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Look what we have done today!

Tuesday 17th November 2020

In PE today we were looking at how we can make different shapes with our body and the gymnastics skills that we have learnt so far; pike, straddle and shoulder stand. 

Look at what we were able to do...


Monday 9th November 2020

Today we took the time to PAUSE, REFLECT and REMEMBER the soldiers that fought for us in all wars especially World War I as we remember them on Remembrance Day. To show our respects we made a poppy wreath, poppies, prayers, poems and pictures to reflect on how they gave their lives. We shall take a 2 minutes silence on Wednesday at 11am to remember them. 


Thursday 22nd October 2020


In History we are learning about Ancient Greece and today we looked at the life of a Spartan. We even had a Spartan come and visit us in the classroom to tell us all about their life and what it is like being a brave warrior. We learnt so much and had lots of fun.


Thursday 22nd October 2020


Today we printed using our polysterene tiles and looked at how the lines are printed onto the paper. We used a variety of colours, primary colours mostly, but some children were able to create secondary colours by mixing. Have a look at our creations!

Wednesday 21st October 2020


Today in Art we created polysterene printing blocks by carving lines into the blocks. This was inspired by the art work of Henry Moore. We used stencils and free hand drawing to create our tiles. Tomorrow, we shall be printing with them. 

Tuesday 20th October 2020

Today we did some art and we were looking at how we can use lines to create drawings. We used straight, curved, wavy and zig zag lines. We had a challenge where we had to try and draw a dog in 60 seconds and then our next challenge was to draw a dog in 60 seconds but without taking our pencil off the paper. We worked really hard and this is the result we got. 

Thursday 15th October

Today we used our crafting skills to create a sock pumpkin. We used socks, polyester stuffing, thread and a needle along with a marker pen to draw our Pumpkin's cool faces. We really enjoyed making these sock pumpkins and we were following a set of instructions as this is what we were learning about in English. 


In RE, we have been looking at Belonging and Reconciliation so we acted out the Baptism ceremony. We found this to be enjoyable and we looked at all the different stages of a Baptism and the religious symbols.

In our plants topic in Science, we have looked at how seeds are dispersed and we used lots of different objects and props to help us to explain this. 

The 7 ways that seeds can be dispersed are:

  1. Dropping
  2. Carrying
  3. Shaking
  4. Eating
  5. Wind
  6. Water
  7. Bursting



We have also looked at how water can move through plants and through the stem. We conducted an experiment where we used some roses and carnations along with some water and blue food colouring to investigate how well the stem would suck up the water based on different temperatures. 

These temperatures were:

- room temperature

- warm temperature (by the radiator)

- cold temperature (outside)


We found that all of the petals of the flowers turned blue but the flower in the warm temperature changed colour really well. Have a look at the experiment here...