all about the story of The Enormous Turnip. They have been listening to the first half of the story in class and acting out the story.


The children have explored different elements of the story such as roleplay making character stick puppets, writing the story and discussing vocabulary. They have all written a fantastic retell of the first half of the story and we are very pleased with them.


They have also been working on using their cursive letter formation and finger spaces between words. It would really help if you could practise these with your children at home, so that they can continue to use them in their writing. You could also ask your child if they can tell you the first half of the story and see what they remember- I think you will be very impressed!


You can see pictures of the children's learning and their work about The Enormous Turnip below.

RE- Creation

 Week 3 14.9.2021



This week the children have been carrying on with their topic of Creation. They have been writing their own prayers to God, thanking him for Creation and the wonderful things he has made in the world. The Year One children have thanked God for so many things including  birds, their families, for the moon and stars and for trees and flowers.


We also moved onto learning about Francis of Assisi, who is the saint of animals. They have explored how he loves animals and listened to God's call in protecting and looking after them. He listened to God's voice and trusted in him, knowing that God knew the path he was meant to follow.



Year One have had a brilliant week of RE and we are so proud of them and all they have learnt about Creation over the last few weeks. We move onto Families and Celebrations next and please see pictures of the children's fantastic RE work below. You can see their thankyou prayers and work about Francis of Assisi.

PE Dance 

 Week 3 13.9.2021



This week the children have been doing learning all about Dance as part of their new PE topic for this half term. The children have been experimenting with different jungle music and have worked together to create different movements. They began by discussing and thinking about the different animals that live in the jungle and the different activities they do there.


They then focused on using their bodies in different ways and at different levels to create movements. This has included jumping, crawling, skipping, hopping, bouncing, twisting and turning. Today they went on a jungle adventure and used their bodies to show movements for different jungle activities such as pushing past the plants, swimming, or swinging through the trees.


The children even experimented with using different levels and we were so impressed by all the different ways they could use their bodies to show jungle movements.  Well done Year One! Please see pictures of the children in their PE lesson this week below.

Spatial Sense

Geography Week 3



This week the children have been doing learning all about Spatial Sense as part of their Geography knowledge based curriculum. They have been exploring different maps and views, and how these can help us to understand different locations and places.


The children have been looking at aerial views, and drawing pictures of their classroom from above. They have also been drawing simple maps of their way to school, including buildings, roads and any landmarks. They then experimented with signpost maps to describe locations, using them to decipher whether objects were close to us or far away.


The children have so enjoyed being great geographers and their map skills have really developed this week. They will come back to this in Autumn 2, in a few weeks time, so please make sure you ask your child about the fantastic learning they have dine about maps this week.  Well done Year One- you have all been fantastic! Please see pictures of the children in their Geography lessons this week below.

Discovering History

Week 2


This week we have been learning all about the past, and what History means. As a class we have discussed how different artefacts belong in the past, which can be a long time ago, and how some objects remain  in the present, which we use now.


The children have so enjoyed exploring family trees of the royal family and have even created their own family trees of their family. They then learnt all about the life of Mary Seacole, a black jamaican woman who went to serve as a nurse for soldiers in the Crimea War. She was a very kind woman who chose to go and help injured soldiers, giving them medicine to make them better. We also know that we know about people like Mary Seacole and about History from different sources such as books, pictures and paintings and objects and artefacts.


We will come back to our History in a few weeks time and I am so impressed with all the Year One children and how enthusiastic they have been. They are truly great historians and you van see pictures of their work this week in class below.

Year 1 Class Wish Award



This week the children have discussed and come up with generated some wonderful ideas about what they wanted our class wish to be this year.  They all thought really hard about what our focus would be for this year and you can see on the final  wish we decided below.


'Our Class Wish for 2021-2022 is ‘for Year 1 to work together, in being kind and loving, to support our class family.'


We will be looking to fulfil our class wish throughout the year and will have it at the centre of everything we do. Our class wish will help to shape our morals and values as a class. Make sure you check out the winner of ' Our Class Wish Award' every half term, as will be nominating a child who has truly shown and embraced our wish.


Please see photos below of members of our class thinking about elements of our class wish and acting them out. This was to get them thinking about how they can use their wish this year  and how they can show kind and loving actions to others in our wonderful class family.

Learning about the story of Creation

Week 2 7.9.2021



This term we are learning all about how God made the world in the wonderful story of Creation. Today we learnt the story and acted it out using various props and visuals to help us. The children loved  learning about how God made the world and what he made on each day and they are so excited to write about in their books later this week!


God wants us to be curious about the world that he created for us to live in, and when we learnt about it we appreciate it and take responsibility for the planet. It is up to us to care for the planet and look after the wonderful world that we have for future generations. Please see pictures of the children acting out the story of Creation below.