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Life in Year 6

End of Spring Term

As we come to the end of Spring Term, we reflect on what has been been another strange time for the children of St Rose.  However, the last four weeks has seen us welcome all of the children back and we have really made the most of being back together by working hard, enjoying ourselves and spending time together. Look at the photos below to see just a few of the wonderful things that Year 6 have been up to these last four weeks.


Maths on the Tablets

Collective Worship

DT - Christmas Tree Decorations

Year 6 enjoyed putting their DT skills to the test with these brilliant decorations.  Super-cute and amazing final products!

Art - Christmas Cards

Year 6 took the opportunity to explore the skill of using  straight lines and perfect circles to create simple shapes, while colouring in each of the segments with oil pastels to create contrast.  Their final products were VERY impressive!

Internet Safety/Transition Workshop

Communication is faster, more direct and more accessible than ever before... and all at the click of a mouse. How brilliant is that? This bright new world, however, can be fraught with difficulty and danger too. We explored potential pitfalls and suggested ways to minimise risk through this informative and dynamic performance workshop.

The pupils worked with a facilitator throughout the day and had the opportunity to share short performances with each other.

They explored and tackled a range of internet safety issues.   The children were mature, thoughtful and enthusiastic. 



The children explored different methods of calculating volume.  They used practical methods by counting cubes and compared that to multiplying length by width by height. 

Anti-Bullying Week 2020:

United Against Bullying

Monday 16th November - Friday 20th November


The children discussed all the ways in which they can make a difference to ensure bullying does not happen.  They chose the one that they thought was the most important and designed a jigsaw piece around it.  We will join our pieces together to show how Year 6 stand against bullying.

Rights Respecting Schools

The children explored all 42 articles and sorted them into three sections: Basic Needs; Safe from Harm and Express Themselves.

See our Right Respecting Schools page for more information.





Black History Month!

Many important facts and events were studied while Year 6 were learning about Black History Month.  The children enjoyed learning about and recreating work fromLoïs Mailou Jones.

Loïs Mailou Jones (1905–98) an influential artist and teacher, paved the way for black artists who had been shut out of the world of fine art.

She was an American artist and educator. She painted works in a variety of styles, including impressionist, abstract, and African-influenced styles. Her paintings were noted for strong color and design.

History - World War 1

The children have been working hard while learning about the First World War.  They enjoyed working as a team to show everything they had learned by putting together a timeline of events.  I do not think that there is anything that they do not know about World War 1!


Science: Evolution and Inheritance

In this lesson, we looked at inherited and environmental characteristics and touched on their role in variation, using Mr Men as a frame of reference. The children were able to see how characteristics in our DNA are passed down from our parents resulting in features from both sides of our family.  We compared those features to features created from our environment rather than from our genes.