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Mon 1st Feb

Hello Year 2,

It's Children's Mental Health Week. It's on express yourself. We have many talented people in Year 2 from boxers, dancers, musicians, footballers, gymnastics to singers. The assembly today is at 9am but throughout the week there are many meditations and ways to relax. This is an unusual time but know we will be back together soon. Have a good Monday.

Dr Gould.

Monday's video message from Dr Gould explaining what we are doing this week.

Remote Learning Time Table

Please complete the activities and upload onto the class blog by 4pm everyday. Instructions on how to add to the class blog is on the Y2 class page and is a tutorial from Miss Murphy.

Collective Worship is found in the tab on the class page. (week 5 - teacher)


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Collective Worship Collective Worship Collective Worship Collective Worship Collective Worship
5 A Day 5 A Day 5 A Day 5 A Day 5 A Day
Maths Maths Maths Maths Maths
English English English English English
Big Maths Big Maths Big Maths Big Maths Big Maths Test
RE Science Knowledge Base Curriculum RE          -


Collective Worship


Maths - Shape (lesson 1)




Watch the video clip and then complete the exit quiz. Let me know the score, please.

Then complete the two tasks below. I have added a sheet to download (of the dotted activity) as it will help with drawing accurately.

Use the video clip to help you with the names of the shapes (they are all mentioned).

Maths Investigation Challenge

Can you combine two or three shapes to make a new shape? 

Highlight what the different shapes are called.

I have had a shows what I mean. You can do better!



 It's Monday so it's PE with Joe. Join us at 10am.


Warm up SPAG activity


Reading Activity

Read the text on Florence Nightingale and then complete the VIPER activities.


When you scan if you find the word in the beginning colour it yellow. 

                        If you find the word in the middle colour it green.

                       If you find the word in the end colour it blue.

English - The Quangle Wangle's Hat by Edward Leah



Follow the PowerPoint for the Quangle Wangle's Hat which includes imagining what the hat looks like and there are some VIPER questions to answer based on the poem. We will be looking at poems for the rest of the term. The slides are all on the PowerPoint too.

Slide 1

Slide 2


Slide 3

Slide 4



Have a go at j2blast (week 4) for this week's spellings.

Big Maths - Monday

RE - The Church's Liturgical Year

Story Time with Oliver Jeffers