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Every week White Rose Maths are putting on online home learning for all year groups to help with child learning. Their Maths  lessons are great and link to what we learn in Year One in class so I really urge you to try them out, particularly for your child can-not attend school for any reason e.g sickness, self isolation etc. There are brand new lessons every week with interactive videos and  built in activities. Please put any work you do onto the Year One blog for extra class house points! Please follow the links below to find each week lesson for Maths.


Maths in Year One 8.9.2020


For the first few weeks of Maths we are looking at basic counting to 20, ordering to 10, writing and showing numbers and adding and subtracting within 5 and 10. Please practice these skills with your children at home- particularly their number formation as we are finding lots of children are getting their numbers the wrong way round!​​​​ We encourage you to try and practise all of these different skills with your child at home as it will really help them with their Maths learning. Every week I will be posting what our Maths learning is so that you can see our Maths Journey throughout the year.Don't forget to get involved at home and ask your child all about their learning. You can help your child in lots of different ways such as:


  • using real life objects to count, add, subtract and say the number for .
  • using flash cards for numbers, words and quantities.
  • Number trackers or lines are also really useful for counting.
  • Writing numbers on cards or paper and asking children to order them.
  • Asking children to write different numbers to 20, focusing on formation.







  • =



All children now have access to Numbots, part of the Times Table Rockstars website, a site that focuses on addition and subtraction. Children use the same login details as Timestable Rockstars on the Numbots website. Their login for Numbots and Rockstars is in the children's hoemwork diaries. This is another excellent online learning tool for the children so please make the most of it.  Click here to access the website.


To login, simply enter our school postcode (B29 5DY) and then click on our school name.  Select 'Pupils' and then enter your normal Times Table Rockstar username and password.

Times Table Rockstars helps them to become more fluent with their times tables.  By the end of year 2, the children should be able to recall the 2, 5, 10 and 3 times table off by heart so daily practise will help them with this. Click here to access the website.  
Big Maths helps them to recall number facts quickly in their learn its test and practise their skills for their CLIC test on Friday.  Click here to access the website.  
White Rose Maths provides a daily Maths Challenge which we will update on our website.  Each morning at 10am you can go online and join in their Maths Party and you'll be given the answers to the Maths Challenge.  Click here to access their website.  
The BBC Bitesize website has some useful games that can help the children with their Maths.  Click here to access their website.  
Carol Vorderman's 'The Maths Factor' is another useful website that is currently free.  You'll need to sign up but, once you do, you'll have access to the different lessons and games.  Click here to access the website.  
Prodigy Maths is a great website that is also completely free. You have to create an account but then you have aceess to thousands of fun and engaging games to suit your child's age and curriculum.   Click on the following link to access the website:  

The NCETM website has lots of free Maths videos, resources and lessons for you to use. They are suited for your age group, cover many different topics and it is completely free to sign up and access everything. They are designed to help support parents with teaching Maths at home during school closures and have lots of visuals, explanations and support. Click on the following link to access the website:


Fact Fluency Sheets to download and practice at home


In Year One we have to learn our 2,5 and 10x tables as part of our national curriculum and learning. Practice makes perfect so please ensure that you practice times tables daily with your child. In Year One they also need to count fluently in 2's, 5's and 10's and it really helps them with their daily Maths work if they can do this. I will be also be sending home weekly Maths fluency tasks with different sums to 5, 10 and 20 for your child to practice. The more they practice these tests the quicker they will become at sums and Maths fluency.!I have uploaded all the fact fluency sheets I will be sending home in various links below  so you can also download them from here and practice them at home as much as you like! I have also uploaded  a picture below of the times tables Year One need to know and learn.


Fact Fluency Sheet Year 1 and Year 2.pptx

Maths Fluency Grid 5x5 V1.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 5x5 V2.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 5x5 V4.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 5x5 V5.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 5x5 V6.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 5x5 V7.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 5x5 V8.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 5x5 V9.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 5x5 V10.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 10x10 v1.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 10x10 v2.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 10x10 v3.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 10x10 v4.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 10x10 v5.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 10x10 v6.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 10x10 v7.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 10x10 v8.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 10x10 v9.docx

Maths Fluency Grid 10x10 v10.docx