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Life in Nursery

Nursery Trip -The Community

Week 6 6.12.2022

Today was such an exciting day for Nursery-they has their first trip experience of the year! The childeren had a workshop in the parish hall with Little Dots Play Village, where our theme was all about community workers and people who help us. This links in to what we have been learning about in our 'All About Me' Understanding the World topic. 


The workshop had different stations set up to reflect our city community such as vets, supermarkets, bakers, police stations, hairdressers, schools, florists and post offices. These were full of a range of amazing resources which the children could play with and use in their roleplay. We were so amazed by how well the children played with toys and they were brilliant sharers- our visits who worked with us said how well behaved they were and couldn't believe they were only Nursery children!


You can see pictures of Nursery enjoying their experience below and well done to all of you! Please ask your child about their fun community workshop at home- I am sure they would love to tell you!



E Safety Workshop Performance

Week 6 1.12.2022


On Thursday 1st November 2022 Nursery went to the hall to watch a special performance by Year Six. Year Six had a whole day workshop all about Online Safety and used this to make a performance to show the rest of the school.


The performance included acting from the children and lots of tips about how to stay safe online such as not meeting up or chatting to people we don't know, keeping our personal information safe and stopping cyberbullying by reporting it and blocking the person involved.


Year Six did so well and it was fantastic for Nursery to learn some tips on how to stay safe online. They love looking at technology in their classrooms and pretending to use iphones, computers, laptops and ipads- all the things they know we all like to use, as adults, in our lives! We reminded Nursery that as they are very little, they should only ever be using technology when their parents or a trusted adult is with them and never on their own. You can see pictures of Year Six's super performance on Online Safety below.

Nursery Progress Assessments

Week 5 and 6 28.11- 5.12.2022

For the last two weeks, Nursery have been completing termly assessments 1: 1 with Mrs Deocades and myself. This included small Literacy and Math tasks, which are related to the 3-4 Development Matters 2020 Statements.


Even though we are still in Autumn and early on in the year we have been astounded by the progress Nursery are making already! They have done so well with their assessments and have all tried so hard- they can tell us about stories we have been learning about in class, draw a picture of themselves, count to 3and recognise some numbers!


This is super progress already from where they started and we are so proud of them all. Well done to everyone in Nursery and you truly deserve your Christmas break, which is coming very soon! Thank you for working so hard and for wowing us with your knowledge- you are all superstars!

Nursery Show and Tell

Week 4 25.11.2022

On Friday Nursery enjoyed another Show and Tell where lots of children bought in homework to show. The focus was all about our families and we listened to lots of children showing us pictures of their families and talking about them.


We so enjoyed looking at the different families in Nursery and talking about them to the class was fantastic for the children's communication skills. Well done for another super show and tell Nursery and enjoy the photos of our children showing their pictures  below. 

School Retreat Day

Week 4 24.11.2022

Today Nursery has a fantastic day where they took part in a Whole School Retreat Day with Dan and Emily. The theme of our day was 'Let all Creation Sing' and the children learned about the story of Creation and all that God made.


In EYFS, our focus was animals and we spent the day learnt about the different animals that God made. We played games with Dan and Emily and sang different songs and prayers with them in assemblies throughout the day. Nursery also did activities in class such as colouring in their own booklets about animals from Creation and discussing their favourite animal.


The children had such a fantastic day and listened so beautifully to all that Dan and Emily told them about Creation. It was a lot of sitting down for the littles one and they did amazingly and were so reflect. You can see pictures of Nursery enjoying their retreat day below.

Dough Disco 

Week 3 16.11.2022

Today Nursery started their first ever dough disco session with Shonette, where we followed a video to get our fingers moving. Each child has their own tub of playdough in class, which we move, mould and sculpt using our fingers. Using Dough Disco is a great way to strengthen our fingers and fine motor skills, getting our hands and fingers ready for Writing. The children absolutely loved it and we were so proud of every one of them! Well be doing Dough Disco every day from now on- maybe the children could show you some moves at home?! You can see pictures of Nursery enjoying Dough Disco below.


PE and Physical Development

Week 3 14.11.2022

This Half Term Nursery have started doing weekly PE lessons to aid their physical development. Our first unit is all about body management, where we have been balancing using beanbags and moving our body through hoops.


The children learnt to balance beanbags on their heads, arms and hands and were so focused and concentrating. We spoke about how we need to keep eyes straight ahead, our heads still and not move too quickly.


They then moved onto moving through hoops, both on their own and with a partner. Nursery were amazing at moving in different ways- they could crawl through hoops, move through a hope forward backwards and sidewards and even step through hoops of the ground!

You can see some pictures of Nursery enjoying their fantastic PE lessons below and developing their co-ordination skills.

Remembrance Day Assembly

Week 2 11.11.2022

Today, the whole school took part in a Remembrance Day assembly, lead by Year 5, to remember those soldiers who have both fought for our country, and those who are still fighting for our freedom and safety.


Nursery listened very intently to the assembly and then took part in a 2 minute silence as a mark of remembrance and respect. We also discussed what Remembrance Day was in class and showed the children an age appropriate video of the devastating effects of War. We were so impressed with how reverent and reflective the children were and we could truly see their kindness and compassion. You can see some pictures of Nursery listening to the assembly below and the Year 5 presenting.

Enjoying our Library Time

Week 2 9.11.2022

Every Wednesday, the Nursery children go and enjoy 30 minutes in the school library with Mrs Deocades and myself. This is an opportunity for both of us to read books to the children, and for them to hear a wide range of stories and discuss new words and vocabulary. Nursery so love going to the library, sitting on the comfy beanbags and listening to these lovely stories- they also enjoy predicting what will happen next and thinking about how characters might be feeling. 


We will continue to do this every week for the whole year as it is such a calm and relaxing time for the children. There are also sessions every half term where the Library is open after school for you to come and enjoy with your child. You can read a book with them and even take books home! Keep your eyes peeled on the app for when the library is open after school this half term. Please also ensure you read your child's reading book with them every night, where possible. You can see some pictures of Nursery enjoying their library session below and listening so intently to the stories- well done everyone!

Switch Off Technology Day

Week 1 3.11.2022

Today all of St Rose took part in a ' No Technology Day' where no computers or devices were allowed. All lessons had to be taught with no computers and in the dark, as we turned the lights of too to save energy!


Nursery has a great day and took part in a range of outdoor and creative activities such as making bear caves, using balance equipment, reading books outside and cutting and sticking. It was so nice to know we are looking after God's Earth and trying to help the environment by reducing the amount of energy we use. The World is so precious and it is so important that we all do our bit to help wherever we can, no matter how small our actions may seem. You can see pictures of Nursery enjoying their ' No Technology Day' below.



Autumn 1- Week 7

20.10.2022- Forest School 



 Nursery had their final session of Forest School for this half term today and what a wonderful experience it was! The children had a real treat- they got to see real fire being made to warm up their cups of hot chocolate!


The children were taught about the dangers of fire and keeping safe when being around it. Miss Lay showed them how to make fire and how to heat up the kettle on the stove. We then enjoyed a warm mug of hot chocolate and some biscuits. The children were then shown how to wash up their cups using soapy water and rinsing/ drying up. The children were superb at washing up- this was very impressive! We were also amazed with how sensible and how responsible Nursery were around the fire.


They then finished the session with having a play and explore around Forest School. A fantastic final session Nursery and we hope you have enjoyed your Forest School sessions this Half Term. We will come to Forest School again in the Spring Term. Please see photos of them enjoying their session in Forest School this week below.

Autumn 1- Week 6

13.10.2022- Forest School 



Today Nursery had their second Forest School where they went out to the forest school area and got stuck in to their Outdoor Learning. They began with going over the Forest School rules of staying within the boundaries, not going into the fire circle and remembering 'no licking with objects they found on the ground. 


The children were then shown a variety of animals and birds such as foxes, squirrels, badgers, frogs, robins and bluetits. The children then had to go and make a habitat home for that animal- we had some wonderful homes up in trees, under logs and next to water for a pond. Nursery were brilliant at making their animal homes using twigs and leaves!


Another great session Nursery- well done to you all! Please see photos of them enjoying their session in Forest School below.

Lunchtime for Nursery

Week 6 14.10.2022

Nursery are in full swing with their lunchtimes now- they so enjoy going down to the dinner hall and eating their scrummy dinner! The children who have hot dinners have enjoyed eating a range of foods such as pasta, roast dinner, meatballs, chilli and especially pizza fridays! Those that have packed lunches have done so well with eating their healthy snacks such as sandwiches, fruit and yoghurts.


We have been super impressed by how sensibly Nursery have come down to the dinner hall and how well they eat their dinner- they know that they need to keep up their energy for the school day! Keep up the super eating Nursery- you can see photos of them enjoying their lunchtime below.

Nursery's Active 15

Week 6 13.10.2022



Nursery have begun taking part in a daily Active 15 where they have to move for a whole 15 minutes every afternoon on the school playground. They have been practising both dance songs including moving, freezing and even being a variety of animals. This has both helped their listening skills and enabled them to keep moving and to be super fit and healthy. Nursery really look forward to this part of their school day and enjoy going to the big playground to take part. You can se pictures of them 'busting their moves' below- well done children!

Nursery's First Assembly

Week 5 11.10.2022



Today Nursery had their first assembly of the school year- they went to Hymn Practise with the bigger children and sat for a whole 30 minutes! Their sitting was absolutely beautiful- the rest of the school were so wowed by their amazing behaviour in Assembly and their beautiful singing voices! The children were so wonderfully behaved and set a real example for the rest of the school. Nursery will now come to Assembly 3x a week on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Please see photos of Nursery at their first Assembly below and what a fantastic start children!

Black History Month

October 2022



This month marks the start of 'Black History Month' which is an extremely important time for us here at St Rose. We are a school which has a wide range of pupils from diverse and rich backgrounds and from a huge variety of cultures, backgrounds, faiths and creeds.


We believe that our differences are what make us both unique and special and these should be celebrated. As part of Black History Month in Nursery, the children will listen to a culturally diverse story every week, which include ' Happy in Our Skin', ' My Hair', 'The Proudest Blue' and 'We March.' At St Rose, we believe our children should listen to stories from a wide range of culturally diverse and different backgrounds and families so that we show love and understanding to all.


The children will also be watching videos about Black History Month so that they understand the importance of its message and why it is celebrated. You can see photos of the children enjoying different books during Black History Month below.

Autumn 1- Week 5

6.10.2022- Forest School 

Today Nursery had their first Forest School where they went out to the forest school area in their wellies! The children began by learning the rules of Forest School, such as keeping within the boundaries, not eating anything we find outside and not walking across the fire circle.


After a little chat about the rules, the children then got exploring. They were allowed to discover different nature in the Forest School area and could use the magnifying class to get up close and personal with the creepy crawlies. The children also had a go at using the fantastic balancing trim trail and all of them had a go- weren't they brave!


This first session was a great opportunity for the children to have fun, get outside and explore the Forest School area for the first time. They were fantastic! Please see photos of them enjoying their session in Forest School below.

Week 4- 26.9.2022-30.9.2022


Wow.... what a fantastic time Nursery have had this week, with lots of changes! The children have had their first week of Lunch at school and have been fantastic at going down to the Hall and eating their dinner sensibly. We are so impressed with the children's eating habits and how fantastic they are at eating their food and using a knife and fork. They have all been so brave at trying the new food too!


 Nursery have also had their school photographs on Monday 26th September- this was a big day with the children having both individual and sibling photos. They were amazing at this and were brilliant at posing for the camera and listening to the photographer.


Back in class, the children have done a variety of activities such as ice painting, making tea parties, practising their pencil control, having fun with the paintbrushes in shaving foam, making special potions in the mud kitchen and even digging for dinosaurs in the soil! What a busy week the children have had, and they have coped so well with staying for the afternoon and for lunch for the first time. Once again, we are so incredibly proud of them all and how well they are doing. 


Please see pictures below of Nursery's third week at school and look at all the fun we have been having-Well done Nursery! 

Week 3- 19.9.2022-23.9.2022

This week is the first time the children have been at Nursery all together in a big group. There are certainly a lot of us and we have been together each morning this week. Nursery have been amazing at meeting lots of new children, being kind and making new friends- we are so proud! 


The children have enjoyed their range of activities this week which includes cutting spaghetti using scissors, drawing with chalk, playing on the climbing frame and making a collage of the queen using glue and other resources. We have also practised sitting in our carpet spots on the carpet, and sitting with our legs crossed- they have been super at this!


We are so proud with how the children are settling in and that they feel happy and comfortable at Nursery. They are doing so well! Please see pictures below of Nursery's first second week at school and of their beautiful sitting- well done Nursery and keep up the great work! 

Week 2- 12.9.2022-16.9.2022

This week the children have had their first few days on Nursery, all on their own! We are so proud of how brave they have been at coming into school, and how they have been so enthusiastic in all of the activities.


All of the children have enjoyed having a go at a range of tasks including riding on the scooters, playing in The Home Corner, exploring sand and water, constructing using cubes, bricks and lego and working on their fine motor skills.


Most importantly, the children have begun to build friendships and relationships with both the adults and each other. It is important that they begin to feel comfortable with their peers and safe in the environment.


Please see pictures below of Nursery's first week at school- we are so proud of them for what they have achieved- well done Nursery!