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Multiplication in Year 5

This week, we have been working on our multiplication skills.  I know some of you may have struggled with this so I have found some lessons that should help boost your confidence.  Next week, we move on to dividing.  You'll also find a knowledge organiser below the lessons.


Autumn Term in Year 5


This term, we start learning about Place Value and Number in our maths lessons.  These build on from previous year groups as it is important that children know the value of the numbers and can compare numbers.  The sheets below explain the key terminology for this unit of work,

Journaling Gallery


Journaling is an important part of our Maths lessons as it demonstrates the children's ability to be able to explain their answers to a problem, along with modelling how they have reached that answer through written calculations and models.  We have been working hard on the sentence starters and the way we organise our journaling and the children show their work on a daily basis to their partner and to the class.  Take a look at some of the wonderful journaling that has been completed so far this year.

Journaling from Karys, Alex and Maisie

Big Maths and Times Tables

We are now working on our weekly Big Maths tests which consists of a CLIC test and the learn its test.  By now, the children should know ALL of the times tables up to the 12 times tables however, it is clear that this isn't the case.  Learning their missing times tables is now a priority for those children who are not fluent in all times tables and I have asked them to practise them regularly as part of their homework. 


In addition, they should be completing an online Big Maths test each week, to support their 'in class' tests each Thursday, along with daily Times Table Rockstars.  This homework is crucial to enable them to be at the level they should be in Year 5.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.