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Life in Year 3

Summer 1 - Week 3 

To celebrate the King's Coronation, we had a royal picnic on the playground, made nature crowns and created items for the time capsule which will be buried on the school premises. Year 3 had a lovely day celebrating this occasion and created a wonderful poem about the Coronation which we hope you all enjoy!  

Summer 1 - Week 2 

To help us secure more knowledge about our new Maths topic: Time, we used the clocks and experimented with moving the minute and hour hands. This allowed us to consider the different ways in which we can tell and explain the time. 

Summer 1 - Week 2 

The children have been learning about how Jesus has impacted on people's lives, both now and in the Bible. In RE, to explore this more we read 4 different miracles from the Bible and explored and discussed the meaning and effects of them on the people involved. 

Summer 1 - Week 1 

In our science lessons, we have been learning about Forces and Magnets. The children explored the different objects that could be magnetic around the classroom and explained their predictions. 

Week 6 - Online Safety Workshop

Today the children took part in an online safety workshop where they found out about how we can stay safe online. They played a couple of games and freeze framed a couple of scenarios that could arise from being online. The children learnt about the acronym THINK and this helped them with their scenarios. 

Take your time

Have a chat

Into the future

Nothing personal

Know who to talk to


This was really fun and the children really enjoyed it but they also learnt such a lot about online safety. 

To find out more, please take a look at our class page online safety tab by following the link below...

Week 5 - Design and Technology - Tinkercad

The children have been working hard designing features of a castle using the software Tinkercad. As a class, we are creating a class castle and the children have designed a feature of the castle which will then be printed on the 3D printer. They have worked really hard on this and cannot wait to see the finished project!

Week 4 - PE - Gymnastics

In our lesson today, the children were using their jumping skills and balances to jump off the tabletop apparatus. They used star jump, pike jump, straddle, pencil and tuck to execute their jumps. The whole class were very sensible and worked hard. Well done, Year 3!

Week 3 - Forest School

During out first forest school session this week, the children explored the forest school and completed lots of different activities. They made dens and habitats for the animals, explored the life cycles of insects, worked as a team to create a river and did some mud painting. All the children worked hard and did a great job, well done Year 3!

Week 3 - History - Hieroglyphics

In today's lesson, the children learnt about the Egyptian language of hieroglyphics and why they are so important for finding out about Ancient Egypt. The children even tried writing their names in hieroglyphics and they did a great job!

Week 2 - PE - Gymnastics

The children have been focusing on Gymnastics in PE and have been looking at different balances and how we can use our bodies to create different shapes. We learnt three gymnastics positions: pike, tuck and straddle and they used these to create a sequence. They have also learnt how to do a shoulder stand, log roll and a tuck roll. 

Spring 1 Wk2 - Science - Sorting rocks

Our new science topic for this half term is Rocks and Fossils so to start the unit we looked at some different rock samples and identified the properties of the rocks. We then sorted them into ones that were similar and different. The children also looked at which were permeable (which would let water through) and which were not. They did a lot of investigating in our Science lessons. 

Week 5 - RE - Advent preparation


During RE today, the children were learning about Advent and what it means to prepare. We created some acrostic poems about Advent and used the words advent and preparation as our associated words. The children loved doing this and created some wonderful poems that expressed the importance and meaning of advent. Well done Year 3 on your hard work! 

Week 4 - Retreat Day

Oh how we LOVE retreat day! As soon as the children saw Dan and Emily there was such a buzz around the school and especially in the Year 3 classroom. 

Our focus for the retreat day this year was 'Let all Creation Sing' and we learnt about the creation story, all the things that God has created and we looked closely at Sister Moon and the stars. We thought about what we were grateful for when it came to the moon and the stars. 

The children sang, played games and prayed. It was a really lovely day!



Week 4 - DT - Textiles

The children continued to make their Egyptian Collars this week and focused on their final design. They used the ideas they created in their final design to form their collar using felt and other materials such as cotton and silk. The children used their knowledge and skills of the cross-stitch and running stitch to embellish their collars with different shapes and designs. The collars looked amazing! Well done Year 3!

Autumn 2 - Week 3 - DT - Making Collars

In DT, we have been learning about textiles and the children have been learning how to perform a cross-stitch and running stitch. They have been learning these skills to create their very own Egyptian Collar. 

Autumn 2 - Week 3 - PE - Handball

In PE, the children continued to learn about handball and developed their skills of throwing and catching. Today, they learnt about the 3-step rule in handball and then played a game of touchdown to start using the skills learnt. 

Autumn 2 - Week 2 - Remembrance Day

In Collective Worship, the children learnt about Remembrance Day and the importance of still pausing, reflecting and remembering the people who gave up our lives for us in the war and still today. To acknowledge this, the children created poppies from cupcake cases and made a poppy wreath and wrote some lovely prayers. 

Autumn 2 - Week 1 - PE 

In PE this week we started learning about Handball. We learnt about the skills needed to efficiently catch and throw. We then played a mini defence game and the children loved it! 

Week 7 - Library time

On a Friday, we have library time. This is half an hour of pure enjoyment for reading and books. The children read individually and then some children come and read with Mrs Finnegan and I. The children love having library time so that they can be immersed in a new text. 

Week 7 - Science - Planting broad bean seeds

The children have been learning about life cycles in nature in Year 3 this half term and we have focused on the life cycle of a plant. The children observed the bean plants that they planted a few weeks back and are now planting new seeds to observe its growth. 


Week 7 - Science - Assessment

In our science lesson today, the children were being assessed on their knowledge of our recent topic 'Life cycles in Nature'. They started with a knowledge organiser quiz where they were testing eachother on their knowledge and the key vocabulary. They then completed an extended write where they described 2 life cycles. They worked very hard on this, well done Year 3!

Week 7 - E-Safety - Like and Trust


To explore E-safety this half term, we spoke about who might be online and what the difference between liking someone and trusting someone online. They were voting on who they liked and didn't like based on different people online and then we discussed who we should trust online. 

Week 7 - Writing - Gathering information


The children were exploring the character of Grandma in George's Marvellous Medicine in this lesson and then using the adjectives as inspiration to create their own villain. They were researching exciting adjectives and using expanded noun phrases to describe their character.

Week 7 - RE - The Rosary

In our RE lesson today, the children learnt about the rosary and how to pray it. They explored the rosaries that we had in our classroom and then created their own pipe cleaner rosary so that they could pray at home. They did an amazing job, well done Year 3!

Week 6 - Spade to Fork - Cooking

In Spade to Fork, the children created seasonal tarts using savoury ingredients. 

They used...

puff pastry
tomato puree
cheddar cheese

The courgettes, tomatoes and squash were harvested from our very own Spade to Fork garden. The children really enjoyed this and even tried some new foods that they had never had before.

Week 6 - Art - Polytile printing 

In art, we have been learning about woodblock printing based on the artist Hokusai. The children explored printing of their own today but by using a polystyrene tile that they had engraved last lesson. We were very impressed with their hard work and printing!

Week 5 - RSHE

In RSHE this week, the children explored the topic focus of the dignity of the human body. The children were tasked to complete a jigsaw puzzle but little did they know, I had removed a piece from the puzzle. When they got to the end, they realised that a piece was missing and were very confused but we looked at the moral of the task which explains that the jigsaw puzzle pieces are like us and our talents. We work well together when we have them all but we cannot be complete without God's talents for us and no one can share our talents apart from ourselves. This was a great reflection time and the children did really well! 

Week 5 - Spade to Fork 

In Spade to fork this week, the children baked some rhubarb and apple tarts. They used puff pastry, apples, rhubarbs and a hint of sugar. The children were fantastic bakers and some children even tried some ingredients that they had never tried before. Well done Year 3! 

Week 4 - Spade to fork

During spade to fork this week, the children explored British Seasonal foods and what should grow in each season. The children also plants some herbs and carrots. 

Week 4 - PSHE/RSHE

During PSHE today, we explored friendships and what we will do if there is trouble in a friendship. The children discussed their answers about the scenarios with their partners. 

Week 4 - Active 15 - Boxing 

Today in Active 15, the children did a warm up with the hula hoops and then practiced and built on their boxing skills. The children are getting very good at this now. 

Week 4 - PE - Dance 

Over the last 2 weeks the children have been immersing themselves into the characters from Matilda. We have looked at Matilda, Miss Honey, Mr Wormwood and the other classmates in Matilda's class. Today they did a performance of 3 routines and they did amazing! Take a look at some of the moments captured...

Week 4 - RE - Baptism role play

Our topic in RE this half term is Belonging and Reconciliation. We have explored how we can belong to the Church and God's family and one of the ways we can do this is through the Sacrament of Baptism. The children recalled the special celebration through role play. 


Week 3 - Spade to Fork 

Year 3 are having the very exciting opportunity to have Spade2Fork this half term and so for their first session they went outdoors and tended to the vegetable plots in our gardening area. They learnt about how to maintain a vegetable patch and the equipment needed to make it plentiful. 

Week 3 - Writing instructions for our Marvellous Medicine

This half term our novel study is George's Marvellous Medicine. We have been thinking about how we can make our own medicine and how to make the instructions clear for the reader. In class, we made our own potion and then started to write some instructions which included the features we had looked at in our writing lessons; imperative verbs, expanded noun phrases and time conjunctions. 

Week 3 - Computing - Creating programs

For our computing unit this half term we are learning about algorithms and creating programs. The children had to use J2Code to create a background and insert a sprite (character) to their program. They had lots of fun doing this and were naturals. 

Week 2 - Dance

For our PE topic this half term we are learning about dance and how to become a character through dance. Our focus for the unit is Matilda and for our first lesson, the children had to become Matilda with their powerful positions and we learnt the jazz square too!


Week 1 - Active 15 time 

To start the year off right, the children were extremely active in their Active 15 session. They had a HIT session where they had to complete a circuit which included using medicine balls, ladders, battle ropes and hurdles. The children jumped into these activities and did amazingly! 

Week 1 - Lego stories

As part of assessment week, the children had to create their own stories. As a prompt, the children made their own lego creations as the main character or setting for their story. We had many wonderful ideas from houses to spaceships, giraffes to windows. This was really fun and the children made some fantastic stories about their creations.