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WC 14th September 2020


This week in Maths we will be looking at number patterns and 1 more, 1 less, 10 more and 10 less of 3 digit numbers. From today's lesson, it is clear that the children are really getting the hang of this but extra practice would be great so please see the problem below. If the children can complete this and upload to the blog they shall receive 2 housepoints.



What is 1 more?

What is 1 less?

What is 10 more?

What is 10 less?                                                                 

What comes next in the pattern? 

234, 244, 254,      ,274, 284

What is the pattern in this sequence? Is the pattern counting up or down and by how many?




Our first few lessons in Maths next week will look at counting in hundreds. This is a really important aspect to the children's learning as they start to recognise and count in larger numbers which can help with some word problems they may need to solve. You will be able to view our maths journey on this page but if you do want to get involved, there are lots of little and exciting ways that you can help to practice counting in hundreds with your children...

  • having multiple images of groups of 100 and then getting your child to count them in hundreds e.g. 100 crayons. 
  • using real life objects - pretending that there are 100 sweets in a bag or jar and then physically touching the objects and counting in hundreds. 

Here is a practice...

There are [   ] hundred crayons. 

There are [   ] crayons (write in number form).