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Life in Year 6

Making Periscopes!

As our Science unit on Light came to an end, Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed putting their knowledge to good use by making their very own periscopes.  This was no easy job! Intricate step by step instructions needed to be followed in order to ensure they were accurate and in good working order.

The children worked amazingly and conscientiously and were very happy with their end products. 

Tchouckball in PE!

This week we had some visitors from Newman University in to work with Year 5 and 6 and help them with their tchouckball skills. Year 6 were brilliant and had lots of fun. 

The internet and the World Wide Web

The children acted in role as different parts of the system that work together in order to produce a webpage that has been searched for. The user types in the webpage, the computer searches the web browser and the web browser contacts the DNS server to ask for the IP address. The DNS server sends the address back to the computer who sends it to the web server.  The web server breaks it down into packages and sends them out to routers and back to the computer. All very complicated but Year 6 did great!

Exploring shadows in Science

The children devised a hypothesis: Do shadows always keep the same shape as the object that creates them?

They then tested the hypothesis using torches and classroom objects.

Our Art Topic -

20th Century Art - Modernism

Year 6 have spent the week looking at modern artists such as Picasso and studying abstract works, cubism and how modern art can have an impact on our social and political ideas. They finished the unit by designing and creating works of art themed 'All About Me' inspired by the artists we have studied. 


Our visit to Mary Arden's Farm 09.09.21

Mary Arden's Farm, also known as Mary Arden's House, is the farmhouse of Mary Shakespeare, the mother of Elizabethan playwright William Shakespeare.

Year 6 had a fantastic time at the Farm.  They explored the sight and took part in a number of interesting workshops such as, quill writing, making lavender bags, painting wall hangings, making sugared sweets along with meeting some farm animals along the way. As expected, the children were absolutely brilliant with their enthusiasm and their behaviour and the staff at the Farm were extremely impressed.

Well done Y6!

Here are some pictures from the day...