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Mon 25th Jan

Walking Scatch by Weoley Hill, yesterday.

 Morning Year 2

I hope that you're all well. School is closed for everyone today but the lessons carry on. Please do upload some pictures of you enjoying the snow (to the class blog). Ghelila has already done so but I'd love to see you having some time today outside enjoying the snow.

Keep safe and will see you soon.

Dr Gould.

New - Virtual School Library  

Free reading and writing activities from your favourite children's’ authors from the National Literacy Trust.

Author of the week: 

If you wish to join the popular children's author she will provide you with free books, exclusive videos and her top three recommended reads.

To access this resource click on the link 


Remote Learning Time Table

Please complete the activities and upload onto the class blog by4pm everyday. Instructions on how to add to the class blog is on the Y2 class page and is a tutorial from Miss Murphy.

Collective Worship is found in the tab on the class page.

(week 4 - water)


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Collective Worship Collective Worship Collective Worship Collective Worship Collective Worship
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Maths Maths Maths Maths Maths
English English English English English
Big Maths Big Maths Big Maths Big Maths Big Maths Test
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Word of the Day - gallery

Write three sentences using the word of the day. Remember to look it up in  a dictionary so you know what it means!

Maths - second week of money

Task 2

It's our Monday session today at 10am. Hopefully it's easier than Friday when he was a honey monster. It was a tough one... will you join us today?



English - The Lighthouse

Watch the clip and answer the questions as you watch.



Task 2

Look up five of the words below and write in your own sentence then watch the clip again and tell me how many things can you spot.


Big Maths