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Life and Learning in Year One

Super Science- Our Bodies and Smell-1.12.20


Today the children learnt all about our noses and the sense of smell. We had an experiment where we tried and smelt lots of different potions such as marmite, chocolate powder, chilli, shower gel, vinegar, coffee and much more! We began by smelling the items and trying to guess what they wer-e we wrote the answer on our whiteboards. Working with our partners we then thought of different describing words and adjectives to do with smell using our word bank to help us. We had to ensure that we picked the correct describing words to match the smell and this also helped us with guessing what the smell might be. The children were excellent smell detectives and were amazing at describing and classifying different smells and identifying them- well done Year One!

PE Lesson 4 Gymnastics 30.11.2020

Starting and Finishing Positions



Today the children did their fourth PE lesson and were working on learning starting and finishing positions for straight and tuck jumps. They learnt about bending their knees with their arms out straight to start, taking a big jump and then finishing with their arms and legs straight. This lesson was all about balance and control and starting and finishing jumps smoothly and accurately. They were then able to move onto jumping of benches using their new starting and finishing positions and could try out their new knowledge and put it into practise. Some of them could even begin to jump of the low vaults which is fantastic! I have added some pictures you can see below but there is also a link to the video on the sharing platform which you might want to have a look at called Year One PE Monday 30th November 2020-Start and Finish Positions. Year One were very professional on the video and you can see all the different things we did today!



Year One- Super Skippers

Skipping Competition November 2020


Last week, from the 20th to 27th November Year One and the whole of the school took part in a Skipping Competitions with other Catholic Schools in Birmingham. They had to skip twice for 1 minute and record their score each time. Each school across the Catholic Cluster would have done this and we have been competing against lots of other Year One pupils. Year One were absolutely brilliant- we have been practising skipping as part of our PE warmup  in our daily miles slots and at break and lunchtimes. We have also been doing an extra practise on Friday morning and Year One have truly rose to the occasion- their skipping has improved hugely over the last 2 weeks and some children have even told me they have ben practising at home! We will find out the results of the competition in the next few weeks and who the winners are. The competition was all about pupils developing resilience and trying to beat the best scores each time and we saw a marked improvement in Year One's performance from their start and end skip. There will be certificates and awards of recognition for children with the most skips in each class, the biggest improvement in their Personal Best, Best Class total and a trophy to the overall school winner recording the highest total from all year groups. We will keep you updated on the winner but for now well done to all of Year One! See the fantastic pictures of their skipping below. 





Mrs Lynch and I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the Year One children and parents who bought in donations for the food bank today. We were extremely touched by the fantastic support and generosity we had from everyone-  there was such a wide variety of donations from tins of food to tea bags to lots of delicious cereals and pastas! The local food banks around Birmingham and the West Midlands will be so grateful to you all and it will truly make a difference to people in need during these challenging and unusual times. Have a look below at Year One in their own clothes and all the fantastic donations they bought in! WELL DONE YEAR ONE!


25.11.2020- Using the Bluebots in Computing


Today the children tried out the beebots practically. They had real bluebot devices and were told how to work them using the instructions and vocabulary they already knew. They then had different mats and had to direct the bluebots to different places on the mat using the instructions. They could not touch the beebot and had to do it all using only the buttons! They were much better at remembering to clear the code this week and using the beebot toys practically really helped them. They then went on the bluebot app trying out the garden and sand level and were much better this week- they remembered to clear the code each time and were much more confident with the directions and left and right. Trying out the bluebots practically really helped them for when they came to consolidate their knowledge on the game app.

Super Science- Our Bodies and Taste- 24.11.20


Today the children took part in an identifying and classifying experiment as part of their Science unit on The Human Body. They were learning all about the sense of touch and has to touch different objects on the table and identify and describe them using different words associated with touch. We used words banks with words such as fluffy, soft, hard, bumpy, rough, smooth, crunchy, sticky and squishy. We discussed the meaning of those words and thought about what objects might feel like this. After our experiment we shared our results and the words we had come up with- the children then named some of their favourite items and described how they felt. The Year Ones were truly super scientists and I was very impressed at the fantastic words they were using in their descriptions- well done Year One!

PE Lesson 3 Gymnastics 23.11.2020


Today the children did their third PE lesson and learnt some more complex and developed shape using their muscles. They did a lot of partner work today and worked together to create different  movements and shapes on the mats. They learnt how to be rag dolls and soldiers and discussed the difference between relaxed, and tense muscles as well as floppy and stiff limbs. They also moved onto trying dish shape and arch shape raises being on both their tummy and backs and trying to get their arms and legs off the floor while keeping them straight. The Year Ones were very impressive and most could hold the shape for a good 5 seconds. I have added some pictures you can see below but there is also a link to the video on the sharing platform which you might want to have a look at. Year One were very professional on the video and you can see all the different shapes and movements we learnt today!


Singing in Collective Worship


All of this week Year One have been learning hymns as part of their collective worship. They have sung so beautifully and our favourite hymn has been 'Lord you have my heart.' They so enjoyed singing this song and I wanted to share you with you their hard work and beautiful voices. I have therefore uploaded a video onto the Video Sharing Platform of the website. By clicking on the link below you can watch the children's beautiful singing and I will be using this video sharing platform more in the future. We will be uploading lots more videos of our learning including PE, singing and collective worship so keep your eyes peeled on the website!

18.11.2020- Computing



Today the children carried on with their programming unit. They explored the beebot app and reviewed their instructions of forwards, backwards, left and right. They then used this to program code on different beebot levels to get the beebot to the flower. They also learnt how to delete, edit or review code and change it to get the correct algorithm they wanted. The children did find  some of it quite challenging today but we are going to move onto a more practical lesson next week using the beebot toys and mats in class. However, this lesson was good for them at getting them to know and understand how the beebots worked and how they related to the instructions they had learnt.

16.11.2020-Groovy Gymnastics Lesson 2


As part of our PE topic this half term we are exploring Gymnastics. We had our second lesson today where the children used their prior knowledge of rolls and jumps to create sequences on pieces of equipment. We used mats and benches and tried out different jumps off them, then moving into rolls. The children did a straight jump, a tuck jump,  a star jump and a half turn jump of the benches and were very safe when doing so.. They also explored and tried out different rolls on the mat such as the log roll, tuck roll and even teddy bear rolls! The children were fantastic with their progression and were fantastic with trying out different sequences and movements. They were able to combine walks, jumps and rolls together and looked very elegant when doing so! The children did so well to put their prior knowledge into sequences and were very safe when getting out and using the equipment and apparatus. Look at our fantastic photos below and well done Year One!

13.11.2020- Children in Need 



On Friday 15th November 2020 , we had an 'Own Clothes Day' to raise some much-needed funds for Children in Need.  All the children bought in  a £1 donation  to come in their own clothes. I know that circumstances are tricky right now and Mrs Lynch and I were truly overwhelmed by the amount of support we received from children and parents today. All the children did their bit in coming in the own clothes and bringing in money and we are so grateful to have all your generous donations. We are so, so grateful to you all and we thankyou for the bottom of our hearts for your amazing generosity, kindness and support. 


In addition to this, we also completed Joe Wick's final 20 minutes of his 24 hour PE challenge for Radio 2. The Children in Need team wanted all schools to complete the final 20 minutes of his PE marathon with him.  We joined him on Friday morning and you can see us taking part in his workout and some other fantastic photos of our Children in Need Day below. As a school, we raised a whopping £197! Well done to all the children!


Thankyou again to all Year One Parents and Children for your continued and fantastic support. All your kind donations have gone to a great cause and charity and will really make a different to children's and family's lives.

11.11.2020- ICT - E Safety in Year One


Today we had an E Safety Lesson as part of our Computing and explored all about being safe online. We looked at some key safety rules such as blocking or flagging anything we didn't like when using a computer. Due to our ages we spoke about how instead of dealing with the problem ourselves, we should always speak to a trusted  adult first and get their advice. We also discussed cyberbullying and how this is not acceptable in any context, including online. We spoke about how we need to be kind online and speak to our teachers or parents if we feel unsafe or upset. To help us remember everything we learnt we made posters and used the SMART idea below. The children then wrote the 5 SMART tips or rules down as well as making their posters. They then finished the lesson by having a quick blast on numbots and put their knowledge into practice- if they had any problems, were unsure or saw anything they didn't know they then put up their hand and told an adult! Well done Year One! Ask your children about the rules and tips they learnt for staying safe online- see if they can tell you!


10.11.2020- Super Science Using Our Sense of Sight


Today we had an observing and identifying/ classifying lesson where we worked in pairs to explore our eyes. We used mirrors to look at our eyes, using different lights and observing how our eyes changed and how our pupils went bigger or smaller. In our pairs we then had a blown up diagram of an eye which we had to label and discuss. We talked about the different parts of the eye, identified what they were and explained what they were used for. Year One did amazingly- they now know lots about their eyes and their sense of sight so make sure you ask them at home- I am sure they would love to tell you!

9.11.2020-Groovy Gymnastics


As part of our PE topic this half term we have moved onto Gymnastics. We had our first lesson today where the children experimented with different types of jump- the children tried out a long, straight jump, a tuck jump,  a star jump and a half turn jump. They also explored and tried out different rolls such as the log roll, tuck roll and even teddy bear rolls! The children did so well to learn the new vocabulary for the rolls and jumps and then try them out too using the right techniques. We will then move on next week to putting our new found knowledge of rolls and jumps into a sequence of movement using simple apparatus. Look at our fantastic photos below and well done Year One!

5.11.2020- Learning about Baptism


Today the children learnt about Baptism as part of their RE lesson. They looked at pictures and videos of what happened in Baptism and discussed all the different things they could see and what they meant. We then had some children acting out the different parts and symbols of  Baptism service, such as making the sign of the cross and putting Holy Water on the babies forehead and the baby wearing white in Church. We spoke about the importance of being welcomed into God's family and how even adults can be baptised too.

ICT- 4.11.2020

Our Programming Unit


Today Year One started their unit on Programming and learnt all about the following directions and vocabulary : Forwards, Backwards, Left and Right. The challenge that a lot of you did at home really helped the children with this so thank you so much! We spoke about these words and what they meant- we used our robots James to guide around the classroom to different people or objects using these key words. We then looked at a treasure map and spoke about how to get from the start to the finish using forwards, backwards, left and right. The children then finished with drawing the map and the start and finish on white bards and drawing direction arrows to get there. They also tried to get from one object to another using their directional arrows and even wrote the words or instructions using their new vocabulary when they could. Well done Year One- you are going to be excellent programmers!

Autumn 2- 2.11.2020

Being Intentional and Prophetic in our Class Virtues



This half term we are  looking at the virtues of intentional and prophetic. We are intentional in the way we live our lives and use the resources of the Earth, guided by morality. We can be intentional as a school community in trying to advance our school and build a better quality of life. Using wisdom and judgement we can live our lives more intentionally living in the present moment rather than the past or future.


We are prophetic in the example we set to others and when we have a Christ Centred approach and vision to our lives. We can be prophetic by living our lives rooted in the Gospel and understanding and realising what it is to be a good and kind human. Jesus lived his live prophetically and we should strive to be like him in all that we do and say.


Please ask the children about the virtues they have been learning in class and ask them, how they will fulfill and carry out these virtues in their daily life. We would love to hear what they tell you!

22.10.2020- ICT- Blogging on j2blog


Today the children had their last session using the blog and j2 blog app. They were able to go onto the blog themselves using their QR codes and could then write about their day and what they had been doing in class. They were then able to upload their work to the blog, publish and save it. This will help them with publishing and uploading their homework at home.


Learning about Primary Colours and Tints and Shades in Art


God has given us many talents and we should use these to paint the world a better place and to use our artistic flair. In our Art lessons this week we have looked at primary colours, where we learnt about using red, blue and yellow. The children were excellent at remembering the ways in which we make primary colours and were inspired by the work of Mondrian when they made their paintings.


We then began looking at how to create tints and shades of a colour.  The children were excellent at recapping primary and secondary colours before they learnt what a tint and a shade was.  In the lesson, they used the time to change the colour blue into different tints and shades.  They learnt that a tint is when we make a colour lighter using white and a shade is when we make a colour darker using black. They learnt that you only need to add a little bit of the colour at a time and not too much!  You can see pictures of the children's fantastic work on tints and shades below!


 God's world is filled with beautiful colours in every tint and shade. We are very lucky to live in a world that is so colourful and vibrant! He wants us to take time to appreciate the different colours that are present in our world, and to be curious and find out more about how our wonderful world works. Ask your child how they made a tint and shade in the lesson and see how much they can remember!







Prehistoric Topic in History- Learning about Objects and Artefacts


This week we are focusing on History as part of our Knowledge Based Curriculum and have been looking at the Bronze, Iron and Stone Age. We have  learnt about humans developed as they made fire and spoke different languages, how they developed in making different tools and clothing to help them hunt and keep them warm, and how they adapted to survive. We have also discussed about how humans adapted from ape like creatures to homosapians and that as they developed they moved across the world to survive and thrive.


We have had such fun learning about being  prehistoric people  and have also been looking at different tools and artefacts. You can see some photos below of a lesson where we had to look at different objects from prehistoric times and try and guess what they were .We saw chairs, tools, axes, swords and even houses! The children were brilliant historians and detectives and were fantastic at finding different clues to help their guesses!


God wants us to learn about the past, and what history has come before us in the world so that we can learn from this and know how we can live better lives in our Creation. Please ask your child about their Prehistoric topic and see what they can tell you-  they have  had a fantastic week of learning and I am sure they would love to tell you! 

Our Amazing Bodies- Science 6.10.2020


Today the children had an identify and classifying lesson where they had to look at different body parts and identify what activities we did with those parts. They started with classifying different body parts and activities and did a ort and match an activity to the different parts of our bodies that we use. They then moved onto thinking of some of their own activities for each body part, working in teams to sort and match activities to the correct body part. The children also though about how we can use more than one part of our body for one activities and discovered how hard the human body has to work just to live!

PE 28.9.2020- Learning Our Friendship Dance


This week in PE we carried on with our Jungle Book theme in PE and the children learnt a special friendship dance based on the partnership of Mogili and Baloo the Bear. They watched a video clip from the film and chose special poses and actions that they saw and wanted to include in their dance. We discussed and shared them together and then made a dance using five of our favourite action poses or moves.  We then practised and perfected our dance moves and then put them to music. It was a real giggle creating our dance and the children had so much fun learning and putting it to music. Maybe you could even ask them to show you the dance at home or one of the4 poses- I am sure they would love to show you!

Science 29.9.2020


Today the children learnt about the Human Body. We identified and labeled different parts of the body using big cutouts and different words of the board. The children were fantastic at knowing the different parts of the body and where they were located. They worked very well in table teams to label the parts ibn the right places and spell them correctly. Well done Year One for being super scientists and knowing your bodies very well!

ICT 23.9.2020- Learning how to Blog


You now know that I have asked you to put any homework that you do on the blog so that I can see it each week and comment about your work. Today the children were shown how to get on their j2bloggy page and how to add a new post. They began by learning in using their QR code with the camera and scanning it in. They then  learnt how to add text and a picture and then how to publish their work so that I can see it. They can now hopefully show you how to blog at home so that I can begin to see your wonderful homework- please ask the children to show you how to login using their QR coded and how to blog- it would be lovely to see lots of children getting involved and posting their work from home!

Year One's Autumn Walk- 22.9.2020


Today the Year One children had an observing Science lesson. They went on an Autumnal walk and were focusing on observations over time, looking at how the Seasons have changed from Autumn to Winter. They found many different things on their walk such as different coloured leaves in red, yellow, brown etc, conkers, acorns and even a few blackberries! They were excellent finders and were so excited to discover that Autumn had arrived! They then came back to school and wrote about their different discovered in their Science books. Well done Year One for your fantastic Autumn and seasonal observations!




Incredible ICT- 16.9.2020


Today the Year One’s worked with James to learn how to log onto their BGFL accounts using their QR codes. They worked together in partners using the IPAD camera and their codes to logon and were introduced to the BGL Launchpad and desktop. They will now work on building up their confidence logging on and using the BGFL Launchpad over the coming few weeks so keep your eyes peeled on this page for more updates!



Being Weather Reporters in Seasonal Science 15.9.2020


This week, we continued our unit in Science on Autumn  and the changing seasons and began to learn about the different weather that happens in this season. The children demonstrated that they understood what the weather was like be being special weather reporters using their maps of the UK and their special weather cards.  During the lesson they worked in pairs to determine what the weather was like using their knowledge of Autumnal weather as well as other seasonal weather such as Summer and Winter. Looking at the seasons is  something we will continue observe over the rest of the year and through to Spring and Summer.  Ask your child about their seasons and which is their favourite and why?  


Don't forget, going on an Autumnal walk and making a collection of different Autumn objects  is one of your enrichment homework tasks so now is a good time to start! God has given us such a beautiful and wonderful world and we should take the time to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature. Our Science lessons at St Rose help us experience this process and enjoy the many things that God has created for us.

Learning Dance Poses in PE- 14.9.2020


In PE this half term we are learning all about Dance. Our theme is The Jungle and we have been creating many different shapes and poses to do with jungle life. The Jungle Book film has been been our inspiration and the children have come up with many different poses such as wolf poses, swinging pose, sleeping pose etc. Over the coming weeks we will start to set travelling movements to these poses to make a sequence so keep your eye on this page on the website to see our PE journey and how it develops. There are some fantastic pictures below for the children's poses from this week!

Super Seasonal Science- 9.9.2020


In Science we are learning about Seasons for the first part of the half term, mainly focusing on Autumn and what changes and observations we see throughout  this season. Today Year One learnt about all 4 seasons and had a categorizing activity where they had to sort different pictures into each of the different seasons.


The children were fantastic at it and worked really well as a team on their tables to match and stick all the pictures to the correct season. They then showed their fantastic learning through drawing pictures for each season in their book and labeling them. Well done Year One- you have been truly super scientists today!



Our class wish in Year One






" to always try our best even when we sometimes find our learning challenging or difficult'


Today, we talked about what our class wish for this year should be.  We always try to think about how a wish could make our time in school even better and the children were really insightful with their responses.  They wanted to make sure that we always had a go in their learning this year even when times are challenging so we decided that our wish would be " to always try our best even when we sometimes find our learning challenging or difficult. "


I hope you  agree that they have created a brilliant class wish and I am very much looking forward to picking one child each half term who has fulfilled this.

Being Active and Curious in our Class Virtues


This half term we are  looking at the virtues of  active and curious. These are the catholic virtues we will be focusing on in our school and class throughout this term.


We are active when we notice the daily blessing in our lives and are thankful for all that we have in the world. We are also active when we bring enjoyment and meaning to our lives through following out the word of God.


We are curious when we wish to find out more about God's wonderful world and ask questions about the things he has created. We wish to find out more about life and how things work and appreciate his wonderful Creation.


Please ask the children about the virtues they have been learning in class and ask them, how they will fulfill and carry out these virtues in their daily life. We would love to hear what they tell you!