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Life and Learning in Year One

Year One's Autumn Walk- 22.9.2020


Today the Year One children had an observing Science lesson. They went on an Autumnal walk and were focusing on observations over time, looking at how the Seasons have changed from Autumn to Winter. They found many different things on their walk such as different coloured leaves in red, yellow, brown etc, conkers, acorns and even a few blackberries! They were excellent finders and were so excited to discover that Autumn had arrived! They then came back to school and wrote about their different discovered in their Science books. Well done Year One for your fantastic Autumn and seasonal observations!




Incredible ICT- 16.9.2020


Today the Year One’s worked with James to learn how to log onto their BGFL accounts using their QR codes. They worked together in partners using the IPAD camera and their codes to logon and were introduced to the BGL Launchpad and desktop. They will now work on building up their confidence logging on and using the BGFL Launchpad over the coming few weeks so keep your eyes peeled on this page for more updates!



Being Weather Reporters in Seasonal Science 15.9.2020


This week, we continued our unit in Science on Autumn  and the changing seasons and began to learn about the different weather that happens in this season. The children demonstrated that they understood what the weather was like be being special weather reporters using their maps of the UK and their special weather cards.  During the lesson they worked in pairs to determine what the weather was like using their knowledge of Autumnal weather as well as other seasonal weather such as Summer and Winter. Looking at the seasons is  something we will continue observe over the rest of the year and through to Spring and Summer.  Ask your child about their seasons and which is their favourite and why?  


Don't forget, going on an Autumnal walk and making a collection of different Autumn objects  is one of your enrichment homework tasks so now is a good time to start! God has given us such a beautiful and wonderful world and we should take the time to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature. Our Science lessons at St Rose help us experience this process and enjoy the many things that God has created for us.

Learning Dance Poses in PE- 14.9.2020


In PE this half term we are learning all about Dance. Our theme is The Jungle and we have been creating many different shapes and poses to do with jungle life. The Jungle Book film has been been our inspiration and the children have come up with many different poses such as wolf poses, swinging pose, sleeping pose etc. Over the coming weeks we will start to set travelling movements to these poses to make a sequence so keep your eye on this page on the website to see our PE journey and how it develops. There are some fantastic pictures below for the children's poses from this week!

Super Seasonal Science- 9.9.2020


In Science we are learning about Seasons for the first part of the half term, mainly focusing on Autumn and what changes and observations we see throughout  this season. Today Year One learnt about all 4 seasons and had a categorizing activity where they had to sort different pictures into each of the different seasons.


The children were fantastic at it and worked really well as a team on their tables to match and stick all the pictures to the correct season. They then showed their fantastic learning through drawing pictures for each season in their book and labeling them. Well done Year One- you have been truly super scientists today!



Our class wish in Year One






" to always try our best even when we sometimes find our learning challenging or difficult'


Today, we talked about what our class wish for this year should be.  We always try to think about how a wish could make our time in school even better and the children were really insightful with their responses.  They wanted to make sure that we always had a go in their learning this year even when times are challenging so we decided that our wish would be " to always try our best even when we sometimes find our learning challenging or difficult. "


I hope you  agree that they have created a brilliant class wish and I am very much looking forward to picking one child each half term who has fulfilled this.

Being Active and Curious in our Class Virtues


This half term we are  looking at the virtues of  active and curious. These are the catholic virtues we will be focusing on in our school and class throughout this term.


We are active when we notice the daily blessing in our lives and are thankful for all that we have in the world. We are also active when we bring enjoyment and meaning to our lives through following out the word of God.


We are curious when we wish to find out more about God's wonderful world and ask questions about the things he has created. We wish to find out more about life and how things work and appreciate his wonderful Creation.


Please ask the children about the virtues they have been learning in class and ask them, how they will fulfill and carry out these virtues in their daily life. We would love to hear what they tell you!