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Life in Year 5

Good friends don't say goodbye, they simply say 'See you Soon'!

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Louirette today.  She's moving to a new school closer to home and will begin as soon as the new term starts in January.  We were all really shocked to here that she was leaving us but we've told her that she'll always have a place in our hearts, even if she's not sitting at a desk in our classroom.  Everyone has written what they love about Louirette and a little goodbye message that she can take home with her today.


From all of us, we really hope her new class realise how wonderful she is and we hope to hear all about the new friends she is sure to make.  Have a wonderful Christmas Louirette and don't forget to keep in touch!

Christmas Nativity

Sadly, we couldn't perform in a Christmas Carol concert this year but Miss Hand and Mr Carroll organised a wonderful virtual service that the whole school took part it.  In really is a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of Jesus and I would urge you to sit back and enjoy the magic of Christmas, brought to you by the children and staff.


Click here or on the image to watch the video.


Delightful DT

As a class, we had a chat about what they would like to produce for their Christmas DT project.  There were lots of different discussions but they finally decided on creating a Christmas Tree.  The trees took a lot of concentration, focus and a still hand.  They worked really hard on the DT project and the final product looked absolutely fantastic. 

Well done Year 5!

Creating artistic cards for you!

This half term, we developed our artistic skills through our Christmas card project.  The children worked exceptionally hard to plan and create the wonderful Bethlehem scenes that adorn the Christmas cards they have brought home.  The cards required them to not only use a compass to create the concentric circles (something they'd never seen before) but to also develop tints for the background of the scene.  These have been sent home now and, i'm sure you'll all agree, they really do look fantastic.  Well done Year 5!

Christmas Jumper Day

Thank you to everyone who brought their £1 in for Christmas Jumper Day today.  Your generosity was wonderful and the Children's Hospital will definitely benefit from this.  The children looked fantastic and has ended this week with lots of festive cheer.  We're now looking forward to our final week of term together!

Sorting materials in Science

This week, we enjoyed having two lessons which were very practical.  Today, we looked at the best ways to separate different materials and were given a challenge based on some disasters in a supermarket.  Despite not being able to carry out the experiments in small groups, the children were still fascinated by the process of filtration, sieving and magnetic attraction.  We're thoroughly enjoying the practical activities through this unit and look forward to the next Science lesson in the new term.

Spade to Fork

ednesday was the last session of Spade to Fork with Mr Lahert and he decided to keep our Advent theme running through the afternoon by making Chocolate Mangers for Jesus.  The children certainly enjoyed tucking in to the sweet treats and my classroom smelt amazing by the end of the day.


Please note: Year 5 DO NOT have Spade to Fork next term so will wear their uniform as a normal school day.

Advent Art

This afternoon and, after Alex's wonderful suggestion last week, we spent the afternoon creating a nativity picture that will be used for our Advent prayers.  The children used oil pastels to create a shaded effect, building up colour as their art emerged in front of their very eyes.  I was really impressed by how focused the children were during the lesson and, I'm sure you'll agree, the finished products are truly wonderful.  The children will use these to mount their Advent prayer and will bring these home to share with you all.  Well done Year 5!

Chrismas baubles for the Birmingham Women's Hospital

Thank you to everyone who kindly donated £1 for a Christmas bauble wish.  The children wrote their wishes and placed them in the bauble, ready to decorate the Christmas tree outside the office.  Having experienced the wonderful work that the NICU ward do at the hospital, I know they will be extremely grateful for your kind donation. 

Ssshh.. it's a secret!

What's happening here? 

Year 5 and the rest of the school have been working really hard on something very special. 

All will be revealed by the end of the term!

Many thanks to everyone in Year 5 and your families.  Through your generosity, we have been able to purchase the 'Gift of Play' as part of our CAFOD charitable giving.  This is a wonderful gift that will benefit so many children.  Thank you!

Keeping warm or cool!

As part of our science investagations, the children were given the task of finding out which materials make good insulators or heat conductors.  Each team chose 4 different materials and used these to wrap around polystyrene cups to see which kept ice cubes cold for the longest and which melted them the quickest.  The children had great fun keeping watch over their ice cubes and worked brilliantly as a team.

Skipping to Success!

Year 5 took part in another Catholic Cluster competition this week. Instead of walking miles, this week they had to skip to their hearts content for 5 minutes.  This will be done by each Year 5 class in each school.  As always, Year 5 rose to the challenge and used their break, lunch times and their daily miles to help them score as high as possible. 

Will they be victorious?  We'll have to wait and see! 

Year 5 Skipping Competition

Still image for this video

Year 5 are bright sparks!

This half term, we have been looking at different materials and the best materials for different purposes.  We've investigated their different properties and have learnt about insulators and conductors in terms of keeping things cool or heating them up.  This week, we looked at different materials in terms of electrical conductivity and the children thoroughly enjoyed which metals were the best conductors of electricity.  At the end of the lesson, they worked as a team to present their findings. 


Take a look at the video sharing platform to see their presentations! 

Click here to watch the videos.

Getting active for Children in Need

Last Friday saw the annual 'Children in Need' appeal day and, whilst we couldn't do anything big in school, each of the children still played their part in raising a fantastic £197 for the charity.  In addition, we decided to test our fitness by joining Joe Wicks for the final part of the his '24 Hour Workout'.  Despite having worked out for almost 24 hours, he looked very fresh faced and the children were amazed at the amount of energy he had, particularly as some of them were struggling for 20 minutes.  It was wonderful to see the children so enthusiastic and they cheered when we discovered that he'd raised over £1.5 million by the end of the challenge.  Another excellent 'Children in Need' day - well done Year 5!

The start of the Children in Need workout challenge!

Still image for this video

We remember!

Last Wednesday was Remembrance Day and we took the time to share a wonderful reflection which enabled us to think about all of those people who have lost their lives through war and continue to protect us today.  The children wrote their own prayers and then created a silhouette piece of art to mount it on.  Take a look at some of their wonderful work below.

Cotton Eye Joe eat your heart out - there are some new line dancers in town!


As part of our dance unit, not only did the children fully embrace the wonderful world of Bollywood but they also tried their feet at 'line dancing.'  Whilst we had an initially shaky start and recognising our left and right was a little bit of a problem, the children soon took to the new dance style like a duck to water.  They worked well in teams, embraced the dance steps and, by the end of the sessions, were able to perform a short routine in sync. 


I'd highly recommend taking a look at their dance as I'm incredibly proud of each and every one of them for their commitment and determination! 



Click here to watch the video on the 'Video sharing platform'

The Big 10 club is up and running in Year 5 and membership couldn't be any simpler!  Simply achieve 10 out of 10 in your Big Maths CLIC test and your weekly spelling test and your name will appear on the board.  It's your job to stay on the board in the final week of half term in order to gain your prize!


Well done to the following children who have all become members of the Big 10 Club because they achieved 10 out of 10 in both tests:


Tia, Lily, Katie, Louirette, Jonathan, Ryan, Roisin, Maisie O and Oneli.


Friday 4th December: the following children are currently on the Big 10 board - Chris, Ali-Jay, Alex, Seth, Lily, Jarred, Antonia, Tia and Louirette. 

This Friday is the last chance to become a Big 10 member this half term - will they stay on the board this week to achieve their prize?


23.10.2020 -Half Term Big 10 Winners revealed

The final chance to get win the Big 10 prize happened this week and I can reveal the winners for the end of the first Autumn half term are....  Antonia, Angelina and Jarred!

The Great 'Year 5' Bake Off Challenge

This half term, I have set a couple of bake off challenges for the children on their blog.  They have baked some wonderful cookies and delicious looking tray bakes and today, the star bakers for each category were announced. 


Well done to Katie for winning 'Cookie week' and Alicja for winning 'Traybake week.'


The challenge for half term is 'Cupcakes' so check out the blog to see what you have to do!

Star of the Week

So far, none of the children have requested an individual photograph after winning the coveted 'star of the week' however, as Ali-Jay asked, I could not refuse. 


His desire for an individual photograph is a prime example of why he makes us all smile. 


Well done Ali-Jay!

Sketching in style


Althought we haven't been able to complete all of our Art lessons this half term, we spent a very enjoyable afternoon on Wednesday looking at different styles of paintings.  We explored two paintings that showed a rough style and a smooth style and then began sketching our own 'still life drawings' using oil pastels (to create a rough style) and soft pastels (to create a smooth style).  It was wonderful to see the children so involved in their artwork and I am really looking forward to seeing the children's homework challenge, which will allow their creativity to flow even further.  Have a look at the photos below to see them using the many talents that God has given them and that they were able to share this week.

Year 5's Magnificent Miles


This half term, Year 5 have really embraced the daily mile and challenged themselves to complete the mile within the 15 minutes allocated to them.  At first, many of them did not run let alone finish the 19 laps around the playground but, as soon as they knew of the 'Daily Mile Competition', this all changed.  Children began running, they used their breaks and lunchtimes to gain extra laps and, before we knew it, the whole class were completing the 19 laps within the 15 minutes. 


Many of the children went above and beyond during the competition and achieved some fantastic times for which they should all be very proud.  We even had some winners within the classroom as Karys, Antonia, Jarred and Maisie O completed the most miles in the whole school. 


I am delighted with the way in which Year 5 approached this challenge and proud with what they have been able to achieve.  Well done Year 5!

We are one team... without each other, our team does not work!

A Day in the Life of Year 5!


Our timetable is very busy in Year 5 and we always make sure we make the most of every moment.  One day, we used the camera to document some of the things we get up to.  From English to Maths, Collective Worship to the Daily Mile... our time each day is well spent and we follow in God's footsteps by helping each other to reach our full potential!

Parachute making in Science


During today's Science lesson, we investigated about air resistance and used parachutes to test this.  We were trying to find out what design is best for a parachute as this is a good example of how air resistance can be a useful thing.  In comparison, we discussed about how, when cyclists are riding as a team, air resistance holds them back so they work in formation in order to share the resistance amongst the team.  The children worked really hard on their parachutes and have been challenged to create an even better one at home.  Who will rise to the challenge?

Bollywood Dancing in Year 5 - Videos

Still image for this video
We have worked hard on our Bollywood dancing moves this half term and the children performed their routines in front of the rest of the class. Click the link below to see the other dances performed by the rest of the class.

Year 5 smash the Daily Mile!


Over the past two weeks, we have taken part in a Catholic Cluster competition to complete as many 'daily miles' as possible.  When we started the daily mile, most of the children (including myself) walked the laps around the playground and very rarely reached the illusive mile.  However, once we realised there was a competition, we ALL decided to up our game and work on the 'active' side of our class wish.  Determined to complete the mile in 15 minutes, we began jogging laps until we ran more than we walked.  As a result, I am delighted to say that EVERYONE now completes the full mile in under 15 minutes - which is a simply fantastic achievement.  In addition, there have been several children who have gone above and beyond the daily mile and have been running and walking laps as part of the competition. 


Year 5 - I am incredibly proud of what you have achieved and we are certainly fulfilling this element of our class wish!  

Dance like nobody's watching...

This half term, we are exploring Bollywood dance as part of our PE lessons.  So far, even just having 2 lessons, it is very clear that we have some talented dancers in Year 5. 

God wants us to use our talents wisely and share it so that others may enjoy and benefit from them.  As Pope Francis once said, 'Do not bury your talents, the gifts that God has given you.  Do not be afraid to dream of great things.'  It is wonderful being able to see the talented dancing performed by all the children and I can't wait to see how their dances progress as the half term continues. 

Well done Year 5!